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  • hii fellow carat i hope you're still coping well with all the things that have been happening :danceb: it's been so crazy

    • hi! I was really stressed when everything came out, now I'm a little more calm, but anxious as well. I just want everything to be solved, so I can put my mind in place

    • oh finally pledis said something...at least something was clarified but i feel that it'll take a long time before everything is verified bc its such a serious issue....but i think pledis handled it better than i expected, the statement was really clear and no ambiguity

  • hi ^^

    • hi! :-)

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    • I don't think we ever interacted before the revamp?? :nervousk:

    • I don't think so as well :-( but also I'm a little lazy when it comes to remember user names :S

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    • No problems~

      What are your favorite svt songs? <3

    • ah, that's a difficult question! I like the whole YMMDay, Kidult, Let Me Hear You Say, Good To Me, Thanks, Thinkin' About You, Trauma, Habit, Change Up, Hit Song... probably many more :-D I'm kind of a indecisive person, but I think these are the ones I always liked and will like

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