• Would you rather have unlimited ramen for life or unlimited kimchi for life?

    평생 라면 무한리필과 김치 무한리필 중 어느 쪽을 택하시겠습니까?

  • Hello Mirae! I'm Cole from the Philippines :) How are you guys? I miss you a lot already! This is late but yeah congratulations on your comeback last August 25! I wish you guys the best and I hope that everyone is always happy, healthy and safe. Always remember that we are always with you even from afar. Let's all meet when the Covid is gone, so please come here in the Philippines soon! I'm so proud to the all of you! And we love you so much! <3<3<3

  • 안녕하세요, 저는 Ashley이고 필리핀에서 왔습니다🖤

    이것은 내 질문이며 이것은 모든 회원을위한 것입니다.

    당신이 지금 아이돌이 아니라면 지금 당신은 무엇입니까?🖤

    모두 빨리 만나길 바랍니다🖤Mahal ko kayo🖤I love you all🖤 항상 화이팅✊🖤

  • Haiii Mirae! How are you? Can I greet Dongpyo a Belated Happy Birthday? HAHAHAHA

    Belated Happy Birthday to you, Dongpyo! I wish and prayed for you and for the whole Mirae members as well.

    I hope that you enjoyed that birthday! You know what? You are my bias and we have the same birth month. My birthday is in September 24, can you guys greet me? :) I love you all! Fighting to the all of us!!! <3<3

  • 안녕 미래 멤버들! 우리가 너희들을 얼마나 사랑하는지 말하고 싶어! 여러분은 정말 놀랍고 우리는 여러분 모두가 자랑스럽습니다. 나는 필리핀에서 왔고 이곳에서 너에게 사랑과 포옹을 보내고 싶어. <3<3


  • Hello Mirae members! Can you guys recommend some motivational and inspirational songs?

    안녕 미래 멤버들! 자극적이고 영감을 주는 노래 좀 추천해 주시겠어요?


  • I the same birth month with Dongpyo. My birthday is in September 24. Can you you guys greet me a happy birthday?

    저는 동표와 생년월일이 같아요. 제 생일은 9월 24일입니다. 생일축하해 줄래요?


  • hello guys~

    I'm from Mexico and I want to tell they that I'm so grateful to they when I'm sad I find happiness in MIRAE, thank you for always being for NOW. My question is, are you thinking of creating an album by themselves? I love you ❤

  • [LIEN] If I have a chance later, I hope my self-composed song will be included in the album.

    These days, there are times when I get help from BM to compose, so I want to collaborate if I have a chance later.

  • [YUBIN] What about sexy for the next album? Or R&B?

    I want to collaborate with BIG Naughty or Park HyunJin

  • [JUNHYUK] My favorite lyric from Bang-Up is '넘어져도 get up 꿈을 위해 stay up 우린 빛나니까'.

    Just like the lyrics, 'Even if we fall, get up and run for our dreams', 'Because we shine' really touched my heart. We're still rookies and we have a lot of dreams, so I'm looking forward to the future.

    [DOUHYUN] The members often talk in their sleep, but there is no big problem using the room.

    [KHAEL] Landscapes, dramas or movies!

    [SIYOUNG] I'm actually ambidextrous. Things are mainly right-handed, so it's a little uncomfortable, but I'm ambidextrous, so it's okay!

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