Falling in Love

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    Pa-Rang (Son Sang-Yeon) and Si-Won (Yang Hye-Ji) are classmates in elementary school and they live in the same house, with Pa-Rang’s family on the second floor and Si-Won’s family on the first floor. Pa-Rang hears from other classmates that she likes him, but he does not say anything to her. Through middle school, he often confesses to different girls that he is enamored with. Pa-Rang is always rebuffed by those girls. In the second grade of high school, Pa-Rang still confesses to different girls at his school. The girls tell him that Si-Won likes him and they turn him down. Pa-Rang is worried that he will never have a girlfriend. He turns to Si-Won and tells her that he now likes her, but she tells him that she doesn't like him. Pa-Rang is confused.