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    still think she was innocent and should've stayed.

    Hybe's legal team has no one but themselves to blame for how they handled that case. It didn't need to reach their evening news, it didn't need to receive response from their Ministry of Education. They didn't want to have to put her on hiatus at all so they tried to bluff with big public claims of how she was the wronged party that they hoped the accuser wouldn't respond too.

    I get conflicted messages whether the court rejected the chat based on the fact that they weren't admissible because of the subject matter of the court case (shareholder's meeting) or the chat wasn't admissible evidence at all

    The Kakaotalks were reviewed privately to prevent third-party viewing due to personal information issues. They were still admissable, though the judge expressed they should keep it to legal matters in response to Hybe bringing up MHJ's use of a shaman.

    both the youtuber and now tv daily said they reconstructed these chat logs, what would be the purpose in that? why not post the whole thing as it is?

    At least for the youtuber, the transscript he uses was submitted in a word doc at the hearing. There no actual screenshots of the real Kakoatalks he can use. This is boring and less compelling to look at, so he did a mock up of what the chat might have looked like. It is likely the same situation with these leaks.

    Wait, are they in the video?


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    Their song plays at the begin time stamp.

    I’m of two minds. I understand what you’re saying but sometimes it’s better to count your losses and work on what you’re skilled at. Not everyone can be great vocalist. Not everyone can be great dancers. Not everyone can be a great rapper. HYBE should just work towards their advantage moving forward. I think whether they improve or not with their vocals ( and I think only 2 or 3 need to) the public will view them negatively anyways :oops:

    Kazuha was still a ballet dancer up till December 2021, feeling she has had all the vocal training she can ever stand to benefit from 5 months later because she debuted with veterans is pretty uncharitable. Likewise Eunchae is still a kid. And like you said, they'll get viewed negatively no matter what they do now. They might as well use a period of relative hiatus to home their skills rather then not.

    Not wanting to be rude but everyone saying they need vocal training :?: this is what predebut is for and two members have been in the industry for a long time. Sakura has had all these years to train her vocals. That damage is done. I think what they need are less vocally demanding songs and more time to shine performing/ dancing. Also improve their rapping skills which takes less work than vocals.

    There's no reason to stop trying to improve after debut and if there is, there's no reason it can't also apply to rapping. Giving them another comeback now would just waste those songs on a guaranteed failure of a comeback.

    To be honest going to hospital for something like fatigue problems aka getting tired it's not exactly a serious health issue and not even sure it requires hospitalization.

    I'm not a doctor so maybe I'm wrong? But it sounds more to me the poor girl is overworked and needs rest but they're using it for mediaplay.

    I think it's pretty common for idols to go the hospital to make sure it's not something more serious at the first sign of trouble. Also only staying home because you are tired can open up idols to criticism in and of itself.

    I am a fan of NJ but I don’t support MHJ - never liked her and even more so after this mess. I respect other NJ’s fans opinions even if they don’t align with mine but I don’t understand the rush to do this especially when there are court and multiple investigations. Could have waited for these to be over first -especially if it’s confirmed she committed the crimes. Why would you want such a person to continue to be with NJ? There are PLENTY of amazing creatives out in the world.

    There's a rush to do this because this situation is being decided next week, if they fire her on the 31st they fire her on the 31st. Doesn't matter if she is or isn't proven innocent of any criminal activity afterwards or even if Belift judged guilty of plagiarism or if she wins her own defamation lawsuit. There's no point in sending the letter any latter.

    Didn't she disclose private conversations herself, at the presscon?

    What's the difference?

    Bang conversation was with her. It was not allegedly illegally obtained by the opposition first. Also Bang can't get fired, her VP, the person who is having the conversation with, has his job on line too. I agree that she shouldn't have releases private conversations at all if she is gonna toe this line but let's not worry too much over Bang. He's the one person that is definitely gonna be fine no matter how much dirty laundry gets aired.

    민희진 '해임' 중대 분수령…가처분 심문 촉각
    주총일인 31일 전에 결정

    A translation engine gives you:

    Regarding the blurred KakaoTalk that Hive plans to submit to the interrogation on this day, "The content of third-party conversations was extracted through forensics from the company's computer, and there is no consent from creditors or third parties," and "They are trying to show it by arbitrarily editing and stitching it together." It was revealed.

    He also raised his voice, saying, "The audit itself was conducted in an inappropriate state, and the fact that it was using content that was not even agreed upon is evidence that the evidence is weak." On this day, Hive's blurred KakaoTalk contents were reviewed privately to prevent third-party viewing due to personal information issues.

    Kim & Chang, who represents Hive, said, “They are disparaging the eyelet, saying it is an imitation and copy of New Jeans, but they are claiming that they are similar using abstract words such as formula and tone and manner.” He also said, “CEO Min said that the order in which New Jeans debuted would not matter. He claimed, “After establishing an independent label, I asked to be brought to the first team.”

    Regarding the slave contract, he pointed out that it was “unprecedented treatment in the industry” and that “they misled the public, presented groundless criticism against the debtor, and spread false information.”

    Also, regarding the audit, he refuted, "It's as if a private laptop was taken separately, but it was analyzed through the company's server."

    Claims related to shaman management were also mentioned. In response to this, the court ordered, “Please talk about the legal issues,” and asked the basis for whether, even if there was a contract between shareholders, it was related to restrictions on the exercise of voting rights. In response to this, Kim & Chang responded, “There is no Supreme Court precedent yet, so we used the literature.”

    The court also asked, "Shouldn't the creditor prove himself that he did nothing wrong?" To which Kim & Chang responded, "We hope that they prove it in good faith. Our argument is that the burden of proof lies with the creditor."

    The court plans to review the written materials submitted by the 24th and make a decision before the general shareholders' meeting on the 31st. If the court makes a decision to cite Hive, the exercise of voting rights will be blocked, making it impossible to dismiss CEO Min. If the citation is dismissed, the dismissal of Representative Min begins.

    People are getting mad about how messy it's getting but messiness is the only thing people care about. Like:

    MHJ possibly went to investors (a very fireable offense) == YAWN/BORING

    It's not boring but Ador is not a publically traded company. These investors can't invest without Hybe's permission. The only person that can make Bang stop being the majority shareholder is Bang himself and MHJ knows that and can prove she knows that fairly easily. It's a dead end conversation.