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    I’m sorry you can’t see why the distinction is important. But sadly I already explained it the best I could. And your rebuttal is not relevant to that.

    And you combining multiple things. Sexual desire as part of the feminist cause is relevant. It is merely not part of this discussion. I don’t how to get the point across that not every discussion needs to be had everywhere for them to be relevant.

    When talking about taboo or purity or multitude of other things, then we talk about female sexual desire in the context of the feminist cause.

    In this particular discussion since the topic at hand is the female gaze which started as an opposite for the objectifying male gaze, the main point is to focus on the more emotional or distinctive characteristics of the image.

    Objectification is dehumanizing. How do we know the female gaze is not dehumanizing and not objective in the collective(again not you, but in the collective)? The poof is in the society. Men are not objectified creatures who have no more worth to them than their bodies.

    You seem to be confusing multiple things and wanting everything to be discussed simultaneously. But that’s often the problem with discussions on feminism.

    There is place in the table for multiple things!

    If you wish to discuss Yaoi/women’s sexual taboo sexual individuality and other things I had actually perhaps on the previous forum had a discussion like that and we can have it once more.

    But until then my purpose is to discuss the female gaze as a opposite of the male gaze and show the more vulnerable or softer side of what women like to see. And I think there is merit in this discussion.

    So? I've seen fans on twitter force their idol to be straight, cis, gay, bi, trans, everything. I wasn't talking aobut any specific sexuality/gender. I've seen it all, and all of it is equally cringe

    If lying like that helps you feel better power to you. People only speak about ‘forcing’ when it’s queer identities.

    People have been speculating “oh this person is dating this person” and shipping co stars and what not long before stan Twitter ever existed. Except it was more likely to be straight ships.

    You saying Twitter explains how you’re only bothered when the topic is queer :pepepizza:

    I think it’s the opposite. I don’t think kpop fans are virtuous at all. If the world really was as accepting and socially aware as stan Twitter claims to be, it wouldn’t be in this state.

    It’s a bunch of hypocrites who want to feel mortally superior online for the 0.5 sec of gratification they get by putting other people down :pepepizza:

    I'm hiding it from you bwahahaha

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    Yesss omg this is HELLA LIVE

    I was just watching this

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    So mostly live except for chorus and support during a couple harder choreo moves and maybe high note?

    Eye- what performance is it I can’t see

    If he apologized, then it’s good. As long as he doesn’t repeat it I think this was a leaning opportunity for him.

    The thing about causal misogyny is’s causal. It needs to be called out for people to realize. I can’t even count the amount of causal misogyny on this forum the past few days and the same people were coming for Jae which I found ironic lol.

    Anyway hope he becomes better. That’s all I care about.

    Idk where this stuff comes from but their are multiple articles where shirtless guys are clearly considered part of the female gaze on movies like Magic Mike, for a more mainstream view I would dare say Jezebel despite their shitty writing the mainsay "feminist" newsite even agrees with me.

    The whole "breaking some sort of barrier" is an odd way to paint an objectifying gaze of female sexuality in a positive way when all manners of scopophilic gazing when if you really want to get into theory, all manners of such gaze could be considered oppressive due to the voyeurism, especially since kpop is all about watching.

    Comes down to choice feminism Vs what’s collective feminism right. You as an individual by all means can enjoy anything including sexual.

    The term female gaze exists to show that on the contrary by and large the female gaze is less about objectifying the body.

    You as an individual can ofc enjoy whatever you want.

    But that won’t make it a feminist cause. It doesn’t make it wrong either.

    Often times this what people forget about feminism. Not everything a woman does intrinsically adds to the feminist cause. Neither does everything a woman does needs to be considered for the feminist cause.

    Here we are focusing on the female gaze which is in contrast to the objectifying male gaze.

    This does not imply women do not sexualize men. Just that that is not part of this particular conversation.

    Also all forms of it is not oppressive! Because by current circumstances men are not oppressed so it’s a moot point to discuss.

    Why should they :pepepizza:

    If saying ‘I’m your BF or GF’ is gonna pay my bills, I’ll do it.

    There’s a lot entertainers do to garner a fanbase things that you don’t even realize are fake. Every single thing you see is probably fake. That friendship those idols project with their members is probably the fakest thing out of everything and yet we all buy into it and crave it. What’s one more.

    For me more than the BF image the “group are best friends they’re as close as family” is cringe af but it is what it is.

    A couple of their songs aren't bad (Mama and The Eve I think, I hope I got those names right) but overall there's something about them that I don't gel with. I hate being so vague but that's the best way I can explain; I just don't like them.

    To me, a lot of the members aren't memorable and one in particular I find extremely annoying.

    Combined with that vague, nameless feeling I never really got the urge to really look into them deeper.

    If you don’t like you don’t like it nothing can be done. This is me with a lot of kpop.

    I knew EXO since before debut and I like several of their songs, but the music and the members as well as the group's dynamic never interested me enough to actually stan. Sometimes I feel like they're a little too safe for my liking, even my favorite songs from them are the less conventional ones like MAMA, Koko bop and Obsession.

    I don’t think they were safe. There is a lot of variety in what they did. And I wouldn’t necessarily say monster lotto kkb tempo obsession any of them were “safe”.. they were not like “experimental” in that they required multiple listens to like but I won’t say EXO followed any popular trend.

    It’s more that EXO as a group know what their preferred genre and sounds are and regardless of whether that’s safe or popular, they chose music that aligned with their tastes. And for me that’s the opposite of safe.