do you think aespa is benefitting from black pink's absence (when it comes to charting in sk specifically)?

  • Why is this theory being applied to Aespa specifically? they don't have the same intensity of Blackpink's global appeal and they don't have their explosive views and streams, so to me it doesn't look like they are filling a void that Blackpink vacated.

    What Aespa mainly have is an unprobable national hit, so i really don't see the correlation between Blackpink having a hiatus and south koreans falling in love with a catchy song from an attractive and talented GG coming from one of the biggest kpop companies. would Aespa's songs chart any worse if Blackpink released music in 2021? lol that's such a silly notion, it is not like no other GG could have successful hits around the same time as Blackpink before.

    Finally, Aespa's subsequent songs charting well upon release -which indicates hightened interest and hype- after their national hit is a phenomenon as old as charts themselves.

  • I love how some people always have to equate others success to their favs being absent as if other GG’s weren’t putting out smash hits on the charts during years Blackpink had a comeback...

    are you just gonna forget all the other massive hits that were released from other GG’s during years BP had a comeback? Let me remind you.

    2017 - Red Flavor

    2018 - Boom Boom, Starry Night, Dance The Night Away

    2019 - Psycho, Dalla Dalla

    2020 - Dolphin, Non Stop

    Probably missing a few more but these are the top smash GG hits I can think of when I think of those years.

    So to answer your question, no. If Blackpink had a comeback it wouldn’t have made any difference in Next Level becoming a National hit and for Aespa to rise. Just like Red Flavor becoming a National hit even though Blackpink made a comeback in 2017 or Momoland releasing a National hit Boom Boom in 2018 during the year Dx4 was released. And then in 2019 you can arguably say Psycho & Dalla Dalla out charted Kill This Love on Melon. The receipts are all there.

    Blackpink having a comeback would not mean other people would suddenly stop listening to other groups therefore those groups would chart less. What kind of take is this lmao. Brave Girls also had 3 back to back hits in 2021, is that due to Blackpink being absent too? Why only single out Aespa? Come on man… there is enough room in the industry for multiple groups to succeed and flourish regardless if Blackpink make a comeback or not.

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  • I agree.

    Aespa did well and they would have done so regardless. To assume that would not be the case sounds diminishing to me.

    Also like you said. that would apply to any other artists that had been successful this year.

    also op question is to vage to give a proper answer. For example a comeback in november would probably do nothing. A full album in august may had reduce the one or other longevity record. a comeback in march may have let them compete for some year end awards. but thats all so hypotetical, would apply to all other groups, and would still not stop aespa become successful in general. so not a nice thread. guess im leaving now having gained my acorn.

  • It would've only made a difference if BP would have had a comeback at the same times as Aespa.

    But even then, when Aespa had a comeback, all the other major digital players had a comeback in the same week as Aespa or shortly after, and still Next Level became a huge hit in spite of that, launching Aespa to top tier regions.

    I agree with OP that, while K-pop isn't a zero-sum game, big events and big players like the top popular groups can draw attention away from other groups and their comebacks, making them shine less than they could've been.

    But in this case, I don't think it would've mattered much to Aespa popularity and rise, whether BP would have had a comeback or not in 2021.

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  • Me as blink alao agree that aespa's success has nothing to do with absence of Blackpink.

    Next Level went viral on its own in S.Korea, and the whole SMCU thingy is helping aespa a lot (from company stans). This has always been SM's strong point where they cross sell their artists. The Winter SMCU / SMTown is good example.

  • Asepa will be successful regardless whether bp will comeback or not the main thing for asepa success is next level went viral in south korea

    But if blackpink comeback may be we shouldn't talk asepa like we used to do now like how OMG give 2 superhit songs in 2020 but still they didn't get much attention like bp did.

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