KPOP twitter worries me.....

  • So I am a whole adult right, but recently I started following some kpop related accounts, then I slowly realised these are literal children because some of the tweets were actually worrisome... like ive seen so many tweets along the gist of"

    - being unable to sleep due to STREAMING

    - missing deadlines due to STREAMING

    - not eating or seeing their family because they're too busy STREAMING?!?!?!

    - teens and young adults spending 400/500 dollars/pounds on MERCH/albums/cards whatever..............

    - accounts deactivating due to the stress of their fav being in a scandal or from hate from other kpop group fans against their fav

    - fans of the SAME group attacking other members for not using "trigger" warnings... for things that ARE NOT TRIGGERS?! And then the account making 5 tweet apology and then DEACTIVATING??!??!?! OVER SOMETHING THATS NOT TRIGGERING LIKE AT ALL....


    - some accounts are so active, like 24/7 almost, what about their real life?

    - fans counting down the days since their fav's last V-Live and being upset about it?

    I dunno but I find this so fucking worrying, if my child was this invested into a celebrity I'd be so shook, like where are they going in life? Will they form real human bonds and attachments, friendships, relationships, if they're spending all their time exerting all this energy on a celebrity that doesn't even know they exist.... for gods sake some are losing SLEEP to STREAM..... the artists really dont care...... and then I see people tweeting saying their group isnt streamed ENOUGH?!?!?!? And that everyone who considers themselves a fan should keep streaming more and more cos its not enough?!?! CHILE WHAT?!!? What ???!?!? so EVERYONE that is a fan should be streaming 24/7?!?!?! it's scary like what the hell?? has anyone else not noticed this because I literally haven't seen anyone even talk about this here and I am baffled honestly

    Oh and if someone tells them the artists dont care about streams, they get incredibly defensive, they dont want to accept that streaming on youtube isnt going to do much really.... its so sad...

  • i can't stand stan twitter. i avoid that place.

    some twitter stans act like antis/bullies of their own faves. i've seen so many fans make fun of my bias and write horrible things about him, and when you call them out, they're just "joking"....... to put some context, i saw fans make fun of the way hongjoong walks, and the comments were super nsfw so i can't post them here. it just made me so pissed. they are literally bullying their favorite idol.

  • Twitter is basically an accessway to the dark arts for anything, kpop is no exception. It's why I ONLY use Twitter to follow interests and nothing more. I don't interact with all the crazies out there lol

  • Tell me about it, I actually made a thread on it and I was attacked because they thought I was picking on one fandom instead of seeing the real purpose of the thread which was to ask them to stop doing this things like no sleep streaming and basically dedicating your life on it.

    It's honestly so sad. I hope everyone knows its just music at the end of the day. Not worth to lose sleep over.

    Hope you all have a great day

  • Then when people don't take Kpop seriously, they get angry. Kpop is like a madness shop.

    "Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everybody has a reason and everybody has a story. I hope people don’t judge a person based on what they see." Kim Taehyung


  • Like the merch thing... I know some people who buy several albums and then sell off the photocards/extras online individually. Some of them can spend $200 on albums, but make that back and more so I'm not gonna judge them on that.

    But the streaming thing... and shaming people for not streaming. Like I know we all want our groups to win and be #1, but like your group doesn't want to you to fail your classes or something just because you felt like you needed to stream.

    Honestly I've blocked so many people on Twitter it's ridiculous. Like before I got into kpop, I just blocked accounts that were posting racist/discriminatory things or were obviously bots, but oof it's huge now. I just try not to let that kind of negativity onto my timeline. I follow a lot of daily pics/looks fan accounts so if they start engaging with an retweeting a lot of toxicity, then I will unfollow. K-Pop is something that makes me happy and I don't need people trying to disrupt that.

    V we are your vision WayV

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  • Yes, I agree, sometimes it's a bit worrisome how people approach kpop, it also makes me wonder if they care about their life out of the screens.

    I just follow the update and translation accounts, so I usually don't know about the mess, fanwars, their personal lives etc. I don't have time to do that, so I'm selective with the info/content I want to see/read/watch.

  • Congrats you just saw the real face of kpop fans. This isn't just a twitter thing it happens everywhere

  • Whatever you wrote is true, but that is not specific to kpop fans.

    You can see the same behavior in anime fans, sports fans, ppl who binge watch series.

    The issue is addiction not kpop.

  • (Edit - I started out commenting about the time-wasting nature of stan twitter then went off on a major tangent. Anyway, I stand by my essay:melon_think:)

    I have a lot to say about this! Here comes an essay - confessions of a reformed twitter hater;(

    I only have a private account now for updates and bookmarking stuff. I deactivated my main because it had turned me into a toxic person, at least where K-Pop was concerned. I would link to a couple of my meltdown posts from the time if the old site was still up.

    Stan twitter is insidious. It grooms you over time to become a hater. You start out following the main fansites of the group, then you start to look for sites that focus on your bias and you make friends - and that's where it starts to go downhill. It starts with concerns - "here is a thread where I have collated all the instances of her/his mistreatment". Some of them make legitimately good points. And you start to follow these people, then gradually you have to stop posting about other members because your oomfs get suspicious and angry and ask if you're really a X fan. "You say you love X but you're liking all these posts about Z when you know how much they are the favoured one." I would make a pinterest board for another member, then feel guilty and delete it. You're made to feel bad for liking anyone else. It was all so so dumb.

    If the brainwashing is successful you start to hate other members of the group. You see hate towards your bias from pfps with another members face and feel that they are the representatives of their bias which makes her/him a terrible person because why wouldn't they say anything about their awful fans? You end up hating at least one member. Probably only one, because who has the energy for burning all-consuming hatred for more than one person right. You do your bit to subtly fan the flames when he/she lands in trouble (some go all-in with troll burner accounts, you can trust ex fans to provide more dirt to fling because they used to help hide it) but step back or try to distract whenever they needed support. But then get pissed off when their fans would do the same. I would feel angry when a photo of a certain person got past all my filters, just like the meme I felt I "had personal beef" with this person who I'd never met and who had never done anything to me - or to anyone.

    You can tell who has fallen into the twitter hate hole, they all say the same things and have the same complaints. They cry out for the hate against their fave to stop yet don't care that they're doing the same thing to someone else. Some things genuinely are valid, but they shouldn't make your blood boil, and shouldn't make you feel resentment towards another person. When it feels personal it's become too much. And no-one can succeed in stamping out hate against only one member in a group while still attacking or mocking others.

    The only thing to do to is deactivate and go cold turkey on the hate. Stop telling yourself that content from other members is "triggering" to you when that is entirely self-inflicted, and start to see them as people again. Then you realize how bad things had got and also what a pointless time-suck it all was, and you reclaim your humanity.

    So yeah, that's my 2017-2020 stan twitter story :S

    TLDR - The only way to fix a fandom is to go zero tolerance on hate for all members. If we could erase the hate cesspit of stan twitter, K-Pop communities would get a lot healthier.

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