• I. Introduction

    Somin is a South Korean singer-songwriter and composer under DSP Media.

    She is a member of the co-ed group KARD and a former member of APRIL and PURETTY.

    II. Career

    On September 5, 2012, Somin debuted in the girl group PURETTY, a group based in Japan, with plans to debut in South Korea as well. The group disbanded in January 2014, without making their Korean debut, but the agency announced the possibility of its members becoming part of other groups in the future. In that year, she, along with her fellow members Yoon Chae-kyung and Cho Shi-yoon, participated in KARA PROJECT a show which aimed to find new members for the girl group KARA.

    Somin finished the show in second place, ultimately being eliminated.

    On August 24, 2015, she debuted again, now as the leader of the girl group APRIL.

    But her career with the group was short, she left in November that year to pursue a solo career.

    In 2016, she became a member of the co-ed group KARD. They released three pre-debut singles before debuting in July 19, 2017 with the mini album Hola Hola.

    III. Discography


    Hui ''Swim Good''

    Other Releases

    Backseat (with BM)
    Goodnight Songs For Rebel Girls (beautiful)

    IV. Somin Facts

    - Somin has two older sisters.

    - She appeared in Epik High’s “Born Hater” MV.

    - Somin can play piano, violin, and ocarina.

    - Somin can guess the tteokbokki brand based on the taste. (After School Club 180731)

    - Somin has been doing videos for Style-Ade about beauty, mainly makeup.

    - Somin learned ballet in elementary school. (Meet & Greet 171214)

    - J.Seph chose Somin to be most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.

    - Somin love accessories, so she buys a lot, but can either forget or get too lazy to wear them.

    - Somin reveales she is a distant relative of Twice's Jeongyeon.

    - Somin the Black Joker, explained, “Depending on the situation, the black joker can be the best card, so I will show the various appeals that I have.” (during their debut party)

    - She has her own personal youtube channel which include vlogs and makeup tutorials.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)