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    That's in Korea, guys, calm down, okay? discussing the whole means global calculations

    then show me what are the streams globally compared to LSRF? Aespa has never done that good in youtube and in Korea they are the most popular and has always done better in Korea than globally

    aespa has a lot of ads too so i need some list where aespa stands compared to LSRF because i haven't see aespa getting more views on youtube

    aespa has the weakest youtube views out of the 3, for youtube views it goes like Gidle > LSRF > aespa, aespa also has the weakest spotify streams out of the 3, the album sales is a bit difficult to compare because aespa had 2 comebacks with very different sales while LSRF and Gidle only had 1

    Hwaa was one of their worst charting songs when it comes to longevity, most of people didn't cared about Hwaa, i swear i heard more people speaking about the song since Tomboy era than when it was released

    Queencard was one of most popular songs this year tho, both in korean and internationally, internationally did better than any individual LSRF and aespa songs, in korea did much better than any of LSRF or aespa comebacks during same time, even rigth now look at melon chart and see which one of the april/may songs are higher on chart, even on Gallup was 3rd place (after Seven and one newjeans song)

    Putting mcdonalds shitty ass garbage food over genocide is for sure a statement to make, but you do you i guess

    You are sadly right, is insane how much they love to go flaunting those coffee cups in their hands is like some kind of status for them, but they need to be called out about it regardless

    flaunting? status? starbucks isn't that expensive to have some kind of status while buying it lol, neither mcdonalds

    where do you live where buying starbucks give you some sort of status?

    they should send her to act, she’s got that lead girl face.

    but it’s true, jyp is horrible at managing their girlgroups. they need to branch out and have them make more noise. both itzy and nmixx aren’t even included in the top 4th gen gg discourse and that’s horrible considering itzy was leading the pack at one point…

    she looks idol like, she don't really look like an actress, her vibe is also idol like, lets not even get into that if somebody has to act is because they got some talent, not only a face

    So the problem now is that they are making numbers that other top non big4 gg members had like... 2 years before? One that promoted heavily in China, another with big fanbase in Thailand and another that got popularity with K/DA, and on top of that, they opened their ig accounts after 3 years being active and getting hits? That is such a silly expectation when what ppl whine about the most is how the other 4 Ive members barely get any promotion.

    Again expecting Ive to do aespa and lsf numbers, big4 ggs, is another stupid expectation and I already said why.

    If yall expect them to do big4 numbers then the fault is on u guys. looks like yall will always find something to whine about

    instagram is banned in China so not sure what has being popular in China to do with instagram followers

    also Gidle during that time were not as popular as today, in the middle of a scandal and didn't sold millions, not sure why are you surprised that people are shocked that the members are pulling smaller numbers, frankly i expected at least 1 mil in 1st day

    Actually i think they would ended better if they opened immediately after "After Like", the peak was the highest back then, i think is fine to work from the down to up so overall is not a big issue

    I'm saying it because there are no inkigayo performance next week, most music shows will be cancelled and there was not debut show case everything has been a mess

    most music shows won't close until mid december beside Mcountdown and The Show, i haven't heard about inkigayo closing up yet so if they don't air is probably gonna be a one single week off, they still have music bank and music core and inkigayo also airs this week, maybe YG should put the promos up and let them go to studio choom and NPOP, there are plenty of ways to promote, lets not get into radio shows and things groups normal go

    like i said if IVE which debuted in december could find ways to promote and do well, so will Babymonster which debuted from a big 4 company, no less.

    Any proof or source supporting this claim?

    based on this, they used ads

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