Are NCT/Seventeen really bigger than Red Velvet/Mamamoo?

  • Tricky question. Of course it is very difficult to compare boy groups and girl groups. However, everyone seem to agree about Seventeen (and sometimes NCT) being above these two girl groups. And I tend to respectfully disagree.

    Seventeen is a wall in terms of physical sales and tour numbers, sure.

    However, both Red Velvet and Mamamoo are a wall too in terms of digital performance and public recognition. Having also two members with their faces all over South Korea.

    Seventeen and NCT have huge fanbases but they can't match with the public recognition of RV and Mamamoo and they're pretty much mid tier groups outside their own fanbases. Even in Japan, where Seventeen is supposed to be big, their streaming numbers are not really impresive.

    So which one is the bigger act? Are sales really that much important compared to digitals/CF deals and public recognition?

  • From what i have seen on this forum most would put svt above rv and mmm as these 2 only have digitals above svt. People put nct below mamamoo and rv mostly.

    True, but it will be just a matter of time before NCT starts selling more albums/concert tickets and that will be pretty much enough to put them above RV/MMM

  • True, but it will be just a matter of time before NCT starts selling more albums/concert tickets and that will be pretty much enough to put them above RV/MMM

    Most don't think too highly of nct if we r being honest. I'd say most will still put rv and mmm above them. Many in 2020 didn't want to put nct about got7 itself. Lol

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  • Literally! AKA a "breakfast buffet" of guys. Sales are important but not everything. A group can be big in sales, but if the music doesn't stand the test of time, it can weaken the group's legacy (i.e. having a big name but not much music new listeners can enjoy and be inspired by years later). I noticed that while checking out some 1st and 2nd Gen groups. Without good album cuts, unless of all a group's title tracks are solid, there won't be a catalog with volumes of great songs to listen to.

    Red Velvet and MAMAMOO are getting nearer to hitting legend status. Seventeen has some dope tracks too. If they stay consistent, they will eventually get there too.

  • saying nct is above rv or mamamoo is a stretch, they may have the physicals but those two ggs dominate in every other aspect.

    i would only say svt is above rv and mamamoo globally. in korea i think rv and mamamoo are above them. but if we were to rank the most prominent groups of the third gen i would still put svt above both ggs bc svt has achieved more overall.


    " svt + blackpink supremacy


  • In terms of fandom power, touring, and physicals Seventeen and NCT have a edge over them, but when it comes to digitals and general public recognition, RV and MMM will have a edge over those two (though I wouldn’t say Svt is completely unknown in Korea).

    Personally I feel like the list from these four would go a bit like this;

    Seventeen > RV = MMM

    (I am not sure how we can rank NCT since they are a project, and don’t comeback as frequently due to the dynamic of their concept.)

  • even aespa is bigger than both svt and nct if we considering only digital . SVT able to pull a dome tour tho

    unfair to compare aespa to both groups anyway bc aespa only have one song. odd comparison even if youre just comparing digitals. naturally ggs do better than bgs digitally anyways


    " svt + blackpink supremacy


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