Something you’ve never been able to forget?

  • As in something you’ve came across online?? Not in real life

    For me it was coming across this girls account who died in a car crash, and her last tweet was along the lines of “13 hour drive someone kill me”

    I believe it was 13/16/18 hours one of those

    I was and still am shook to the core

    She literally spoke into existence her own death and since then I’ve noticed it happen in my real life ?( (a friend at my uni said he felt like his mums time would be up soon and he was desperate to fly back and visit her, so he booked a ticket for the following month, a week later he died - and I was one of the last people to see him hours before his death, he was acting super weird, I think people can just tell when it’s their time you know? Whether subconscious or not)

    Anyways damn that got dark asf

  • My partner was lamenting our lack of money and I told him that being poor isn't so bad and that we should consider ourselves lucky, because unlike many other people out there we're both in good health at least.

    Less than a month later, I wound up in hospital with kidney failure due to a rare genetic defect that had gone undetected all my life.

    I'm not religious or superstitious, it's just the kind of ironic coincidence that you never forget. Life really showed me the finger in response to my attempt at optimism.

  • This was a bad and shocking experience for me when I was younger.

    Saw a Caucasian man in his 50s or 60s hugging and kissing a barely teenaged boy ( maybe around 10 or 11) in a local mall of a 3rd world country and everyone just turned a blind eye and walked past them as if they were air. I felt really bad for the boy. what kind of parents did that boy have?

  • yeah no that’s actually really scary and quite sad. I think there’s a proper term for of attraction? Things that you think about will come about so think of good things. It’s not always the case, but still...

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  • Too many

    As I was 5 we rescued a baby bird but it died 2 days later T_T in the same year I injured my left foot and it was fully bledding and a few weeks later I injured both of my knees.

    As I was 11 I had sunburn till my whole skin broke off of my back and it was sooo hurtfull

    As I was 15 I almost drowned in a public swimingpool wich simulated waves and nobody cared that I almost drowned T_T

    As I was 16 I had a pregnant guinea pig but sadly all her 4 babys died T_T

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