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    'River Where the Moon Rises' opts to remove Ji Soo from the drama


    Article: Actor Ji Soo will basically be taken off of 'River Where the Moon Rises'... drama industry under emergency due to bullying scandals

    Source: Han via Naver

    1. [+944, -17] The dramas on KBS of all channels, they need to either re-film everything or just end it early.

    2. [+741, -6] We need to create an industry where bullies are not allowed or supported and that you will reap what you sow... There can only be yourself to blame for your downfall.

    3. [+260, -11] Please swap him out for Yoo Seung Ho!!

    4. [+214, -3] I understand that it's not an easy situation for them but I really think they need to consider either re-filming everything or ending the drama early. School bullies need to be removed from the industry and their punishment needs to be normalized.

    5. [+82, -3] End the drama early. KBS can request compensation for damages from Ji Soo.

    6. [+73, -1] We need to start setting precedents that school bullies will be responsible for their actions. Broadcast companies need to start including clauses that should such issues arise after casting, they are responsible for all expenses related to having to end the drama early.

    7. [+76, -7] Swap him out for Yeo Jin Goo

    8. [+49, -0] I think the drama is handling this in the right way. The issue of school bullying does not end once everyone graduates, it carries on with you for the rest of your life. We need to start showing students that the implications of their actions will affect them after graduation so that we can create a healthy school environment for all.

    9. [+44, -1] The drama just needs to put up captions throughout the entire drama saying "we're sorry for starring a school bully" so that everyone who watches knows what he's done.. ㅎㅎ

    10. [+46, -1] He's experiencing hell right now... and that is what we mean when you reap what you sow

    [T/W] Netizen comes forward with testimony that actor Ji-soo raped a man


    Article: Additional claims of sexual assault by actor Ji-soo cause shock

    Source: STAR News

    Further claims of sexual assault by actor Kim Ji-soo are pouring out on online communities.

    Netizen A stated, "Kim Ji-soo came in and out of clubs in Hong-dae every week. In 2010, he came to the club with a theater actor friend of his. I still remember their names even after 10 years. There are many millions of photos of them at the club. He came onto me first and asked me to go home with him, I was living on my own back then. I found out later that he had a girlfriend. I remember because Jisoo is '93 born and I was a minor in high school at the time and had forged my ID to enter the club. I only found out later he debuted as an actor."

    Netizen B stated, "Ji-soo was a complete pimp in his early 20s. He used to hit up bars with his friends who were all shy looking but went around with different hair colors and piercings. He preyed on women all the time. When he would meet a woman he would say, "she's a local b*tch." He would do a lot of skinship with women even though he had just met them that night."

    Netizen C that claimed to have been in the same class as Ji-Soo stated, "If you look at the evil deeds he committed with his iljin group he was no different from a gangster. From verbal abuse, bullying, assault, smoking these were basic to him. He extorted and damaged other students bus cards and other items, forced victims to buy clothes at high prices, spit on kids school uniforms in the bus and cafeteria and went around proudly wearing a nail in his ear and acted like he was the king of the school."

    Netizen D stated, "Ji-soo didn't do well in school in his second year of high school. His relationship with women was really dirty. He filmed himself having s*x with a middle schooler. About 8 or 9 years ago he deleted everything on his Cyworld and messaged kids he bullied to try to wash his image. He came to me too so I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to contact others."

    Netizen E caused shock with further allegations of sexual assault writing, "He was crazy. He forced male students to mast*rbate and made them e*aculate on their faces and mouths. If he claims legal action later on, I have recordings when he was talking to a friend."

    Another student, identified only by his surname Lee, posted another comment and revealed, "he r*ped a man too."

    In the meantime, further claims of assault are pouring out online and Kim Ji-Soo's agency Key East has revealed a statement "that they're checking whether the claims are true."

    Yeah I don't like speculation.

    If the person leaves and says they were unhappy then that's what I take as my idol being unhappy.

    most don't reveal that because they don't want to burn any bridges.

    If the girls want to leave one day, we better support them :cursing:

    If the girls want to stay past 2023, we better support them :cursing:

    I hate YG as much as the next person, but ultimately the Pinks' decision is all that matter. They know better than anyone else what is best for their career and their future.

    Unfortunately they'll likely re-up. By 2023 they'll be late 20s and at the tail end of their idol career.


    If you look at the expose posts, she drove a wedge between (Hyunjoo) and Chaewon and she was also the one leading the bullying
    Because Somin withdrew from the group, Lee Naeun and Jinsol became the main leader (of the bullying)...


    "1. Former April member Somin hated Hyunjoo and started bullying her.
    2. Chaewon then relayed things Hyunjoo didn’t say to Somin in hopes to make friends with Somin.
    3. Hyunjoo finds her tumbler which was a gift from her grandmother in the company’s fridge. Turns out Naeun put Chungookjang in her tumbler and left it in the fridge for months.
    4. Naeun took Hyunjoo’s sneakers and claimed it was hers. She didn’t apologize after Hyunjoo proved it was actually hers by showing her name on the shoe.
    5. Members said “This b* is trying to make her face look smaller again” behind her back right before recording.
    6. Yena and Jinsol continuously picked on her, tripping her up and stepping on her feet.
    7. Chaewon was in a relationship with the group’s manager. So the manager turned a blind eye to what was happening.
    8. After Hyunjoo attempted suicide, the company said the members were reflecting on themselves so Hyunjoo and her mom visited the company. Members met them but ignored them and laughed with each other." Cr: Asianjunkie

    "Of course, the leaders were Jun Somin, Chaewon."

    "By the way, ex-April member and KARD member Jun Somin was the first one leading the Hyunjoo buylling and made her an outcast. Afterwards, the members who took the lead: Lee Naeun, Lee Jinsol

    Currently, Jun Somin is promoting with KARD and doing her YT channel"

    She even uploaded on her YT channel recently
    She updated her Insta feed too. She's washing off her mouth and pretending like nothing happened
    There are also less articles about her and I'm so furious...

    She's the kid who started the whole bullying

    Jun Somin, withdraw from KARD

    post response:
    original post: here

    1. [+234, -6]
    She's a failed idol that nobody has ever seen or heard of so people probably don't care about her..

    2. [+211, 0]
    She's the one who started the bullying but she's trying to escape like a mudfish

    3. [+186, -1]
    But she seriously looks so spiteful. It's my first time feeling threatened by a journalist's picture.

    4. [+67, -1]
    They said that there is bad relationship in her group even now
    "(11 months ago) The fans are trying their best to pretend like nothing is happening by closing their eyes and burying their heads but... is she spreading the plate(?)....... no but how can these two not even talk to each other once in their dance video, this is seriously weird..???? Seriously, are they uploading this because they don't find it weird.....??ㅠ"

    5. [+55, 0]
    Jun Somin's current relationship with KARD's Jiwoo is bad/so-so. This person doesn't change. She's pulling off this BS even after debuting in a different group;;
    "(11 months ago)

    + 384: To be honest, is wishing that Somin and Jiwoo work harder too much to ask for? Every time they upload a new video, I'm so nervous and start feeling conscious. Even if the company doesn't intervene, this is something that they can edit and manage just fine. I feel like they are letting go of this problem.

    +76: I agree, it makes me sad that Korean and foreign fans are happy with just seeing occasionally videos of them talking to each other or looking at each other smilingㅠㅠ ...."

    6. [+47, 0]
    Let's not forget

    [T/W] Victims testify that actor Ji-soo forced sex acts on male students and filmed molka with middle schoolers


    Article: Following suspicions of abuse...Jisoo now faced with allegations of sexual assault

    Source: Chosun

    Actor Kim Ji-soo (28) is under suspicion of sexual assault amid allegations of school violence.

    On the 2nd, a netizen posted an article titled "Actor Jisoo is a perpetrator of school violence" on Pann and a flurry of allegations have poured over allegations of sexual assault and bullying by the actor.

    Netizens commented, "He slapped me on the subway back from a middle school field trip just because he felt like it because he was in a bad mood. "He acted like a king of the school and would pick fights with other students, slapping and cursing them for no reason." "He gave me his OMR card and test papers and made me take his test for him." "He urinated inside the class trash can."

    There was also shocking testimony of sexual assault with netizens writing, "He was crazy. He forced male students to mast*rbate and made them e*aculate on their faces and mouths." "He filmed himself having s*x with a middle schooler in the bathroom and made his friends watch it while laughing about it." "He bragged about having s*x with all the girls and "throwing" them away afterwards." "He said a lot of bad things about women and would tell his friends "introduce me now" to girls he liked so that he could sleep with them."


    On the 3rd, his agency Key East issued an official statement that they will meet with parties who raised the suspicions to confirm the facts.

    In the meantime, KBS is seeing a flurry of posts on their bulletin boards criticizing them asking to drop the actor from further projects. Netizens wrote, "we demand you drop him" "do you want us to walk to city hall and demand this criminal to step down?"

    KBS has not released a position whether to drop him from the drama 'River Where The Moon Rises'.


    1. [+9,159, -40] Seeing how things are turning out, when twin Lee Da-young who got exposed for hakToo bullying said, "I'm going to explode everything" that was seriously the saying of the century ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    2. [+3,414, -84] This Jisoo guy is a ba$tard and all but I feel bad seeing Cho Byung Kyu's scandal get buried like this. He needs to come out with a proper clarification unless he's planning on sneaking out once things die down. Let's out all the bully celebrities from the industry!
    3. [+2,390, -151] How did someone with that face become actor?
    4. [+1,399, -47] Physiognomy is seriously a science. What's that saying...there's no smoke without fire..?
    5. [+1,418, -138] There's actually someone worse than Jung Joon Young
    6. [+827, -5] I read the comments from the victims, but if that's true...I seriously cried at the part where his homeroom teacher told him to write an anonymous report about his bully but he was so scared that he wrote it with his left hand so that his handwriting won't be found out. How the hell did someone like him become a celebrity? I hope he regrets and reflects for the rest of his life.
    7. [+531, -3] Not one alum is coming forward to shield him...just more testimonies confirming that he's trash
    8. [+328, -3] You can't resolve a scandal like this by kicking him out of the industry...he needs to go to jail!
    9. [+232, -3] I'm curious to hear what made him want to become a celebrity and appear on TV after doing all those trash things ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    10. [+182, -3] Ah~ the ball shot by Lee Da-young was too f***ing legendaryㅋㅋ