do you have pets?

  • I grew up with a lot of different pets, bunnies, dogs, guinea pigs and budgies. However I got allergic to the bunnies and we had to sell them and my doctor said I would be allergic to all similiar animals like hamster, guinea pig, squirl etc. cause of the fur but it never happend, I only react to bunny-fur

    My last pet was a hamster, her name was Haru. She sadly passed away on a badly mite-infection that couldn't be curred. I tried everything, went to the vet, cleaned her cage. etc etc. nothing helped. She also infected me with scabies ... She lost her entire fur, was itching herself a lot and looked very sick :( sadly she passed away cause of all the stress

    I had a few other pets before who also died on bad conditions. 2 guinea pigs who had been siblings passed away and the vet figured out it was mostly an hereditary disease. Especially cause the animal shelter said the mother was a rare case of giving birth to 8 (!) babies and mostly guinea pigs only have 2-4 offspring. So the vet said it most likly had to do with this, since he said this can most likly happen when animals give birth to a too large number. However I had a 3rd one from the same litter and this guinea pig had a long and happy live. I hade 2 guinea pigs who however passed away unexpectedly and didn't even had been that old. One was almost still a baby and the other one not even 2 years of age. Than I had adopted a pregnant guinea pig who gave birth to 4 babies, but sadly they all passed away very soon.

    2 of the dogs I had also died very badly. One needed to be neutered for medical reasons since he showed a lot weird signs like dropping blood for example but he sadly died during the surgery and my other dog who died very badly had cancer.

    The next sad thing we had was about our budgies. After some years we had a row of new budgies, not even a year or so when we had the whole new group after our old group fully had passed away and we forgot to make surge that the cage was prepaired for the winter, so one night it was too cold and sadly all birds froze to death :(

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  • I actually have a couple! (My Dad has farm land that's because a ranch because of me lol).

    (Simba passed in August but I will still include him on this list cause boy did he help me so much in my worst depression episodes), I'm not allowed to work at shelters anymore, especially oranges.. lol


    Nalia Lee. (Female, Orange Cat). Really bad anxiety but has four people she does like!

    Boo/ Bo (Black and Silver with yellow (sometimes they look orange to me though) eyes. (Named after Boo Seungkwan secretly and the ghost's common 'boo' 😉 ) no tail, Manx Cat.

    1 Orange Cat who hates everyone else but me so its funny when he jumps to run to me and allow me to pick him up for a hug when he scratches everyone else.

    1 Very small but gentle dog.

    1 Border Collie Shepard Cross. This is her last year with us, she's 16!, if you say where are your kittens she gets so happy (a little blind and has anxiety), but the kittens and cats are some of her favourites even if they don't like her so much lol

    1 White Husky (No longer with us, but the sweetest dog you would ever know and my first animal ever~)

    Otherwise according to my Mum, I had about 4 cats growing up. And that's pretty much all she can remember.


    I had 2 cows which I helped raise, (bottle feeding, brushing, checking in on them) that I adored. Did I accidentally get hit in the head with the feeding bottle? yes but he was so cute! And I did horse riding and training for competitions from 11 - 13.

  • yep i hv dogs <3

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