RE : Is SNSD the biggest act in SM?

  • I don't know


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  • SNSD is certainly legendary, influential and tremendously successful. I’d say yes, probably the biggest artist, but it’s actually a pretty interesting conversation if looking through the current lens of how “most successful” is defined. Because by the current metrics, no.

    It’s interesting because just recently there were threads shouting that you couldn’t be big if you didn’t chart on Billboard Hot 100, which they didn’t. (Wonder Girls did tho, to take a comparable, no SM group has tho.) They didn’t make the hot 200 for albums or even top the World Digital Song Sales (2NE1 did, to take a comparable, as did four other SM groups.) No SM group has made the 100, NCT 127, NCT Dream and SuperM made the 200. NCT 127 has the most but SuperM the highest. NCT 127, EXO, RV and SuperM all topped world digital songs with EXO having the most. Not sure who I’d say is most successful here.

    There are also always threads shouting about how you can’t be considered successful if you’re not strong digitally. RV would be the most successful in Korea and the West from this perspective (I thought they were higher on Gaon and know they’re higher on Spotify.) But am happy to be corrected here. They don’t come up in the convo around digimons in Korea and they’re not in the top 10 most streamed Kpop artists on Spotify. EXO is behind both RV and SNSD in Korea, but in the top 10 in Spotify behind RV.

    From touring, SNSD never toured outside of Asia, as far as I can see, so hard to assess the global appeal. Shinee, Super Junior, EXO, Red Velvet, SuperM and NCT 127 all had global tours, with EXO or SuJu being the most successful (just skimming the tour dates, size of venues and totals.)

    SNSD certainly wins on CFs, although several groups are strong here.

    SNSD is the highest in terms of GP awareness/familiarity of the members, but SuJu and EXO are both strong here too.

    So if you combine all the current modern factors, it would be EXO (if you take all the factors) or RV (if you weight digital/Korean chart performance more heavily.)



  • In terms of raw album sales and tour income, no. Pretty much all sm bgs would beat them there.

    In terms of popularity, influence, public awareness (cultural icons), worldwide expansion, setting new records, individual member popularity and influence and so on yeah they’re the easily biggest. I don’t another SM group comes close to that level all encompassing domination and sphere of influence that SNSD had/have. During parts of 2G when SM was undisputed biggest label housing some of the biggest idols under it, SNSD alone was just a big if not bigger name than their own label.

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