@Wizones now that both IVE and LSFM hit it big and other soloist also doing good....

  • that's an interesting question since we don't know what would have happened if izone continued whether they would've done as well or even better than the current groups/soloists...

    hindsight is 20/20

  • I‘m sad but also happy.

    I started stanning IZ*ONE when I was 14 (I‘m 18 now), so there’s a lot of nostalgia attached to the group and its music.

    However, I do not miss stanning a large group at all. This might sound harsh but I didn’t really care about or stan half the members and I do prefer having the girls in smaller groups now.

    I think both LSFM and IVE are awesome groups and have AMAZING discographies so far, so I’m not really sad, though I do feel melodramatic at times when I listen to IZ*ONE‘s music again

  • HELLS NO to the OP's question.

    I like Ive and LSRFM as much as the next fella. They might even have better title tracks than Izone, Afterlike might grow to be a SOTY contender and no Izone title ranks higher than a blop.

    But no way on God's green earth do they compare to Izone overall. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    And this goes for the soloists as well, Eunbi, Yuri and Yena all have come out with great songs, SOTY quality songs. But there is literally nothing to stan when it comes to soloists. You dont get emotionally invested in watching them in bts vids posing for some mag or doing a vlog where they're just eating rando food.

    I don't stan JPEGs either, as a Minju fan i've been deprived of 18 months of Minju content since disbandment, all i have seen of her are a few Music Core interviews and about a billion magazine pics that do nothing for me. The only truly memorable stuff from her in 18 months are a couple appearances in other members' content, her cover of RumPumPum with other 4th gen idols, a couple cute moments with Eunbi on her beauty YT show, a few cute moments with other Izone members on Music Core, and a Instalive when someone asked her if she can speak Korean lol.

    We stan relationships between members of our fave groups. That's what Kpop is about. It's not about idolizing idols, it's about investing in their friendships with their fellow members. It's about laughing when they're clowning each other, feeling emo when they're having an emo moment.

    If i had my wish, Izone would still be together but i'd have them focus on subunits by this point to give the members more of a chance to shine. I'd let them do all the CFs they can bag, all the variety and acting gigs they want. Let them thrive as individuals and subunits, then come together for one OT12 comeback per year.

  • I support the disbandment more than them continuing as a group. Seeing Lsrfm and Ive now actually just open everyone eyes even wizones how Sakura, Chaewon, Yujin and Wonyoung has more a lot more to offer that they not able to show in Izone. Little to no one probably know Yujin and Chaewon outside of their fandom and now these two are well known even among non fans. Sakura able to shine more and having actual lines than when her in Izone. Her vocal and dancing ability has improved a lot in lsrfm. Wonyoung finally can stop using those nasal voice and showcase her natural tone.

    The soloist doing great but I still hope for the best for Minju, Chaeyeon, and Hyewon. These three is the only one that still living in the dungeon for me with.

  • I don't know why anyone expected that. Izone was a temporary group from the beginning, the members didn't join with the intention of being a permanent group.

    For them to continzue as Izone while belonging to different companies is just not feasible and I'm not sure the members even want that.

    While they probably enjoyed Izone they all had their own plans for their career. They didn't "choose" to disband, the option of continuing was never on the table except for delusional fans.

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