What has happened to kpop! SNSD flopped... this is wild...


    Watching twice's comeback made me realize kpop is truly terrible. I listened to that song and then forgot about it. Pink venom....well...it was definitely a song with a beat...and lyrics... it was definitely....something. I don't have anything to say about these new songs. I think companies just want to kill us.

    I believe IVE should go to jail for using that beat and making such a terrible song. How dare they. How dare blackpink use Rihanna's lyrics like where is the lawsuit. They need to be sued for that, I do not condone stealing music and somehow making it sound worse. That's a crime in itself. And all of this is still Irene's fault. I literally know she did this to kpop. We all know.

    So many idols need prison time. Loona is suffering like itzy did that to them. The itzy curse. Literally. Itzy caused the downfall of jyp girl groups, and the industry. Why is nobody realizing itzy put a curse on loona. It was ryujin did you not hear her say I'm off beat and I like that. We literally have her confessing right infront of our eyes. Why are we not seeing this.

    We need to get to the bottom of this. The kpop universe is falling apart. Look at Pnation. PSY is going to jail and all his artist left QUICKLY. That company went from everybody's dream to a literal crime scene. Like what has happened. And we know whose fault this is....

    I do not trust Hybe. I think they need to open a criminal investigation into that company. New jeans? Like I do not care what anybody says....evil spirits live in that company. There is some demonic activity happening in that building. We need to figure this out. We need to do something...

    Snsd's comeback...WHO CARED? who cared about that. And we KNOW who caused that....WE KNOW who wrote a demonic book that manifested snsd's FALL.... we need to understand this...who is going to investigate this??

    I am not a kpop stan. I do not TRUST kpop...look at the state of it...like what has HAPPENED... :pepe-in-bed: #conspiracytheory #theearthisflat

  • overall, i rate your troll essay 73%

    the body paragraphs were fine, but your conclusion didn't properly summarize your points, and the thesis wasn't clearly stated. points also deducted for spelling and grammar :pepepizza:

  • IVE just needs to be ngg which it appears to be in the making . No need for international fame atm. Changing of the guard? They just beat Twice on KBS. Earlier in the week they beat BP.


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