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  • Excuse me, I have terrible news to tell you

    Terribl... y exciting news

    • Heya, what's up?

    • I don't know where exactly it happened but...

      I'm in for aespa now..

      So theres that

    • Hahaha nice! Was it a particular song, member, or variety show that got you? If you haven't seen it yet, their episode on Heechul's drinking show is a laugh and a half.

      Here's hoping they have a great 2024 now that SM has sorted their shit out

    • To be honest, just the music. Started with Hold On Tight, then Welcome to my World and then just snowballed from there, and I was lowkey excited for the Drama comeback and thats when I realised my turn from borderline anti to fan had happened. Then realyl enjoyed their stages at last years year end shows

      Now I just gotta get into some variety stuff

    • Nice nice. As a fellow person from Oz, I think you may like how down to earth and dorky they are