4th gen fanwars are vanilla compared to 3rd gen fanwars

  • True, i always wonder about ExoL vs Army and VIP vs Army. Those fanwars musta been EPIC. Maybe some of the veteran Kpop fans on here can tell us stories about the battles.

    As for 4th gen, i think the most toxic could end up to be Enhypen vs Treasure, YG and BH fandoms just can never get along lol.

    The one i'm most curious about is the Itzy vs Gidle vs Aespa competition. Is this gonna be the new Twice vs BP vs RV war for GG supremacy?

  • Also not all 4th gens groups have arrived, come back in a years time and 3rd gen wars would look so cute and innocent LOL

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  • I don't think i will ever understand fanwars. Fighting between fandoms... People feel united and powerful through artists they are fan of and feel the need to fight with people that feel united and powerful through another artist? Why?

    Those fandoms all consist of different people with different interests and backgrounds, but they feel like a unity because they like the same music. I know there are people all around the world that have no respect and no filter and would even threaten an artist. And the fandom of the artist should try to protect the artist from it. But still, does it mean to attack all the people that are not fans of an artist? Makes no sense to me.

    But they can fight if they want to, if it makes them feel good or don't have enough stress in their own life :D I really don't care, it's just making me wonder why do they have the need for it :D

    To stay on topic, like most already said, 4th gen groups are not so big at the moment, a lot of their non-korean fans are also multifans, so not fans of only one group and that also makes 'fanwars' kind of smaller.

    But their fandoms still figh, like it was also already said, it's visible on Twitter mostly or when fans of 'opposing' fandoms dig out 'problematic' things to media and try to criticize idols.

  • I'm so glad tbh

    2nd Generation fanwars ruined T-ara but people keep saying it was the "general public"

    ✿ just a crumb of something please I'm begging ✿ ♡ ♚


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  • I wish things don't get too bad in the future but I'm dreaming for the impossible. Enhypen and Treasure - a few months old groups whose fandoms were fighting like crazy 24/7 until one/two weeks ago. Currently they're resting, I'm expecting them to go to a war pretty soon lol 🤣

    All jokes aside, their fandoms have some intense fights, they could turn out to be the new army vs exol... Sigh

    Other fandoms seem more chill though? I've seen some txt x stray kids fights, itzy x i-dle but nothing too extreme. As people said, it's going to get much worse the moment those groups start achieving more and the competition becomes even tougher

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