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    TOPIC: Fandom Toxicity


    Which generation has the most toxic stans, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? (Name a few fandoms if you aren't too shy.)

    To me 3th gen with blinks, armys, exols and onces winning by a large margin


    easily 3rd. i'm an armyblink and i think the most toxic fandoms are armys and blinks lmao. though it's slowly fading out. though this answer may be null after Lesserafim debuts. have been seeing a ton of weird toxicity from MYs (i am also a MY) and IVE stans (i don't stan them anymore).

    it's painful being a multistan lmao.


    well I can't really speak to older gens cause I wasn't around but I heard things got physical :eyes:...

    I'd say 3rd gen fandoms are more toxic aka exols blinks nctzens . Nctzens being the worst i mean climbing through vents is a bit much... special shout out to Buddies....they have lost their minds and have legit become psychotic....

    4th gen are more annoying than toxic. Stays and Atinys being the most delusional with aespa stans (idk if they have a name yet) coming to take the most annoying crown soon.


    Hmm, tough to say. I think most of what I have seen from 2nd generation in only hearsay or second hand information. I would have the most experience with 3rd generation stans and with things like Twitter and Instagram being so prevalent today I feel that has exacerbated fandom toxicity and brought it to a new level.

    Most big fandoms are toxic but in particular Blink and Army are often the most likely to cross over a line of what we could consider normal fandom toxicity into a more unacceptable realm. Things like body and slut shaming, death threats and abusing idols with mental health or physical health conditions don't seem to be off limits for large portions of their fans.

    Just my experience.


    oof, that's a loaded question. Been a kpop fan since 2nd gen but it varies. Back in the day, when the internet was less prominent, the toxicity was much more physical and on site than online. Fans were insanely brazen. Idols would be ambushed in person, stalked way more heavily, and just sent things such as used menstral pads or death threats via post mail or even in person.

    however, today, it's mostly all rampant online today. Twitter being the biggest cesspool of these unhinged and truly toxic people. Not to say they didn't exist back in the day online either. But... you know the volume makes a huuuuuge difference. Especially when you see thousands upon thousands of one fandom spewing the same crazy shit.

    As for the most toxic fandoms, I'll just list the active ones today. Not that it's a secret but, the biggest fandoms will always carry more toxic individuals. That's just the math mathing. So Army, Blinks, Onces, Stays. Specifically on twitter. Contains people living too vicariously through their faves achievements, and toxically gloating and dragging others down on behalf of those achievements.

    oh and last but not lease GG stans, the young ones especially. You can't go a day on twitter without seeing a couple tell people to K-word themselves. From users, to idols, to your grandma, no one is safe from these kids.


    3rd gen.

    Reasons :-

    As you know... I don't need to name fandoms to prove my point. Top 5 fandoms of 3rd gen are downright pathetic to an extent (Including the fandom I'm a part of... Though I am a good guy :pepe-angel:.)

    Misinformation, Superiority Complex, Spreading lies, Creating narratives, Playing victims... Everything is just toxic.

    I feel like we haven't seen enough of 4th gen fandoms as of now... They are toxic but not on the level of 3rd gen fandoms.


    2nd gen. Bro that 2ne1 SNSD shit. Then when a bunch of BG Stan’s gave an outright black ocean to SNSD

    Like new gen kpop fans just fight on Twitter and trend some shit Kek.




    What makes a fandom toxic?

    Cyberbullying, making viral hate tweets, videos, post towards a group they obviously dislike just for a petty fanwar, doxxing anonymous users on internet over fights, going after others and doing everything to make their internet lives miserable and unfortunately all of this and more had happened in almost all fandoms. Obviously we have more, but these ones are one of the mains situations that i see often in kpop.


    - bashing other fandoms

    - bashing within the fandom

    - superiority complex

    - engaging in invasive behavior

    - unhealthy views of what you're a fan of (worshipping, stalking etc.)

    - dragging others down to bring your fandom/object of your fandom up

    - being overly defensive

    - believing your fandom is your identity

    - being unable to admit your fandom or your faves are wrong when they engage in shameful behavior

    - hivemind

    also i should clarify i wholeheartedly believe that army toxicity has peaked and is slowly in decline. i don't know why this is, but it is something i've observed.


    I think every fandom has toxicity but the most toxic ones always go that extra step and don't know how to stay in a fans place...like hype and enjoy content for once and stop doing the most...

    Sending Trucks

    Stalking/Harrassing Idols

    Hacking or trying to cheat systems

    Petitions against other groups

    Spamming other groups content

    Spreading malicious images and rumors

    Essentially not knowing how to mind their own business.



    Insecurity I believe is the biggest driving force. I think every group has a position on the Kpop food chain, from those competing for the top spot to the nugu's battling at the bottom.

    I think people tend to show their most toxic side when that position is threatened or not secured fully. It's human nature. When someone has something you want and they're in touching distance it makes us hungrier and same for when we can feel others nipping at out heels-it makes us more defensive.

    I feel it's the same for fandoms.


    3 things: parasocial relationships, delusions, and jealousy.

    makes it so people can't operate during simple conversations, debates, nor just simply throughout their daily lives, they have to constantly tear down the efforts and lives of people they don't even know, just to feel better about themselves as well as their kpop faves. Not to mention making their own fandoms their whole identity. So much it turns into " us vs them " over basically anything.

    also, grudges seem to be a big thing too I guess. Like how fandoms will accuse you of something just because of some random tweet that dragged their idol 3 years ago, that you had no involvement in whatsoever, all to justify their crazy and toxic behavior towards others.





    Unable to take opinions.

    Over protectiveness.

    Over Competitiveness.



    Ooo this is hard to answer. I think a lot of things can make a fandom toxic depending on what factors we are talking about. One of the things is how involved people are with their favs. Stan culture makes people extremely possessive and protective of their favs, like they are their friends and not some rando on the other side of the world.

    Take Top and BP… like who tf cares if some dude cut out BP’s name. But stan twitter will make it seem like as if the greatest mistake in the entire world has been committed lol.




    Are boy group stans or girl group stans more toxic?

    This one is hard, but i think both ? I stan BP and both bg stans and gg stans hates on them daily and i don't see the difference in hate either, both are cruel so my answer is both.


    this is interesting. as a girl group stan i would love to be biased but.....

    in earlier years it was EASILY bg stans. EXO vs BTS. BIGBANG vs BTS. everyone was at each others necks.

    but now it's gg stans.

    i don't know what the hell happened, but as soon as 4th gen hit, everyone got super fucking toxic. every ten seconds its people pitting these poor women against each other, they can't catch a break. and then the thing with tablo recently and the way people are behaving in general is just straight up shameful.

    definitely gg stans now.


    I don't think there's a difference tbh... they can both be toxic af


    I would say boy group stans. I feel like the more invested you get into a group the more emotional you tend to be and I think it's those emotions that can lead to the more negative side of stanning. I think boy groups tend to have more hardcore and invested fans than gg's and this usually leads to an uptake in toxic behavior.


    both in their own ways, this is just from my own experience so it's not the tell all truth

    bg stans seem relentless for a long period of time on one thing, they make something a lifelong dispute, while ggs stans immediately will just hurl insults at you personally.



    I can't say for sure.


    GG Stans. People who put down women are scum :pepepizza:

    And no one puts down GGs more than GG stans :pepe-torch:




    Why is it that the bigger the fandom grows the more toxic it becomes?

    Unfortunately on internet the facility about being an anonymous gives a free pass to hate and to act toxic and the kpop environment is already a competitive thing so adding these weird combinations you'll have toxic people and to worse it, these toxic people will find "friends" within their fandoms and the more the merrier no? It's easier to find 10 hateful people than 10 good people nowadays, this is the world we are living in. And to add these FANDOM GETTING BIGGER is always related to a group success and in kpop we have this weird mentality that "my faves achievements = my achievements" so to be on top, as the fandom doesn't have talents neither anything just this illusion, they use their "weapons" to bring others down. It's like a hunter game.


    because the bigger it is, the bigger the population of people are included

    the bigger the population, the more likely it is that bad apples or people with toxic mindsets are included


    If you think of it as percentages it makes sense...

    For ex. the biggest fandom army will always seem like the most toxic to some just because of the numbers. You can even have a larger percentage of toxic fans in smaller fandoms and it still won't be more than the biggest fandoms with a smaller percentage of toxic fans.


    I'm not sure it's does. I think small and large groups have a similar percentage of toxic members, it's just much larger fandoms make it a lot more likely to encounter the toxic ones much more frequently.


    More bad voices to set the standard, making it seem like said behavior is acceptable. So many others take after them once they join the fandom, thinking everything they do is justifiable because of the echo chamber existent in their space.

    For example, people feel good getting a lot of upvotes, and if they rise to the top and gain more than the others they think, " surely my opinion and stance is right. " They get a high from feeling superior, with such a huge backing.

    so I genuinely do believe in the saying, one bad apple spoils the bunch


    It's easier for genuinely toxic people to find people with similar toxicity... The more... The merrier.

    Very few big fandoms stay relatively quiet and nice.


    That’s how percentages work. :pepe-notes:




    Why, despite their popularity, do certain fandoms not have the stereotype of being toxic? (Carats are known for being 'peaceful' and 'kind', whereas Blinks and ARMYs are 'toxic' and 'mean'. Why is that the case?)

    Ok... I'll be real here... Seventeen isn't seen as a competition to any top group tbh. All these "top" groups that aren't breaking records or creating achievements, are just in the middle with great numbers, but still not a single hit, aren't a competition, they don't involve in fanwars bc they aren't even an "enemy" to beat.... They are just there having their big fandom, but still not being near the really top groups. And this isn't just Seventeen, we have a lot of top groups not being exactly top, just having a big fandom. Which isn't a problem, but how is a group successful when their music isn't successful too?

    Here is my personal opinion: i consider digitals more important than physicals in this top thing. Having music that others hear is more impressive than having CDs that no ones even open.

    Sooooo = the more toxic a fandom is, the more successful a group is.

    I'm sorry guys, don't k me! Bye :pepe-shoooketh: kkkkkk


    this may come off as mean but SVT is less well known, and because of that, i believe there's less toxicity there.

    if i'm wrong about that and they are super well known, then it's because their fandom got that label and now has to maintain it for integrity, but i am absolutely sure there are fights and issues we don't see.


    I think it depends on how present the fandom is and what space you're in...

    If you are in a space that's mostly blinks and army you will think carats are more peaceful. Some fandoms just have more eyes on them or are bigger in general so it's easier to point out the toxicity from them.


    So I was thinking on this one for a bit and the reason I can best think of is location.

    So looking at certain big groups like 17 for example their Spotify streams, Youtube numbers, etc tend to be lower than a lot of groups that don't sell anywhere near as well as them. I think this is due to the majority of their fans being in East Asia. Japan, Korea and China. We often don't interact with fandoms from these countries much for the most part.

    I think they might have much smaller fandoms in places like Europe, Latam, SEA and the US where we find the majority of Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and Insta users are comprised of and typically contribute to large streaming and viewing number. So I think are they really less toxic, or more likely and they just localized to online communities us ifans seldom interact with?

    I'm unsure. I think the correlation of mis-matched views and streams with less toxic users might indicate the majority of fans are on platforms we don't often use and thus never really cross paths with their toxic fans.


    I think a better question to ask, to answer this very question is: why aren't Seventeen brought into competitive discussions more containing other 3rd gen kpop groups as such as BTS, BP, or Twice

    they're not a threat to the existing fandoms of the 3rd generation groups I've named, so not as many fights online will take place from said fandom. Thus they seem peaceful, but if Seventeen were to ever soar and challenge these groups that are good in both categories, then you would def see the fandom's ugly side



    They are quiet. Not bragging about achievements as much... They are working silently. That's why their groups tend to be downplayed. It's a double edged sword.


    Not really true. Seventeen just doesn’t have that many fans on the international or English speaking platforms that we can observe. No one is special. If you don’t see enough toxicity that means there aren’t enough of those fans on that platform.


    WHY ACCORDING TO ANSWERS ROUNDED UP: SVT are not threatening to the groups mentioned

    Do you agree, disagree? Please share your thoughts and feel free to respond to the questions yourself. Also, keep an eye out because YOU might be the next user to be interviewed. We'll see you next month. :ooo-bee:

  • I think ISaidISaid had a good point in the last question. I mean, if you went off the current state of the akp forums, you'd have a very different perspective of the most popular groups vs. kpop reddit vs. twitter vs....

    I started to write out about a group not having enough fans on a particular site to sway a certain way could be part of it, but then I'm thinking that there are some groups that I'd consider their fans to largely be insular (not really being hugely vocal anywhere), and all you need is one person to be a vocal jerkface and sway a particular platform's opinions about what those fans are like. For example, like hypothetically, if my initial impression of ARMY was "this is a mean fandom" there are also SO MANY examples on akp that aren't mean that it dilutes the effects of the meaner streaks in the fandoms.

    I try to be a nice Nevie and Insomnia when I'm talking about them (especially their accomplishments) since I know there aren't a ton here and I don't want one or two people to sway people to think badly of the girls. :pepelove1:

    let's be friends


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  • i missed most of these threads so this was a good read. :check-bee:

    about question #1, I was around during the 2nd gen and i don't remember it to be super toxic. i think 3rd and 4th gen are by far more toxic. fandoms attack each other over nothing these days. also, fans weren't as obsessed with charts as they are now.

  • i missed most of these threads so this was a good read. :check-bee:

    about question #1, I was around during the 2nd gen and i don't remember it to be super toxic. i think 3rd and 4th gen are by far more toxic. fandoms attack each other over nothing these days. also, fans weren't as obsessed with charts as they are now.

    I agree, side note your new aesthetic has no right being so dang good :ooo-bee::tea-bee:

    Micah Forever

    Benny's Smoll Bean


  • I agree, side note your new aesthetic has no right being so dang good :ooo-bee::tea-bee:

    Thanks! have you seen the performance? :mesmerized-bee:

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