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    7. no positions in groups

    please just stop this. positions used to be the hallmark of kpop groups, allowing please to hail and glorify a member's talent by pinpointing their exact positions. now everyone is a vocalist, dancer, rapper........ i dont get why companies stopped assigning positions.

    They stopped because there's probably no one in the group who's particularly good enough to be a main vocal/dancer and if they give them a position, they will be compared to main vocals/dancers of other groups.

    This is my honest opinion, please don't hate.

    I dont think its correct to target civilians. but im not convinced the israelis are targeting civilians.

    if they wanted to kill civilians or fight like hamas, they could level the whole city within hours. We would have 2 milion dead and the conflict would have ended by now.

    They cut of food, water and medical supplies from hamas. Its really unfortunate for the civilians to be in the same place as hamas.

    War stops if one side surrenders. Hamas have no chance to win this war. All they achieve is further bloodshed. Maybe they should surrender?

    Israel cut food and water from all Gaza, not just Hamas. You don't need to be a genius to know that this will affect civilians way more.

    Most of the deaths are civilians, this is inacceptable and constitutes a war crime.

    Israel is bombing homes and residential areas, whole buildings are falling, more than 47 families have been exterminated. I really don't know how you think this is okay. You can't bomb a hospital and say they were targeting Hamas. Are people really this desensitised about the suffering of Palestinians?!

    I'm telling you 1000 children have been killed and what you have to say is too bad they were born in this open air prison. Even prisoners and animals are treated better than this.

    They're targeting civilians, journalists, medics and bombed the rafah crossing several times. Palestinians are trapped with no food, water and being bombed constantly. This is illegal, how can people support this ?!

    I wasnt talking about the hospitals specifically. arent they just part of gaza? So why are people complaining if thats what israel is supposed to do?

    When Hamas attacked civilians, people were all saying they shouldn't and were condemning their actions saying they should target military people only (obviously). But now it's okay to target civilians? Why the double standard ?

    If you think what israel is doing is the right thing, then your way of thinking is exactly just like Hamas.

    Hamas attacked civilians which I absolutely condemn but they're justifying their actions by saying israel were killing civilians all year long for several years.

    When you cut out food, water and electricity and bomb the Rafah crossing and threatening Egypt not to bring aid (water, food, medical supplies) to the Palestinians then that's a crime against humanity. 2.2 million civilians depend on this. More than 1,000 children have been killed by the Israeli military. Those can't be just collateral damage. Israel is targeting civilians.

    What is Israel supposed to do ? Stop the bombing ?!

    The bombing kills mainly civilians and barely any Hamas people. Innocent civilians, half of them are women and children are dying unjustly.

    I was just replying to the comment you made about the other user. I personally found the post eric liked on the neutral side.

    The other person was just saying Palestinians wants their land back, you made it about Hamas and I never defended Hamas actions.

    Didnt hamas started the war against israel? They also intend to defend gaza. to me that sounds like gaza is a fortress not a city.

    Eiter you level it with an artillery barrage or you starve out the defender with a siege. What else is israel supposed to do?

    hamas could surrender to save civilian lives but i guess if they would care they wouldnt have started the war in the first place.

    Nah you're right, bombing hospitals is the right thing to do :thumbup:

    Yeah Palestinians just their land and freedom, but Hamas wants the whole of Israel gone and turn whole Palestine into an Islamic state.

    There is a reason Palestine is split into two parties who don’t get along. Hamas did this attack on their own without the whole of Palestine being behind it.

    Don’t get it twisted.

    If y’all want people to acknowledge Israel’s war crimes, y’all also have to acknowledge that Hamas don’t have good intentions either… unless you support their ideologies, which would explain a lot tbh.

    Nobody said Hamas has good intentions. They just said Palestinians wants their land back, which is true. How does that have anything to do with Hamas ?

    Israel was created without taking those already living there into consideration, as if they just didn't exist. Palestinians refugees who were ethnically cleansed have no right to return to their home and to their respective villages which some of them belongs now to israel. And yet just saying they want to go back is considered to be a very controversial statement.

    You said Hamas wants all of israel gone ,that may be true but that's literally what israel is doing right now, they want every palestinian territory.

    I'm not for a 2 state solution tbh, also the partition is very unfair. The only viable solution imo is a one state solution.

    They start an unjustified war and they want a justic ? Too bad for them. They have the oppotunity to live peacefuly with Israel within the United Nation recognized border but they dont they want it all and now they lost the land because of it.

    Illigal settlement ? They sold an emypty desert to Jews and when the thing went good they want it back LOL.

    At this point you're just lying to yourself.

    Empty desert ? Since when was palestine a desert ?

    Even the UN consider the Israeli settlements in occupied palestine as illegal and constitute a violation of international law :

    Israel’s Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International Law, Security Council Reaffirms | UN Press

    You're not happy, go argue with them

    They lost the war that they start how is that an ethic cleancing ?

    And they are the one that move out of the land because they believed those Arab will help them get rid of the Israel.

    How does a war justify kicking palestinians out of their homes, besides ethnic cleansing is still ongoing till this day : the illegal settlements.

    No they didn't just left, villages were burned, civilians were persecuted and others were expelled.

    Where I said i support killing civilian ?

    I never said you support killing civilians, I said you support ethnic cleansing because that's what Israel did to the palestinians that lead to the map you posted. Justifying it by : they didn't accept the partition that was imposed on them.

    As if this justifies the illegal settlements that Israel have been doing on stolen Palestinian territories.

    Another Ark reunion for another wedding.

    The Ark have had a reunion and performed 'The Light' at Suji's wedding

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