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    I. Information:

    “Into our Future! Hello, we are MIRAE!”—MIRAE

    MIRAE (미래소년) is a seven-member boy group under DSP Media.

    They made their debut on March 17, 2021 with the mini album Killa.

    Khael and Park Si Young were contestants on Under Nineteen.

    Lee Jun Hyuk and Son Dong Pyo were contestants on Produce X 101.

    Son Dong Pyo ranked 6th, and became a member of the winner boy group X1 until their disbandment.

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    II. History:

    2020–2021: Pre-debut

    On January 31, 2020, DSP Media announced the launch of DSP N's official accounts including Twitter and V Live.

    At midnight on February 1, 2021, DSP N announced through their fancafe that they would be now known as MIRAE. An official logo motion video was released at the same time, along with the opening of their official SNS accounts. The agency revealed the group would make their debut sometime in March 2021.

    On February 2, Park Si Young was introduced as the group's first member, followed by Lee Jun Hyuk on the 3rd, Lien on the 4th, Son Dong Pyo on the 5th, Jang Yu Bin on the 6th, Khael on the 7th and Yoo Dou Hyun on the 8th. A group profile film was released on the 9th.

    2021: Debut with Killa

    On February 22, DSP Media announced the group's debut mini album, Killa, was set to be released on March 17. They then debuted with their mini album along with the title track along with the music video for "Killa" on March 17.

    III. Members:

    Lien (리안) - Main Vocalist, Visual, Face of the group - 2020–present

    Lee Jun Hyuk (이준혁) - Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper - 2020–present

    Yoo Dou Hyun (유도현) - Lead Vocalist, Visual - 2021–present

    Khael (카엘) - Main Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer - 2020–present

    Son Dong Pyo (손동표) - Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center - 2020–present

    Park Si Young (박시영) - Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist - 2020–present

    Jang Yu Bin (장유빈) - Sub vocalist, Sub rapper, Visual, Maknae - 2021–present

    IV. Discography:

    Mini albums

    Killa (2021)