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    I think sexual preference is a thing. For example I'm a bi woman, I only like cis males and cis females. It shouldn't offend anyone because these are MY preferences, but going after trans people and calling them "not real women/not real men" is transphobic yes.

    as a bisexual i dont understand this logic. i can understand gays, lesbians and heterosexuals having a genital preference in regards to gender. however, when you’re bisexual you are attracted to both sexes and all genders because bisexuality is not binary. so you saying that as a bisexual youre only attracted to cis people comes off as transphobic to me. im not attacking you, just genuinely confused?

    its not transphobic to not to want to have sexual relations with someone if they have a genital preference, theres nothing you can change about that (the person’s genital preference). [disclaimer: not having a sex change/bottom surgery does not invalidate your gender identity] however, IT IS transphobic to invalidate someone’s identity. all this being said i think this “super gay”/“super lesbian” movement is VERY transphobic. its just a bunch of terfs misgending trans women which does not sit right with me, and less about expressing their genitalia preference in a respectful manner. also the fact that theyre spreading ppl’s pictures without their consent is awful.

    i’d like to add that, genitalia aside, if you were attracted to a trans person before finding out that theyre trans, and then you find out and youre suddenly not attracted, now THAT is transphobic.


    i'd say hyoyeon and nayeon (especially) are important too

    The victim of the boob incident isn't a's a male apparently.

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    thanks for letting me know! ill add it to the op but damn thats crazy how things can get lost in translation

    honestly its about how your features combined look together, youre not ugly bc of one feature that isnt conventionally beautiful alone. i personally dont find him good looking but thats just me yall are entitled to your own opinions as well. hes charming tho so ill give him that, for me its how his jawline looks and how its connected to his neck makes him look weird. nct johnny has the same thing lol

    I am so glad I was pretty much off kpop twitter and my twitter feed is mostly non kpop stuff so I missed the whole mistranslation saga. We shall see how Pledis handles the rest of the allegations especially if one of the victims doesn't want to talk. I am just glad they put something out since fans were worried that they will stay silent.

    yea it was a whole mess i feel bad for the carat who tweeted a mistrans, they didnt have bad intentions and their trans wasnt even far off from the “accurate” one but now theyre getting death threats :rolleyes:. so far pledis is handling it well rn so im content

    not defending him, but I was shocked at how "well done" (not exactly the word I was looking for, but I think you guys understand what I mean) is Pledis statement. They said they'll consider the victims and that the issue is not solved yet.

    also, I feel sad for the classmate with disability and their mother. First, because their past was discussed without consent, and second because their mom still remembers the names of the students who abused the victim. Imagine how traumatizing it must be for them both.

    i agree, pledis’ statement was well written and im content with their actions so far i just wish that they werent silent for two days straight and could told us that they were investigating.

    also yes, i feel for the autistic classmate and their mother bc they said that the story of their bullying was revealed without their consent :(

    You also need to put in context, though, that this is not a situation of grown-up adults in a work environment.

    Kids and teens do sexual jokes, quite a lot some of them.

    With this, I'm not saying "Mingyu did nothing wrong" (if this is confirmed true), and for sure you would expect a student to be able to behave better, BUT I wouldn't put this on the same level of verbal sexual harassment at work.

    you have to take in consideration tho that it escalated to the point of teachers getting involved and he didnt stop

    You didn't have to say that the accusations had been confirmed, but you literally said, "Mingyu was one of the bullies," "Mingyu would make sexual comments/jokes," "Mingyu still made it a sexually hostile and uncomfortable environment," etc. Basically stating them as facts. I'm no fan of the man, but it irks me to see people being judge because of hearsay. I feel for the victims, but that doesn't blind me to the fact that absolutely nothing has been proven or been admitted. What they provided is not proof. I have photos of my classmates, photos of my schools, documents from my doctors too. I can easily falsely accuse them and post the pictures as "proof." Anyone can whip up a doctor's file from a template in minutes. False accusations/judgements/cancellations have lead to career ends or suicide. We must not assume someone is guilty before actual facts are known no matter how much we might feel for the alleged victim.

    if you cant use context clues that is not my problem. everything you just took from my thread was within the context of what the victim has stated. never did i say what she said was confirmed. my words on this situation hold no weight outside of this forum so go take your frustrations elsewhere bc I'm not the one.

    You keep saying that the guy did 'this' and 'that' as if it had already been confirmed. These are still just allegations which have not been proven true yet. I understand wanting to side with a victim (I'm a former victim of bullying and harassment myself), but no matter how "realistic" an allegation sounds that person is innocent until proven guilty and should be treated and referred to as such.

    you mustve missed points in my thread. i never said that these accusations have been confirmed (aside from the one about the autistic student that one is proven false) i simply said that i believe them rn bc they have proof.

    ignorant question but how is sexual harassment if the ""jokes"" didnt were for her? ofcourse is stil bad but hows that sexual harassment? asking sincerely

    this sums it up pretty well:FA14B11E-68D5-4AD2-8DA8-72F484C9F13D.jpeg

    just bc theyre not directed at her specifically didnt mean that it didnt affect her. these jokes made her uncomfortable to the extent that the teachers had to get involved and TELL him to stop bc hes saying these things in front of a girl, but he continued anyway.

    i think we cant dictate how shes supposed to feel bc we werent there. ive been victim of jokes like this before in hs and they may come off as jokes but it makes class extremely uncomfortable and hostile.