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    Also mamamoo being Digimons keeps shocking me for some reason....

    Does this number include solo numbers like hwasa's as well? Cuz mamamoo are fkn underrated digimons if this is for only the group!

    It's only the groups numbers their solo's will be on the solo's charts, TBH not that surprising when you remember there are only 4 groups with 100 million collective unique listeners and MMM is the only GG on that list. The others being BB, EXO and BTS.

    In fact they were the most downloaded kpop group in 2016 and they have quite a few bsides and OST's with millions of streams which is why they are this high up. Rainy season especially was a monster, they dropped it by surprise on a rainy Sunday and within 5 hours it was the first pre-release of a gg to top melon despite having no promotions or MV.

    Wendy wasn't proven racist, just ignorant. Mamamoo on the other hand....yeah let's not.

    ....Your going to claim wendy, who grew up in canada, is ignorant to racism and blaccents but mamamoo who grew up in korea, where for some reason they have a history of doing blackface (I mean even running man did it and man was I pissed), racist? You need to be consistent if your going to argue for ignorance.

    Also how in your opinion do you prove someone as racist? to me doing something offensive and creating a caricature of another race is enough and thats exactly what wendy did multiple times. You might argue that she was ignorant when she did it at debut, but she did it again in 2018 so how can she be ignorant about people finding the exact same impression offensive twice?

    SOOOOO shocked at Beast, I always heard they were big, but this is insane. Good on them.

    Also shocked seventeen isn't on this list, and very, very, very, very proud of mamamoo 🤧 people always downplay them, but this is what happens when your discography is so strong people listen to more of your discography than just title tracks. They are second for the GG with the most songs over 1 million unique listeners, and if you look at the songs, it's not only TT's but bsides and OST's.

    I remember moos celebrating when they became the first GG to have 100m unique listeners, it didn't even click that it was a title GG didn't yet.

    But we really have to give it up to the OG legends GG, its not like they are far off despite not having a CB since 2017, the majority of their career being when downloads was bigger than streams and yet they are still suppressing Twice who we all know are digital monsters and never sleep. I bet they'd be fighting BTS for the top if this chart came around earlier.

    This is from the declaration RBW had to make to become a listed company, so its true. The Original contract doesn't run out until April 2022, the only reason they likely posted this is they are going on the market now. They likely are still negotiating with mimi and jiho and they wanted to wait until the contract is nearly up to make a new contract. But if you look, the renewing members contract only starts from the last contract ends, so they would be in the company for the same amount of time anyways.

    Soooo anyone else see the news about the IPO and how much money MMM brings into to RBW?

    MMM sales last year accounted for 54% of RBW profits, and even this year, despite buying WM and the screw up with TBA and the concert, MMM accounts for 36%. Closest to them is the both years is the All Other category with 37.7% and 30%.

    RBW really relies on MMM more than we thought. But the big question is, where do the members solo's count? Because considering most treat solo's as separate from the group in these kinds of reports but we don't see it. Some are saying the solo's may be under the other category with all the training and song writing they do.

    Also now we know the contract dates, Solar and Moonbyul are locked in till June 2024, Hwasa till June 2023 and Wheein till December 2023 will take part in MMM concerts and 2 albums.

    Maybe there's a big shipment being sent out sunday/monday?

    Aespa only had korean sales link afaik, and if they sold 600K they should be well beyond 250K on hanteo as of writing this, so HANTEO #s shouldnt be that much lower then GAON. But fuck if i know.

    It would just be out of the ordinary to have first weeks sales of 300K~, then balloon to 600K somewhere later

    Potentially from the Chinese fanbase mass ordering but IDK.

    I heard they had something like 600k pre-orders so thats likely why. Pre-orders are not official sales and are only for the company to know how many to print, which is why you do get cases where actual sales end up being less than pre-orders. Sellers will order a certain amount of copies from the agency, and when those sell out in thier online pre-order time, they order more. If the album is selling really well in pre-order (so lots of people ordering it early), the seller may think the album will be a hit when it drops and order even more copies in preparation, which will boost Gaon stats since Gaon counts copies shipped worldwide, not actual sales.

    Thats why pre-orders will often count for Gaon but not Hanteo which counts actual sales and gives updates every 20 minutes. To count on hanteo the store selling the album needs to be affiliated with hanteo (to give those updates), whilst Gaon counts all copies shipped count, which is why its more.

    First day and first week only tend to be reported using Hanteo numbers, whilst first month and total sales tend to use Gaon, which is where the random jump comes from. Plus companies tend to use sales techniques to boost sales, like extra rounds of online fan meetings or contests.

    She has a sister? 8|

    2 actually. I remember watching this show called 'we are siblings', its from when Twice were rookies and people just knew Jeongyeon thanks to her famous sister. But they mentioned their other sister isn't in the industry so they found it hard to meet up.

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    the entire video can be summed up as fans simping over his ass (literally) and wonho going 'we can try if you like'. I like how he wasn't freaked and was genuinely amused by the thirst. But lets be real there are so many worse ones out there, I need a part 2.

    His, Gray's and Jay Parks are the best of the entire series. With a special shout out to Jay B who was just disturbed and wore a disappointed teacher face the whole time.

    It should be 'I just wish it wasn't as flashy'.

    Sorry that may have been a little abrupt but basically, 'weren't' is normally used in hypothetical situations (so imagined for example) and normally used in the present tense. 'Wasn't' is normally used in the past tense for real situations.

    The jacket is real and you wish that is was not made so flashy (past tense). Hope that clears it up.

    She hasn't had an album yet? :woow: Isn't she promoting for years already?

    Nope, not in any of her past groups either. IOI had 2 EP's, sister slam dunk and girls next door only released singles.

    She debuted solo in 2019. Birthday was the only release that had a physical copy.

    But seriously tho, I thought someone was joking around when I clicked. I was not expecting to hear from her for at least a year again ;(

    Lets be real with MMM, they kept experimenting with their sound and the last experiment was just not GP friendly but it doesn't mean they've been 'abandoned', they are just too busy with solo work to promote as a group.

    With travel last year, they knew aya wouldn't be popular and fans choose dinga so they hurriedly cobbled together an MV for it to make us happy.

    This year has been about giving back to the fans and reflecting on 7 years together. They dropped a ballad album in the middle of summer for us. They planned the only promo to be the concert, but when the situation got worse in Korea, they did a couple music shows to buy time and push back the concert hoping to do it in person.

    Then 2 weeks after the concert they drop the best, which is a compilation album with 21 re-recordings and tossed in a couple new songs as a bonus.

    It's a bit early to say they've been abandoned. Especially considering Solar is currently on 3 shows plus her YT channel, Hwasa has another show and is preparing for a CB, Moonbyul has her radio show and Wheein only just signed with a new agency.

    But what do you consider young? Because if we go from their timeline, Lucas would have been around 18-19 when he started dating these girls, and since we don't know their ages they were probably around the same.

    I'd consider both sides very young and immature at that age. After all they only just reached legal age of consent. I don't think that the moment you turn 18 all of a sudden your a full blown adult, knowing when your getting taken advantage of and are no longer naive. Many girls around that age feel pressured into sex and consent because they don't want to loose their boyfriend and think sex=relationship stability.

    But I also don't think age=maturity. There are plenty of people in their 30's who are more immature than many in their early 20's or even teens. Life experiences vary hugely and directly affects emotional and mental maturity. If these girls were born in rich families as we have been lead to believe, then they may have been brought up with a very shallow understanding of the real world and protected from the realities of life. They won't know how to spot a scam if they never got exposed to people who got scammed. When I went to uni we had people of varying ages, and one thing I learnt is to never judge a persons maturity from their age, there were plenty of people in their 30's making all kinds of mess or who just didn't understand how the world worked. Plenty who didn't know how to do the basics to take care of themselves or budget, yet I've meet people in their teens who are incredibly mature in all aspects of life.

    In my opinion both were victims of thier own immaturity. The girls believed everything he told them because they knew no better (or even if they did because they wanted to believe) and Lucas was just a typical 18 yr old boy trying to get some, doing everything he can to get some and not realising how his actions were playing with the emotions of these girls (if the made up stories of him being recruited by the some gang leader tell us anything its this).

    It's crazy when you think about it.

    20,000 people watching by twitch, (90% after paying kavecon, so not really illegal....)

    Thats almost 3 times the amount of people who attended their first concert. Hell that's double the people who attended the S/S 4seasons concerts in Korea.

    And thats just the ones who went to that twitch, some gave up and went to sleep, some video called friends who got in and there were quite alot who it worked for (with lag).

    RBW literally have no reason not to give MMM a world tour or at least international concerts now.