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  • it's so hard clicking all these replies lmao ^^ so I'll just comment a new one..

    yeah maybe it's my internet connection.. good thing it's not laggy rn..

    thank youuuu <3

    also how was your weekend?

    • thats true. we should have done that earlier. xD

      my weekend was fine. I gave up finding some pictures for my apartment.

      I just dont find any I like right now. X(

    • ikr.

      good to know! ohh what kind of pictures were you trying to look for and what did you found?

    • either I find a motif I like, but not the right size OR the right size, but not teh right motif. its frustrating. and I cant watch keys concert this weekend because its my mums bday.

    • even the sound of it is frustrating.. oh what a bad timing :c can you only watch it when it's live?

    • yes its live. :(

  • Hii

    • hi :)

    • hru?

    • fine I guess? my lower back hurts for some reason.

    • ohh, I hope it will get better, maybe you need to exercise..

      btw what groups do u stan and let's be friends..

    • I have it since monday and its not getting better for now. I will try to put some warmth on it, massage it and do some exercise. :)

      I only stan shinee and hoppipolla.

    • oh dear. :pleading: hope it still turns out well.

    • well, u never stop learning. :comfort-bunny:

    • Thankfully it's not a popular group, there aren't many votes to fix :D

  • Hello. I just wanted to talk to you about your lexicon entries. I only approved one so that you fix it before I approve the rest.

    That's not how lyric entries should be done. Please, refer to my own entry to know how

    Wings - Two! Three! (Still wishing there will be more good days/- 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를)

    As you can see, you need all 3 section put together. Hangul, romanized and English.

    • do I have to put it like you did or can I just add the romanized ver separately?

    • It's better if you do it just like I did. It's according to the guidelines we put when we launched lyrics.

    • alright, will do it today. and you can delete the minho ones, I just saw they are already posted. sry I didnt see them before. :-(

    • I have corrected everything, hope its fine now. :-)

    • It's amazing. Well done. I approved all your entries. :borahae:

  • Hi, sorry, not to be rude or anything, but could you take me off your taglist as I've never asked to be on it in the first place?

  • Hiii how are you? :pepelove1:

    • hey. :-) I`m good so far and you?