If you were promised to blow up, would you rather debut as a solo or in a group?




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    1. For me solo! If I'm sure I can hit big!

    2. Ah but should I go as a group....? I feel like if the group hits big, I'll be able to earn lots of money too... I'll just settle down as a group...

    3. I feel like it'll be so fun to live my prime time with a group and make good memories together, anyways, if we hit big, I can go solo after

    4. Group, hitting big alone is too scary..

    5. Isn't it obviously solo?

    6. I rather as a group. I can't take care of everything solo

    7. Oh this is actually hard to choose?ㅋㅋㅋ I feel like debuting alone is way too lonelyㅠ Attending this and that as a rookie alone... And I would be so young too. I feel like the burden will be too much to handle alone

    8. I might turn out to be the unpopular member, so I rather go solo

    9. Solo. Imagine the advertisement revenue you can earn being alone, it's just a wall

    10. If I can be the most popular member, group...

  • I think a group would be super fun though! Maybe it's because I'm an only child. Obviously there are difficulties with both, but I think the companionship would be nice vs. the possible loneliness of being a solo act.

  • Group. Being solo would be awesome, but I'd rather have some experience before I do that. In a group, I'll try my best, but if I slip up, there's a slight chance it may get hidden, but by yourself, there's nowhere to hide. Also, being in a group could help me not be lonely and make a lot of new friends in the industry.

  • A group would be nice. Navigating all the pitfalls of fame with no one to understand exactly what it's like sounds scary. At least in a group you can take turns taking breaks from certain aspects of the job like social media and fan interactions knowing other group members can pick up the slack. As a soloist all the pressures are directly on your shoulders. It would be too stressful for a person like me.

  • Solo, because I had no restriction into what songs or concepts that I want to make.
    If it was group, I must consider the other members when choosing the concept, because they might not fit in.

    But with that said, group would be fun too because when in group, you got more than one brains to working on concepts instead just our own.

  • Solo. I am an attention whore lmao.

    If I debuted in a group and wasn't the most popular member, I think I'd be jealous. I wouldn't be a snake, but if I ended up being the punching bag of the group or the "hole", I'd hate it even if we were popular.

    Sure, literally every idol gets hate, but there is a vast difference in how the popular and non-popular members are treated. I'd get the ugliest fits, the least amount of center/screen time, etc. Also, when in a group, you have to share dorms. I prefer my own space. Living with people is a hassle. I know since I am currently doing it.

    It should be more work since I would have to be the visual, the main vocal, the main rapper, the main dancer, and the personality, but if I am guaranteed to make it big anyway, there's less pressure with the thought of failing.

  • Companies might promise "blowing up", but no K-pop company today wants to debut any trainee as a soloist,

    Unless they were already popular either in a group or via TV, SM etc.

    Every company wants the next BTS, next Twice -but no company tries for the next IU.

    That's discussed in this thread

    So if I were an unknown trainee, then group offers lesser risk and not probability of success.

    I could always try solo, after the group - whether it becomes a great success or fails.

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