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    They have the best and most diverse discography, but if you compare them to other top GGs like BP, Twice, Aespa, IVE, they never reached the same level of success in their lifetime. So THERE'S obviously something else BESIDES music that's giving these groups GREATER popularity.

    Songs are meaningless, don't have anything to say. "Diverse" being a code word for mini's being incoherent and just a grab bag of whatever songs they have laying around.

    No proper creative direction, very inconsistent music. They also have a very tired, 3rd gen sound. Latest efforts to try to match the modern music led to "Birthday" which... speaks for itself in that department.

    They've got some good songs, sure, and definitely a very talented vocal line, but good god is the quality of their discography overblown by stans who still wake up hoping it's 2016-2018 still.

    WELL... that's very interesting! They need FLO to get some RAKs and they'll get youtube likely so aside from that it's just VIBE on which they're #3... I'm not sure if they're gonna be able to do it

    Even when Nxde was 100k+ ULs above any competition on Melon, it struggled to get VIBE for 2 days after all the other charts(from After Like iirc). finally getting it obviously, but it took far longer.

    Dunno what it is about VIBE, it's just IVE's playground it seems.

    lol we both used Bohemian Rhapsody as an example

    so I'll change mine to And Justice for All. This song clearly is a letdown because at no point Metallica screams "and justice for all!" in the song and because of it I feel betrayed and offended.

    Yeah, but different ways.

    I was referring the lyric word "Silhouetto" in Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a word that does not exist. In fact the entire middle part is Freddie showing that syncopation and flow is more important sometimes then any true meaning.

    People like Viper probably listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and get scandalized thinking Freddie actually killed someone.

    The title of the song is literally "Queencard." :facepalm: It's NOT unreasonable to expect them to actually be saying "queencard."

    Lyrics were available as soon as the MV dropped. Not every song has the title in the lyrics.

    it's like risky risky wigi wigi all over again. But more specifically, the person is "supposedly" of Korean descent, and never once interrogated the idea about why the pronunciation was that way.

    Yeah, I'm convinced you have no idea what wordplay even is, because writing a song based on Konglish slang and then translating the title to "English" (despite that term not even existing in English) so your song is more accessible to English speakers is not wordplay

    She didn't translate it to english. Queenca means a hot or pretty girl, or "fashionable girl".

    She made up an english word that's understandable to a lay listener (if someone said to me a QueenCard, with context that's easily understandable, despite not really being a word,) that is very similar in tone and intonation to 퀸카. It has a similar sort of overall context, but doesn't directly translate.

    And please about the respect for english. What a melodramatic statement. "Won't someone please think of the English language". Xviper2k in tears, driving around downtown Seoul trying to find Soyeon's english tutor through texts.

    English speakers are the ones with least respect to the language. We aren't the French here. No-one was losing the plot when Lady Gaga was writing massive hits for years when making up words for intonation purposes, but you guys lose the plot when Soyeon does it.

    Some of the biggest musical songs for all years have nonsense lyrics, or close "approximations" of other words. Bohemian Rhapsody for one.

    People like yourself just have zero ability to digest media beyond the most basic level. Just an abnegation of any linguistic interrogation or understanding.

    Wut? If it was pure Korean slang that had nothing to do with English, like being a "queen" or having a "queencard", then why did Soyeon romanize it to Queencard instead of "kwinka"? She shoulda just romanized it to "Kwinka", the alleged correct pronunciation of this alleged slang term, just like she did for Hwaa which was a direct romanization for the Korean word. Why did she choose "Queencard"? :pepe-use-head:

    How are you 40+ years old and have zero media literacy and understanding of artistic license. I'd expect this level of missing the plot from some younger people here.

    She's clearly making a word play between the Korean "Queenca/Kwinka" (whatever the romanization is), and a made up word QueenCard. That's why one of the album versions literally have a playing card deck in them.

    In the song, the lyrics of which are in the video description for christ sake, she use 퀸카. But she used a made up but understandable word "Queencard" as a wordplay version as a title that hits with both Korean and English listeners.

    I think the other commenter is correct about not escaping the boomer accusation. You remind me of the user in here who lost the plot over the lyric line in Nxde of "I don't give a love". Like you get so lost in some sort of pedantic rule-enforcing you can't see the wood from the trees.

    Vocal Director is the title of the person who does what Soyeon does, for other artists/idols etc.

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    Thanks for edumacating me, i love being lectured by I Fans on the Korean language, especially since i'm probably like the only person on this site born in Korea and raised in a Korean speaking household since the 1950s :rolleyes: .

    And yet you had no idea about a modern Korean slang word, and the usage of it, and instead lectured her on thinking it's "Queencard". Kkondae behaviour, basically.

    I'm sure Soyeon appreciates an out-of-touch boomer educating her on her phrasing of Korean just as much as you appreciated my comment.

    Sounds like your a real expert.

    I'm more interested in minnie-yuqi banter about them effortlessly buying sofa while cube can't

    Well I mean Minnie as basically a millionaire from Birth, so she's not really going to be able to be measured at all.

    Yuqi is probably on a good wicket. Not only royalty earnings from songs (she has 2 songs on each of the albums that sold almost 2 million albums total), she appears on lots of stuff, and is super booked in China for appearances and CF. She'll be a millionaire almost certainly.

    Pre-Tomboy probably not as much. Depends where the cut off is she earnt a fair amount of deals and CFs during the Hiatus in China.

    Actually I'm on writing this as a draft to be posted later. I'm still searching out the data for groups like stayc, wjsn, gidle pre-tomboy, dc or maybe even lovelyz. Because I'm curious how does it feels like to live as them..

    Soyeon was buying properties pre-tomboy, she moved into her swish apartment with custom built recording studio prior to tomboy.

    I'm pretty sure she has some very very good earnings.

    Tell me also how big is the popularity gap in China

    The Gap would be pretty big in China.

    Gidle and Aespa completely own China market for 4th gen, and whilst the other groups such as LSF and IVE had some good CN Bars, they have nowhere near the domestic china presence and views/results that Gidle and Aespa do.

    We're talking magnitudes of difference. The fact that Aespa is magnitudes better in China then Ive, and also holds their own in Japan (compared to IVE) is very impressive.

    All the billboard/spotify metrics include Japan but don't include China, and I think skew your view on things. Comparing results when you leave out basically their strongest international market is leading you to a false impression.

    Gidle was previously a digimon when they promote, but I wrote them off as initially I expected a stronger 1st day,

    Except that's what basically all the new songs did in this current period.

    None of them entered above 400k, very different to NJ, After Like and Nxde back in the 2nd half of 2022.

    All the songs that have rise to number 1 came from the mid 200's up to 400k. Why did you expected difference from Idle when it occured to LSF, Aespa, and even IVE's I am entered lower and rose significantly?

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    no one see it coming, not even me. seems like we underestimate gidle power

    now that is even (2 : 2) for both aespa and gidle, who do you think will get the rak and pak first

    Plenty of people saw it coming, it's just this forum has such a massive hate complex towards (G)I-DLE.