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  • Love your shuhua sig! Hwaa is perfection

  • thanks for the follow my friend but why me?

    • Hi there. You're a bit of a legend around here.

    • oh you've heard of me lol


      so as I ask everyone tell me something about yourself my friend?

    • I'm not great at that but I could say I'm 22, currently majoring in philosophy and living in Europe.

      how bout you?

    • not great at what? interactions? compliments? lol

      ohhh philosophy - very interesting indeed - why philosophy my friend? I've always enjoyed philosophy and thought about doing it as a minor...

      are you studying in Europe or live there "full time"

      well I'm 37 and Chinese Australian

    • Not great at talking about myself honestly XD

      I don't really know how I came about studying philosophy. Originally, I wanted to major in literature but I had a last minute change of heart and applied for philosophy. I must say the curriculum is a bit rigid, and the academic environment isn't the most inclusive, unfortunately.

      Born and raised in Eastern Europe, although I would love to study and eventually move to France.

      Ohh, that's neat. Do you speak Chinese too?