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    graduation system was stressful and painfull and the members had a lot of pressure they SAID THEMSELVES, i'm sorry but you are writting essays when you have no idea what are you talking about and there is obsolutely no proof that if SM had redebuted the members again, they wouldn't slowly kill them like they do with Wayv, Dream survived because their popularity exploded and SM didn't want to get rid of a golden mine, the comparation with TXT make no sense, i would had preferred them to debut as NORMAL group, outside NCT 3 or even 4 years later than whatever SM did with them and i'm sure the members would too

    disagree for all because the law is still in place and only affect working after mid night, until then minors can work normally and for 4) they didn't enjoyed their time off, the members were super sad, stressed for various things, one not doing anything and they said a lot of times during vlive during that time and their career were at risk, they were lucky their fanbase was mad loyal because very few groups survive getting crumbs for like 4 years of career with 2 members missing almost everytime and uncertainty of the unit and 2) because the graduation thing was stupid and put them under a lot of pressure

    And if SM cared about minors, they wouldn't put minors in graduation system under a lot of pressure and mental manipulation, at one point Jisung had a breakdown on stage because of it, if something this show how they cared about minors less than the adults and didn't give 2 shits about them , neither their career or their mental status, if you want to debut a minor group, better debut them in a normal group than whatever SM did with them

    I guess manipulate would be the actual term, since i don’t think he actually threatened them. More so asked and girls felt like they couldn’t say no.

    And there were a lot of accusations flying around. He obviously had sex with fans and random ppl so it’s hard to know which stories are true and which aren’t. I try to give accusers the benefit of the doubt, and these accusations don’t seem too outlandish.

    I mean, i want him back because i don’t think he situation warranted being kicked. It’s not like WayV suddenly did much better after he left, so i think it doesn’t matter that much. Plus the members i actually think deserve to have successful careers, will probably have them regardless of Lucas.

    to be sexual assault doesn't mean he has to put a gun on their head lol, if he manipulated and coerced them into having sex when they didn't wanted, is sexual assault

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    He even pinned the CEO's comment...

    2 years of hiatus and he still didn't improved his dance lol


    I was her to see sm fuck up exo and I'm still here (sadly) do the see the same happen to nct, especially 127

    dream maybe be free from it as they are young but how long will that go, just time will tell :pepe-just-smile:

    until the new bg debuts outside NCT, hopefully at least 2 more years, Dream was treated badly for most of their career, only this past 2 years SM remembered they have a NCT unit called Dream too and not only 127 lol

    I will take advantage of it and enjoy my drinks, tbh. But I can only imagine how many times their ego and pride have crushed since no one seems to recognize them lol

    they didn't knew BTS either otherwise they wouldn't give free drinks to any random asian group got in, i have no idea why in the world NCT avoid saying BTS either lol but i do agree that i'll enjoy my drinks too, if the waiter is stupid to think every asian group is BTS, they deserve to lose a few drinks too

    i'm pretty sure they are gonna renew with YG or at least move to TBL, the Lisa one sounds like media play, there is no way somebody offered her this much, we are speaking about $81 mil, i doubt she made this much money in her entire career until now, maybe getting this much money would make sense if they pay her in advance and she won't make any money until the company break free

    Wait isn’t that like double of ive’s sales for their japanese debut with eleven? pepe-ooh But then again if memory serves sakura, minju, chaewon are the 3 most popular izone members in japan so the fact that 2 of them are in lesserafim should explain this pretty well lol. Hybe knows what they were doing when they tried to recruit minju into this group too and obtained another japanese member to strengthen their stronghold in japan :boompepe:

    IVE's sales are from oricon, the oricon numbers are in general lower because how they count the albums, i do think LSRF will sell more on oricon but i don't think is gonna be as much, IVE didn't released pre-orders

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    damn.... 4/5 of the songs on 24hits.....

    that's..... wow

    from peaking #101 with GBGB last cb to this....

    thats because melon is dead this time of the year, 100k UL could get you in top 20 daily, a few months ago you'll need 200k to get into top 20 daily (aespa's Illusion had 216k UL and was 18 on melon daily, Twice's TTT with 160k UL was 32 on melon daily)

    good, positive PR coming behind signing girls would be enough to make them sell well

    not to mention if they would join big agency the sales will probably go up even if the number of members will be smaller

    just look how fromis sales went up since Pledis have taken over, that would be enough to survive

    a big company don't need this kind of PR, they have the company name to sell the groups, i don't see any bother to take a mid tier group, especially with such baggage and legal issues with their name and songs, all of them have their trainees in which invested money for years

    Some small or at the most mid companies might take 1, maybe 2 members, maybe a VIVIZ kind of unit in a smaller company could work too, big companies won't do it

    This is what I'm asking, it's either she got better contract/offer behind the scenes, or she loves being idol so much that she's alright working without ever getting paid.

    If it were me, I would rather get deported than continue working as a slave in foreign country.

    Also, Vivi is from Hongkong not some random 4th world country, unless she intended to be employed. it's not that hard for her to apply for visa (any visa as long as she can enter South Korea).

    i heard their contract started when they debuted solo which will mean Vivi has only 1 year left when her contract expire, i guess she thinks in this time she could find a better way out, maybe another company or prepare a unit with other members while still be in the country so when her contract expire, she would run directly into another one with another company

    to my knowledge what was granted and won was a temporary injunction not a complete breaking of the contract which is why I asked what I asked above...

    technically as I understand it this situation (as it currently stands) is slightly different to say Omega X who recently got out of their contracts permanently

    the injunction would prevent BBC from enforcing future obligations under the contract such as those members having to perform or work or whatever but existing obligations are still present???

    they aren't forced to do their existing or future work obligations because their contract with BBC is suspended

    the difference in that they will start negotiations with BBC, BBC can offer better contract or even a contract like Chuu which basically offer individual freedom with group activities under them, the girls also has the power to not accept it, probably get some compensations too from BBC (i remember that chuu got it too)

    Omega X had a different lawsuit

    when you get too big, you tend to be get a lot of hate too, people hate when groups threaten their bias group so they try hard to bring them back down, they are gonna be fine, if the music quality stays the same, the hate is only gonna make them bigger

    It is about the same. GDA at Radjamangala Stadium as a base capacity of 51,000+ and it was filled (it is a bigger stadium). BP’s National Stadium usually only seats 20,000 but they used floor space for standing and added seats and it went up to about 50,000.

    is even possible to make from a 20k stadium fill 50k people considering that the part behind the stage is closed so from 20k seats you need to take some, based on pics doesn't seam that over 30k people will fit there, even if 50k is for 2 days, is impressive, is not easy to sell 50k seats