ATTRAKT has filed a 13 billion won lawsuit against the 3 former members of Fifty Fifty and their parents

  • After losing their previous lawsuit to void their contract, then made allegations about the company, it only makes sense they be sued for the HUGE loss in revenue they cause.

    That could have been their revenue, but now instead, they’ll probably be the reason their families are forced into bankruptcy.

    I couldn’t imagine the stress of that.

  • That’s actually so fcking crazy to see, and ik yall hate it when people trash knetz here but fck them honestly. Retarded ass group, Koreans really only follow trends like blind deer no matter how stupid they look

  • I blame the parents for being so stupid and gullible which end up ruining their children's lives

    I heard that Keana even tried to convince the other 3 girls to turn back but their parents blocked her number

    I blame the parents for raising such dumb, stupid, greedy kids.

  • I blame the parents for raising such dumb, stupid, greedy kids.

    These girls are literally teenagers. All except Keena.

    At 18 or 17, I didn't know shit about the world or business. There is a reason Attrakt is going after their parents too.

    PS: None of this is me saying that they should not have to suffer the consequences of their actions. Just noting that teenagers often look to their parents for guidance, and this is probably a case of them following the advice of some adults who didn't know wtf they were doing.



  • I don't think Attract actually expects them to be able to pay that amount tho, they eventually settle for less but this is a huge power move. Attrakt is telling them they hold all the cards.

    I think they actually do think that. Remember how the courts put a pause on payments to everyone involved due to the copyright fraud issues plus streaming income being delayed by 4-9 months after being earned?

    Keena was the only one who supposedly got paid (and she supposedly paying off all her training debt despite training for years more than the rest) which means they knew exactly how much the others may have been owed a full month before launching the claim. I bet they chose the sum specifically to wipe out all their cupid earnings and put them into a level of debt acceptable to the courts (e.g. the price of the family property if they own a house or car).

  • I hope the girls have a strong support system cause this will definitely take a toll on their mental health.

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  • They did and he refused to discuss with them. You are too stupid in this forum like knetz except WhyKnock.

    No, you're the stupid one here. Here I quote what the Judges and court say,

    "The judge also questioned why FIFTY FIFTY didn't bring this matter to their agency before bringing it to court. If an agency violates the contract, the artist is given a grace period of up to 14 days to notify their agency."

    And didn't Keena say she regret their decision to not discuss this matter with the Ceo? And the other girls said the ceo even going to their house to talk but they refused to open the door as they're 'afraid'. And didn't they running away from their dorm when their ceo was not around? So, they definitely never discussed this matter to him.

  • They did and he refused to discuss with them. You are too stupid in this forum like knetz except WhyKnock.

    They never did. They even said out loud that they don't want to see his face. He wants them back but their greedy don't want to even talk to him. You are the stupid one here like these childish and thoughtless girls.

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