do you think aespa is benefitting from black pink's absence (when it comes to charting in sk specifically)?

  • i've just been wondering what it would look like if black pink and aespa were to go head to head in the same year with aespa's newfound success in 2021. aespa debuted late in 2020, the year where black pink was very active, and kicked off the year black pink was gone. i don't think they're particularly sharing fans, especially in sk, but i cant help but wonder if aespa is filling the niche of that particular style of "bad ass" "hardcore" gg that black pink left wide open in 2021.

    obviously black pink's status as an older group would prob have them beating out aespa still but it will be interesting to see when the generations start overlapping more and 3rd gen groups start getting pushed down by 4th gen groups. top 3rd gen groups prob still have a few more years of full reign tho.

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  • bp would dominate because yg likes to torture blinks by starving them and giving them crumbs once a month and then throwing a grand feast that makes you hungry for more.

    i think aespa's great to, just not a good comparison atm in their careers knowing BP's level.

  • no Aespa will still be doing well, damn people are really trying hard to push any narrative to undermine aespa success '-'

    Never see any thread asking if X GG would be popular if Y GG would be active too ?

    but suddenly when it's Aespa this type of thread pop up everywhere '-'

    Blackpink didn't have any comeback in 2018-2019 after as if it's your last

    and i didn't saw any GG rise to the top even with their absence

    so your argument is invalid '-'

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  • just want to say, there is a difference between random mid tier and lower ggs with a "badass concept" (which is not many thse days, mind you) and a girl group from the big 3 that give the same "luxury" vibe as bp.

    nowhere did i say aespa wouldn't be successful if bp was active. aespa potentially benefiting from bps absence doesnt mean they didnt become successful at their own merit. a benefit is just that, a benefit.

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  • in way they are..... I remember many blinks being excited about aespa's debut and some are fans of both ( some of my mutals for example), but I'm also not trying to dismiss aespa's success. It's probably a combination of many factors but the absence of blackpink are making other girls groups have more attention imo it's not exclusively to aespa only.

  • It's interesting how people thought Aespa will go BP route and have barely any music content. Now they almost have as many songs as bp.

    But you can't compare these two. They are at completely different places in their career.

    Aespa only has 10 songs right now(including covers). Blackpink has around 24.

  • Kpop fans have the mindset that only one group can be successful at the same time, that's so weird.

    the truth is, there is a fairly finite number of kpop fans in sk especially. groups that are super big appeal to a larger audience and that larger audience, that consists of the general public, only cares about a few of the top groups. i don't think its true that only one group can be successful, but when we're talking about the #1 top group type of success, there can rlly only be 1-3 girl groups or boy groups at that level at once

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  • not really the exact reason,

    at the beginning of the year their remake song made no noise.

    I think the first major reason are SMCU ep 1 dropped and Next Level Teaser which is literally the epitome of the Next Level that brings big hype to aespa that made fans and nonfans tuning in to NL the day it was released. After that, they found that the song was catchy and the rest are history...

  • I don't understand why this question is specifically applied to Aespa vs BP it just seems like fanwar fodder... you could say this about any more popular group releasing at the same time as a less popular group, obviously less competition means better chart results unless the smaller group has a real breakout hit and the more popular group has a fluke dud at the same time

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