• Stage Name: Chaebin

    Birth Name: Choi Yu Bin

    Group: Nature

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Birthday: July 18, 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Blood Type: B

    II. Chaebin Facts

    - She born in Seoul, South Korea

    - Chaebin is a part of the “Twinkle” Line in Nature (with Haru and the former pre-debut member Yeolmae)

    - Chaebin can imitate a frog and also do an impression of the seal from Pingu.

    - Chaebin said nature wants to work with NATURE Republic one day because the group is called Nature.

    - Chaebin has dark circles under her eyes and she said she’s not very good at makeup.

    - She is a former Midas Entertainment trainee.

    - She was a participant on Produce 101 (Ranked 88).

    - Prior to joining Produce 101, she was a trainee for 1 year and 5 months. If counting the time she trained between Produce 101 and her debut with NATURE, Chaebin trained for approximately 4-5 years.

    - Her hobby is listening to music.

    - Her specialty is singing.