• I. Introduction

    Jiwoo is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper and composer under DSP Media.

    She is the maknae of the co-ed group KARD.

    II. Discography

    Other Releases

    Good Girl Episode 3 (Witch)
    Good Girl Episode 4 (GG)
    Good Girl Final (Wet)

    III. Jiwoo Facts

    - She went to the same school as Twice's Jihyo.

    - Is a former FNC trainee (5 years)

    - Later, she went to join DSP Media and only trained for 2 months before debuting with KARD.

    - She majored clarinet for 6 years.

    - She isn’t really close with her brother.

    - Jiwoo did 8 ear piercing in one day on both ears.

    - She can also do a doraemon impression.

    - In the group, she is the most flexible one.

    - She has a dog. Its name is Tani.

    - Jiwoo’s eyes get extremely dry.

    - J.Seph says that Jiwoo makes a great spy, as well as good at lying.

    - Jiwoo says that J.seph is the best at general knowledge.

    - Jiwoo is a contestant of Mnet new show Good Girl.