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    Yeah. I’m glad i’m not the only one who sees it this way. It kinda makes the achievements and quality of Golden kinda pointless. Becoming a household name in the US is possible, but it takes hits and consistent promo.

    After enlistment, he’s kinda starting over.

    Career wise, personal career wise, his enlistment early is a mistake. Money wise, it’s a smart decision. Faster they are back, faster they can tour and really never have to work again in their lives. That’s probably more important, than chasing a more prominent celebrity status in the west. That’s the only explanation. He values the group possibilities more than his own. Might be company pressure also, but who knows.

    Kpop is not a long-term business. Most groups have a shelf-life, just by age, especially korean men who have to serve. Then factor in new groups, and not every member being popular enough for solo work.

    If i knew i'd only have job security for about 7-10 years (if im lucky"), i'd be WANTING to tour my life away. Its not like they are working for peanuts. Is it alot of work? Yes, but they are compensated heavily for it.

    how on earth do they have multiple groups that sell millions of albums but their profits are too low :skull::skull:

    those CEOs are stealing the money lol

    Why is everyone in this thread unable to read????

    The company attributed a decline in revenue from its concert-related subsidiaries to smaller-sized concerts and a decline in its content-related subsidiaries to “slow business conditions.

    If SM was like JYP they would be making record profits. But SM has subsidiaries under them that are unrelated to artist. Such as their video production subsidiaries and i think they also run a concert production company since that is referenced as well.

    If SM only reported their idol income, they would always be profitable.

    As for stealing money, in a way, it is. Like how LSM, would use SM to pay him, thru is consulting firm. Instead of outsourcing and paying a secondary company to run their video production and concert production, they pay their subsidiaries. This allows for the money, in theory, to stay within the company.

    The difficult part is, im not sure they do freelance or service other companies besides SM. So unlike a standalone production company that may produce for tons of companies, their subsidaries might only produce for SM, meaning on slower needs times, they take a loss.

    Its an interesting way to employee more people and retain control of work done. But honestly this is getting too much into the weeds.

    My point is, SM artists, ARE and probably HAVE ALWAYS been profitable. I think people highly under estimate how much idols/concerts bring in, if people think "marketing" could EVER overtake that amount. Companies aren't stupid. This isn't the movie business where you HAVE to spend crazy amounts on marketing and HOPE your movie sells. Companies can guess, pretty well, how much their albums/concerts will sell and plan a budget around that. SM groups sells are pretty consistently high, so there's no way SM would ever mismanage their expenses that bad.

    SM's problem isn't marketing, its that they have tons of businesses and people with 2 brain cells, think their earning are ONLY idols work.

    Its the same reason why, when earning reports between JYP, SM, and YG are released. JYP always has huge profits compared to YG and SM. Its because YG and SM both have other things they do, that is subsidized essentially, by their heavily profitable idol business.

    And that user is especially insecure and embarrassing in every thread they enter😭😭😭 like it’s not EXO’s fault their favs are seen as flops and get hated on by the broader kpop community.Time and again some people prove how much EXO’s success grates them.

    See groups like NCT and superm were never capable of any success. The reason they dislike EXOL talking about promo is because their favs were never capable of reaching great heights even with all the promo under the sun while everyone in kpop not just EXOL agree that EXO would have benefited way more with a bit more push.

    They’re projecting their insecurities onto EXO.

    Again, PLEASE find when was the last time i talked about NCT.

    You find it so easy to deflect and act like this has something to do with NCT or even Super M (LOL), when neither of those groups are brought up.

    The only group i’d actually bring up in this conversations is BTS, because that’s always been the underlying problem. EXO-Ls cannot fathom that BTS overtook their faves and actually became the breakout group in the west, while EXO didn’t.

    That’s legit the only reasonable explanation, because there isn’t a BG (at the time) who was doing better than EXO in the west. THATS why it’s crazy you guys, ONCE again proving my point, crying over being 2nd. It’s stupid and childish.

    I’m sorry EXO isn’t popular than BTS. But that ship has sailed and it’s time to move on. Nothing SM could have done to prevent that. Rapping helped BTS breakout in the west and EXO (as a group) just wasn’t built correctly to be more marketable in the west. Sub-par rapping will never do well in the west. It’s the reason groups like BP, BTS, and SKZ do so well.

    Idk for onces but exols cried and still cry for whole another reason, it is not about lack of US promo it is about bad promo in general. No matter how many times this was explained to you it seems like you just can't understand that concept, so for the peace of all of us please just drop it and avoid discussing exo because you never had anything worth to say, focus on topics you can understand, grown ups are talking.

    “bad promo” is subjective. Every fandom says their artist have “bad promo”. Momoland is nugu because “bad promo”, We In The Zone is nugu because “bad promo”.

    EXO, did not have bad promo, because compared to like 90% of kpop, they probably got better promotion/opportunities than tons of other groups/companies with less money & access than EXO.

    Thanks for proving my point. Stop crying about spilled milk. EXO had an amazing career. Could SM have done things differently? Yes, BUT EVERY COMPANY could have managed their groups differently, there are endless possibilities and SM choose what they thought was right.

    No one has the time to deal with insecure NCT fans today user kouss. It’s 2024. Go cry me a river.

    Insecure? I love how you guys just assign emotions to people for no reason lol. PLEASE look to see when was the last time i talked about NCT. I know it’s hard for you, because your whole life and identity revolves around men who don’t know you, but my opinion of EXO fans and their relentless crying, is an observation as a kpop fan. And is literally what you guys did lol. Anyone denying that is delusional.

    There’s no use crying over spilt milk.

    This is all EXO-ls DID for years, so i’m sorry for being skeptical of the sudden change of heart lol.

    EXO-ls and Onces will always be criers to me, both fandoms seem to be incapable of being happy with the success their groups did have and blaming their companies for not doing “more” EVEN THO they handed both of them very successful careers.

    The fact that some members, think roasting a group, FOR THEIR ACTUAL MUSIC AND CHARTING, is somehow harassment or bad is crazy.

    If you don’t like kpop being discussed, then ignore the thread, but for some of you, to act like, this is the worst thread in the world is some peak gaslighting.

    Yes, in kpop, if you perform poorly, especially when expectations are for you to do well, people are gonna talk about it. If YG or Baemon members have a problem with that, they shouldn’t be in the celebrity/idol business.

    Blackpink being able to change the kpop model from constant releases to stay relevant versus social media/appearances to stay relevant is one of the most impactful things to happen in kpop in history.

    I don't think any group, will be able to recreate the hype and following the BP created.

    What NJ is doing is impressive (finding a market in kpop that's been overlooked since 2nd gen and giving it 100% face lift), but i still don't think it compares to BP's career and NJ is following a kpop model that is known to work.

    Post it here then. Share with people your fanfic. Let them judge you for making fun of false sexual harassement allegations. Tell a story how you spew hatred for 20+ pages, clapping for antis.

    How are you not banned from this forum after that disgusting stund is beyond me.

    1) I don’t have a copy, because i wrote it as an obvious joke/shitpost, and apparently it had a desired effect, because it lives rent free in your head (and other members).

    2) Not to re-litigate this, because the old forums are gone, so you can literally make up anything and distort what actually happened.

    if you wanna be dense, i’ll say the same thing i said then. Touching someone’s butt, without their permission, is SA. Now more context is needed whether that person pressed charges (Jaehyun didn’t). But you can’t possibly be arguing, that if someone touched/slapped your butt, friend or not, and you were uncomfortable with it, you wouldn’t feel violated….

    Are we really defending the act? Like you can make the argument Jaehyun knew he was a friend and wasn’t offended/felt violated (we obviously can’t know for sure but you can assume ig). That i could understand.

    But i want you to just start randomly going out and slapping peoples asses and see how quickly you end up in jail lmao.

    Definitely 2020.

    2020 not only brought ARMY defending Jim Jones, a known psychopath, even twisting themselves into a pretzel to act like Suga knowingly thought adding a mass murdering to music was a good idea.

    BUT and i can’t stress this enough, that was the year of my critically acclaimed fanfic after the Jungkook sexual harassment allegations.

    That was peak.