Crazy Romance

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    I. Introduction

    Cray Romance is a 2019 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Kim Han Gyul, starring Kim Rae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Jung Woong In, Kang Ki Young, Jang So Yeon &, more. It's about a love story between Jae Hoon, who couldn't let go of his ex-girlfriend, and Sun Young, who is splitting up with her boyfriend. The filming began January 7, 2019 & finished March 8, 2019, releasing in South Korea on October 2, 2019.

    II. Synopsis

    Lee Jae Hoon (Kim Rye Won) is an advertising agency employee whose love life has just hit the rocks. With just hours to go before his wedding day, he and his fiancée called off the wedding and their relationship. He has responded by starting to drink heavily after work. During his boozy evenings, he often sends inappropriate messages to his friends and coworkers – and sometimes even calls them, only to wake in the morning with no recollection of his actions.

    Sun Young (Gong Hyo Jin) joins the same agency as a new hire and shortly after Lee Jae Hoon and the rest of his team look on in horror as she has an angry public row with her boyfriend, who turns out to be cheating on her. When Lee Jae Hoon then drunkenly contacts her during another of his drinking sprees, the pair start to understand that they have a lot in common and could even be attracted to one another. But as tongues begin to wag in the office, will this “crazy” romance ever get off the ground?

    III. Cast

    Name Kim Rae Won Gong Hyo Jin Jung Woong In Kang Ki Young
    Character Jae Hoon Sun Young Gwan Soo Byung Chul

    IV. Trailers

    V. Movie

    VI. Reception

    Eontalk reviewed Crazy Romance as followed - I found Crazy Romance to be a great romcom that gives you that feel-good feeling once the movie is over. It’s a very real movie, much like how On Your Wedding Day and Tune in for Love were also a very real film, but different in that On Your Wedding Day and Tune in for Love were real in the sense of your first love, and your lovelife experience with that first love, whereas Crazy Romance was more real on terms of new relationships. The movie isn’t by any means the best movie of the year, but it is quite up there in terms of comedy and romance. I’d definitely recommend if you’re feeling for a good laugh.

    The film has scored 6.2 on IMDB, 7.6 on Mydramalist &, 9.0 on Rakuten Viki.

    VII. Awards & Nominations

    Year Award Category Nominee Result
    2019 Blue Dragon Awards Best Supporting Actor Kang Ki Young Nominated
    2020 Chun Sa Film Art Awards Best Supporting Actor Kang Ki Young Nominated
    2020 Grand Bell Awards Best Supporting Actor Kang Ki Young Nominated