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  • I can't live a lie anymore. I'm going in. If I don't survive this then always remember LIMESODA WAVE 4 LIFE!

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  • Arin looks gorge in your dp :omg6:

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  • Damn. You haven't posted since January 30th. You must still not be feeling the new forum?

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    • Probably a little to do with the New Forums still, but Honestly 2021 hasn't had much I have wanted to talk about either, Music has been kinda ordinary so far, not into any of the debut Girl Groups so far either

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    • Same with me. I've been FORCING myself to post. Theres just nothing interesting to talk about.

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  • Hello old friend :)

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    • Hey ^^

      Got to be honest, I am not a fan of this New Forum style maybe it will just take time to adjust to it, but I haven't posted anything since the change or even bothered to recreate my Avatar/Signature again

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    • Yeah I was the same way. It's taking time but I'm slowly warming up to it.

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