What are some of the weirdest fashion-items you ever wore?

  • As I was in 1st grade a lot of weird 2000s fashion was in and my mom mainly dressed me so... One of the looks I wore included a white pullover that had fishnet-sleeves combined with a light brown colored "nubuck leather"-looking miniskirt and pink knee high boots. I was only 7 :sketchyk: and my mom's fashion-taste is...

    Around 2013 t-shirts and pullover in fake leather-look with holes in it were in and I had one of these. I forgot how I combined it but I remember that many people said I was looking cool in that pullover xD it was literally just having a normal back and normal sleves but the front was fake leather with holes

    I also used to have higheels that looked like chucks and it had 3 buckles on thr front with spikes on them. I seriously thought they were so cool back in like 2010 xD

    What are the weirdest fashion items you wore?

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