Honest Opinion on Why Nmixx isn’t working out

  • We all have wondered how come Nmixx isn’t working out with the public. What are the specific reasons though:

    1. Lackluster members with not much to show:

    - Jinni is great but not center material.

    - Lily still seems awkward when performing, Main Vocal wise she is the top so far in all Gen 4.

    - SullYoon is not properly managed, she could be the next YooNa.

    - Jiwoo hurts the group waaaay too much. She isn’t adding anything and a very, if not the worse Main Dancer of this gen. She looks bad on camera, clearly needs a diet.

    Jihyo was in the same position, but Main Vocal ver. She blossomed almost immediately [and she looked worse than Jiwoo at debut] and she is gorgeous, she has that something ‘’start quality’’, that you cannot learn.

    Jiwoo in the other hand, yikes. Girl either needs to step it up or she will hurt Nmixx. I feel bad for her since I am sure she worked hard for her dreams, but sometimes it is not everybody.

    - KyuJin is a really bad maknae, does not perform the role well. I like her though, I am just trying to be as neutral as possible. However, Nmixx needs to have that sweet, cute member. All girl crush Groupons have at least one, so in this case there is not an excuse. This is more of a Company problem for not rushing making a group.

    - Bae. This is another case of trying to repeat Suzy’s success, JYP likes girls who look like that, we saw it in Niziu, a girl who looks like Bae and Suzy, Ayaka is also hurting their group, bad visual. Same happened here, Bae screams filler member, but they fulfill a big other role, like Hyoyeon as main dancer, Dahyun as cute extravagant personality, Giselle as main rapper, etc. But Bae… she just has that filler member aura and nothing else. She is a great idol but not for a big 3 company.

    - Haewon, I couldn’t even remember her. It took me 2 minutes to remember who was missing. Yikes. Well girl is extremely talented, however, she lacks that star quality have as ACE, her role in the group. Something Idols like Seulgi, Sana, Winter, and Chaewon have. That star quality, but not center energy. Like that perfect member, all rounder, everyone roots for, even Jeongjeon has that aura. Haewon simple does not have it, no one seems to acknowledge her perfect vocals, more trained than Lily’s. She to me is the actual main dancer, very precise, has a lot of technique. But people are sleeping on her. She was not ready to debut, and speaking of such:

    3. JYP rushing a debut to not fall behind.

    Important, already iconic groups, are being born this Era. Ive, Lesserafim, NewJeans, Aespa. JYP could not only be the only important company with not a successful group, giving up on Itzy to be the main top group. Even though, Itzy is doing great, not the best, but sometimes not everyone can be the best. However, ambition could do more and Nmixx was prematurely born, and can’t keep up with planned groups. Nmixx was just not ready to debut.

    Members are lacking in stage, not impressing at all. The weird choreography also does not help. They needed more training. I used to believe training was not necessary, just a way to own the idol. Sometimes some idols need the necessary practice to perform as an idol, Somi confirmed it when fans could tell she wasn’t delivering live when Birthday came out. She needed more training.

    Nmixx is the same case, they needed more training as a group.

    Anyways, they are already debuted and let’s hope for the group to have a successful comeback, since I still believe in them, and will support them, up until you can’t anymore, like what happened to a lot of us with Kepler. Nmixx has the potential, hopefully they go all out this comeback and show why they were picked.

  • i stopped reading after you said she needs a diet. shut up.

  • Newer groups have given people this perspective that they must be breaking records on debut or they are a Flop

    I am not worried yet, even if this comeback is a dud with the "MixPop" style, I won't yet be at the point of writing them off personally

    Now if after a disappointing comeback they announce they are are going to Triple down on the "MixPop" concept or never had a Plan B for the group then yes, that is when I will be officially worried

    But for now not worried, and this comeback could be good even with the "MixPop" style

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