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    Agreed tbh. I actually wonder if Yunjin really regressed that bad or were her vocals just corrected during produce to give her a certain image?

    I do think it got this out of hand because Koreans see kpop as a source of softpower to protect them, so their image abroad is weirdly political so they try to pay attention to image and any level of success to spread the countries name and increase power (I remember it even made the news when Twice was doing big concert dates in the US). Meanwhile kpop fans were not only waiting on them to make a mistake, but also jealous since they weren't where Aespa, BP or 2ne1 were careerwise (having had huge peaks that blew away all competition) so they see their casting as more connections based than the others and were hate watching. But its not like we didn't know that idols don't need to be the best singers to succeed, its the same in the west and with literally every job ever.

    At the end of the day, if your not a fan but like their songs, listen to the official releases. If your a passerby or fan who was considering getting a concert ticket if they toured near you, you now know what to expect (though if your a fan you should already have known) and can decide if its worth it.

    Just to add, people are saying there is a difference between fancams and streams. The inperson fancams sound different because they had more backing track, the streams backing volume was way lower.

    Wasn't this also their first time singing live?

    I remember there was a whole mess before this because they were 2 yrs post debut and people only ever heard them sing a line or two on a radio show, predebut snippets and ningning desperately singing louder over the backing track trying to be heard. SM stans kept saying they must be amazing live because they are SM trained, but everyone kept saying 'if they are good singers why won't SM let them sing?' by the time Coachella rolled around bets were being placed on if SM would actually let them sing live.

    When they actually sounded great the focus became stage presence.

    They were actually fine in some songs. While they’re not the most skilled singers i think one of their issues is also lack of stamina/strength to perform their own songs rather than more lack of skills.

    I think a kpop type setting where louder backtrack can mask these issues is best suited for them.

    But this is not as bad as people think it is, they can develop their stamina as their practice and perform more.

    They finished a tour 6 months ago, its not like we expect them to be in peak condition, but it should mean they know the kind of stamina they need and work towards it in their 6 month break. It just shows how much they relied on backtrack during said tour.

    I didn’t expect anything from them, because I saw the whole level perfectly on the encore. Nothing has changed, in general it was the same, again only Chaewon works for everyone. Their poor vocals were saved only by the loud playing of musical instruments in the background, which simply drowned out the artists themselves. For Le Sserafim this performance was normal, but for the listener it was bad.

    I still don't believe that Yunjin had experience in opera, her vocals are so unstable.

    She doesn't have opera experience though does she? She sang in a musical theatre performance of Phanton of the Opera and tries to sing in an operatic style every now and again but it was obvious from the get go it was media play and that the only actual connection was her saying she wanted to be an opera singer once upon a time. She probably realised she'd never make it with years of vocal training, degrees and languages required to even get your foot in the door.

    Edit - Yunjin is less of an opera singer than Mina is a prima ballarina. Mina at least took weekend lessons from a young age, not enough or high quality enough to actually be good enough to attend ballet school, but still.

    And who exactly could take Google to court and win? :boompepe:

    Their fleet of corporate lawyers would crush underfoot anyone foolish enough to try

    Disney - I would pay good money to see those two armies of lawyers duke it out. And I bet the house of mouse comes out on top

    But also the EU has done this multiple times, if they try to reveal someone from the EU, the ECHR would spank them good. This is a Korean account so should be fine and quick work

    Companies abide by local laws. It’s not a single precedence.

    The country sets the precedence first. Sure Google can do something because they are a private entity but if they do this in the US and release people’s info cuz somebody’s feelings got hurt they’re gonna be sued for a lot more than anyone can imagine.

    But didn't wonyoung do the exact same thing with google for Sojang? Starship went to the California district court to ask google to reveal who Sojang was, the court said yes, they got the ID and sued her. The only difference is Ador is going to the California federal courts, not district but the result should be the same because the base facts haven't changed, its still for the information on a Korean channel and as far as I know, neither have the Korean laws.

    In that case, I'm assuming Google has already told them "no" if they're going to the courts, presumably because they don't consider the matter important enough to breach the person's privacy.

    I mean there is precedent with Wonyoung, its going to be hard for a court to depart from that precedent because the situation is basically the same. Korean youtube channel, defamation towards a korean kpop group and wide variety of individual idols and google already gave that info out once.

    Slow down bro, this is not a unilateral decision by jyp or anything but all of twice decision. Blackpink and blinks ruined people minds with the mentality that everyone in a group seeks being a soloists and everyone has to get one before anyone thinks of a comeback, that's just absurd and illogical for a group like twice. Some members are more prepared for a solo now, others might not even want to have a solo at all like jeongyeon.

    EXACTLY - even with GG Sunny has never had a solo despite being a lead vocal and one of the more popular members.

    The Blinks being a mess in this thead, like usual. They should quiet down with their hypocrisy before I start bringing receipts...

    No, the School Meal Club is exactly what we need now. :thinkerpepe:

    Didn't JYP say they had a solo debut and unit work planned for this year? this is a CB not a debut so people are guessing Chae is going to have a solo debut after August (since she's the other member who sang a self composed song on tour).

    Man...if only 2 and 5 weren't the most common greeting hand gestures.... I woulda believed it :flop:

    BUT she is hiding her hair which is v suss!!

    Plus she was just on a show saying how she regretted not dying her hair pink for CB's when she first debuted. Acts tend to do 4-5 songs and not all her solo songs are suitable for water bomb which deffo means Nolo 2!!

    Honestly it is ruining kpop, tiny companies used to survive in the cracks from essentially the same thing, is there much space left if the big hitters are doing the same?