• Stage Name: Haru

    Birth Name: Abe Haruno

    Group: Nature

    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

    Birthday: February 20, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Blood Type: B

    II. Haru Facts

    - She was born in Miyagi, Japan.

    - Haru is a part of the “Twinkle” Line in Nature (with Chaebin and the former pre-debut member Yeolmae)

    - Haru is the one who is taking care of the members. (“After School Club”)

    - Haru has won 3 times in domestic competitions of dancesport.

    - Haru learned dancesport in Japan for 10 years, she was a national representative.

    - Haru said that she’s the first in powerful dance of Nature. (“Pops in Seoul”)

    - She said that she can be both Cute and Sexy

    - She moved from Japan to Korea in May 2018.

    - She's a big fan of Twice's Momo.