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  • yunho's mine xx

  • wanna play connect 4 :pepefrog:

  • Thanks for the follow back, you seem pretty chill

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  • wanna play gomoku

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  • thx for akorns :lover1:

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  • thanks for the akornsss :groovins:

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  • Hello fellow Orbit
    ive been around since jinsouls Debut

    • I was lucky and found loona about a week before their debut. I was looking for new kpop groups to stan and happened to see favorite on the youtube trending page. It was a bop so i decided to wait for their debut. I loved it and then officially stanned.

      chuu and heejin are my biases hbu?

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    • oOhH bOi

      tHeY aRe aLL biAS wREcKeRs!

      mine is a Mix Of

      HaSeul, Choerry, Jinsoul, YeoJin, ViVi, and Gowon

      Jinsoul was the 1st member i ever got to know! (And was the first song Loona Song i got to know so i have a personal attachment to Jung Jin Soul)

      Chuu Was the 2nd

      Olivia Hye was the 3rd

      But My Top 3 Bias mixers is mainly HaSeul, Choerry, and Jinsoul

      But My Main is HaSeul and Choerry

      But My Ultimate Bias is HaSeul

      OEC was also my fav Subunit

      but i loved lots of their songs, i don't listen to the B-sides on the Album ( i did listen to alot of the sons from the OEC album, but i just don't put them on repeat), i listened to Girl Front, Loonatic (English) and Sweet Crazy love, but i love the lore with OEC <3

      I then got into my YYXY phase and fell in love with all of the songs!

      the only one that didn't make sense to me was "one"

      then i got into my 1/3 phase and I'm in love with classical music so i have a personal attachment to their music! and they have like 3 of 4 of my fav vocalists!

      (personally my fav vocalists in Loona are , Hyunjin, HaSeul, ViVi, Jinsoul, Choerry, Chuu, Gowon, and Olivia Hye!) I'm thinking about getting the YYXY album, again I'm getting 12:00, Love and Evil (1/3), and HaSeul, maybe by Easter or Christmas ill get YYXY


  • You know after you made that Center Aligning thread I've been noticing alot of people with un-centered sigs.. Like they're either too far to the left or not centered enough? LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! TRIGGERING MY OCD LIKE THAT!!

    • lmao im sorry ;(

      now you feel the pain i feel everytime i log on to this website

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  • Why did you put rip next to CLC in your sig? CLC ISN'T DEAD YET