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    MIRAE is a 7-member boy group from DSP Media, consisting of members: Lien, Lee Jun Hyuk, Yoo Dou Hyun, Khael, Son Dong Pyo, Park Si Young and Jang Yu Bin.

    They recently made their comeback with their new title track "Splash" and they will also be making a splash thru an exclusive Q&A with their fans only on allkpop!

    Please get your questions in as soon as possible, as they will be arriving on 9/17 to answer them! Also, make sure to check out their new track and follow them on social.

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  • Congrats on your comeback, Mirae!

    I absolutely love your recent title track. I love the fact that when you all work with BM you produce great things! My Question is:

    I know that Khael and Junhyuk and Lien can produce a bit of music, do you plan on releasing future albums with your own productions?

    Will there be any more future collaborations with BM? I would love to see another song like bad manners released!

    For Lien, we know you have at least 2 tattoos but I heard you have three, where is the third one and what do all of your tattoos mean?

    Is there any possible plans for a Mirae x Kard Collaboration?

  • Hi! I'm Iana, I know my username is like that I don't even know lolol. Mirae, how are you guys? Love the new comeback! Been listening to Splash lots these days. Also, what are you guys' favorite things to do? Is Dongpyo the funniest in your dorms? That's all, good luck and fighting guys!!

  • Hello guys, nice to see you :claps:

    Do you have any message you could like to send to your fans? Also, how are you guys doing after making your comeback? Do you have any good moments to share with fans?

    Thank you! <3

  • Hello MIRAE, Congrats on your comeback and I absolutely love this!! My question is:

    By any chance, Do you like to release a cover song or written song by you?

    If you are then I'll be wait for that hihi..love y'all MIRAE.☻

  • Welcome Mirae, Congratulations on your comeback!!! Mirae fighting!!!

    - Is there any entertainment work you would like to try out in the future? (e.g acting, hosting, modelling?)

    - what countries would you like to visit if you were on a world tour?

    - what music genre would mirae like to experiment with or try out in the future?

    - What do you do to relax when you get stressed or overwhelmed?

  • Hi Mirae! Congratulation on your comeback :)

    My question is, what direction of music you guys prefer to do next?

    Do you guys plan to be more involved in your next album?

    and lastly, which artist do you guys dream to collaborate?

    Thank you

  • Congratulations Mirae on your comeback!!! My sister and I love the songs! We listen to them everyday.

    Junhyuk: what's your favorite lyric from bang-up?

    Khael: what's your favorite part from the music video?

    Lien: what's your favorite tattoo?

    Douhyun: Is it easy sharing a room with Junhyuk, Khael, Siyoung and Yubin?

    Khael: What inspires you when you produce a song?

    Dongpyo: Have you learned a new dance and what song is it?

    Siyoung: I'm left handed too! What are your struggles being left handed?

    Yubin: What do the members let you do that you wouldn't be able to do if you weren't the maknae?

    Mirae Fighting!!!!!

  • Future boy ~ Hello, you are doing good job for this comback with Splash.

    1. Could you share with us abt your funny mistake stories during preparing for this time comeback?

    2. How about member's reaction when you guys see other member's make-up & concept for this album?

    Thank you for working hard, hope that you guys can communicate with fan by english for the upcomming time. kkk

  • hello I am known as suhaill. firstly, congratulation on your comeback, Splash!!! glad that this comeback you received more love from NOWs and got a better achievement. I am proud of you.

    my question -

    1 - so far we already got lien, junhyuk & khael that participated in wrote a lyrics. any member plan to write a lyrics for next album?? have you plan to make an album that all produce by MIRAE itself. like write a lyrics, composer, etc or maybe with design the album 😅

    2 - any variety show that you wish to be guest?

    3 - lastly, what your wish to MIRAE in next 5years?

    sorry if my question is too many, you can choose one if it :) wishing you all the best, be more successful group. end Splash promotion with successful!! stay humble and I will always keep supporting you!! from Malaysia NOWs 💙

  • MIRAE congrats of your 1st comeback!! NOWs are proud of you!!

    Here's my question :

    - what concept do you want to do in the future?

    - do you guys often go out to play together?? tell me something fun about it !

    - If you are too tired to go through the day, what will you do to get excited again?

    Thankyou, NOW always support MIRAE ❤

  • Hii guys, congratulations on your comeback!!!!

    I really enjoyed your song Splash...NOWs are proud of you..

    So, here's my Q

    What kind of concept would you like to do in the future??

    What you guys love to do in your "me time" ??

    What is that one food you can eat every single day???

    And lastly, one place you all wish to visit...

    Thank you for comeback I really loved it....thank you for working so hard....all the best for your future....you guys are doing just great....stay safe and healthy and produce more beautiful songs..... fighting MIRAE....love u guys ❤️❤️

  • Hi MIRAE, I'm CKOOKIºand at first I want to congratulate you in this incredible comeback ❤ it's such an honor to be a Now, there is no words that can explain how much i love you !

    My question is the next:

    *Can you tell me a secret of the person who sits next you?

    *Can you please explain what is your favorite move in Splash and why?

    *As i know,all members are a very good dancers,my question is :which member can learn most quickly the choreographys ?

    MIRAE,thank you so much for always being with us,we will always suport you 😊

    우리의 미래소년는 항상 최거야❤

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