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    You ok champ? I know you HYBE employees are working late, but do you really think posting on AKP is going to help? Y'all should be putting up hit pieces on k0reaboo and pinkvilla. LOLLLLL


    Spoiler cause I don't want to derail the thread


    Honest question - is english your second language? My post went over your head completely. I can't believe you and I stan the same group. How is this possible?

    Good grief.


    EXACTLY. There have been plenty of examples throughout history that relationships can be salvaged, but its about the adults being adults.

    It's really about the members we should be thinking about.

    I think this is all BS and why the entertainment industry is such a sham. The talent, the product is at the bottom of the totem pole in most cases.


    ive would be fine either way. It's giving "bts thrived bc b.a.p disbanded and exo kicked out the chinese members" lol. Success NEVER depends on the downfall of another, not Ive's problem if ador's management is a mess


    Yes please - let's leave those ladies out of this.

    But I will say the part I bolded - we should not be throwing stones from our own glass house. There are plenty of examples that this is the case. Don't front.

    Starship needs to do better by the ladies too. I got my own gripes with that company.



    You can really see the power of media play here - NONE of us know the truth, did we not learn anything from previous incidents in Korea? Media can easily be bought and manipulated there just like everywhere else (talking both sides here btw).

    Interesting even seeing the discourse here in the forum --- you can tell who is just wishing for the downfall of NJ/Ador/MHJ. You can tell who is loving the HYBE drama and want Hitman to fall flat on his face.

    It's all ridiculous.

    Frankly we should all be thinking about the most important thing right now,

    We got young people on NJ and ILLIT having to deal with this while the supposed "adults" fight. Maybe I'm just triggered based on personal experience. The Kids are always the ones who get hurt!

    Despite the infighting this is about control. Both sides want it. Both sides want credit. NJ is literally blue chip stock. Even Goldman Sachs was talking about it the other day. The group is literally worth trillions of won. This is about control and who gets to reap the profits from these girls the most.



    I'll just add a trigger warning - I am not a fan of "rap" in KPOP songs. I find Rap in KPOP songs cringey. I feel like jumping in the friggin' East river when I hear a lot of that shit, yeah I'm biased - I'm from the place where they make murals of Biggie fam.

    A majority of idol raps and those who hold "rapper" positions in these groups lack a ton in my ears.

    Outside of a handful, I have yet to hear one where I'm like....ok bet.

    Deadass - I'm not talkin' about Korean Rappers btw. I'm talking about Idols who hold the "rapper" position.



    Quoting myself here ---- because, I wanted to add one more thing...

    YG trying to make history while everyone else is just doing the same ole same ole.


    Just think about the magnitude of this.

    Jordan didn't win ROY twice

    Lebron didn't

    Shohei didn't

    I'm just sayin'




    When I looked at the previous theme song for this show, it played for like 10 seconds. I definitely think it's just a teaser.

    Remember when the teaser for ASAP was released a full 3 weeks before the album was released? They are going to let that shit ride and then BOOOOM. The anticipation is going to be intense, based on how they planned this out, its on purpose.


    imo NJ and Illit are targeting a niche, call it kpop high school musical or whatever, and relative to other new girl groups its doing fantastic globally. But it is still a niche. If YGE actually ever gets their act together and succeeds with a new hip-hop group, they will be more successful because hip-hop is not a niche.


    Has YGE had a "hip-hop" group? Genuine question - What's Hiphop to you?



    My .02 because I can't seem to escape it...

    As expected we know YG groups will do well on YouTube. A couple of things to note -

    There's been so many threads about the ad buys and the streaming farms ad nauseam on this forum. We know streaming farms are illegal if paid for by the label due to the financial ramifications. However, let's just call it what it is - YG has an immense fanbase and those fans do this on their own. Until we get concrete evidence (no, I do not mean conjecture either) that YG is paying for streaming farms directly, then it is what it is, accept the data/numbers unless there is new evidence to suggest otherwise.

    Now, if we talking about Ad buys that's different. We can talk about the organic and inorganic, etc.

    The same goes for ILL IT's "Hybe privilege" and the misconstrued ideology that they are paying for playlisting. Do people on here actually know how this works? On both YT and Spotify? Do any of you work there and know? Do any of you actually have worked in Radio to understand? Feel free to share, let's have that chat.


    Regardless of my own personal tastes here, I think the two groups will be battling it out for 5th gen gg supremacy along with another group or two that we haven't seen yet. Just like 3rd gen beat 2nd gen numbers, 4th gen beat 3rd gen numbers. The same will go with 5th gen. 5th gen groups who know what they are doing SHOULD beat 4th gen numbers. That's what progression is all about.

    Ok, stepping off my soapbox now.



    Sigh. This was….


    I tried y’all. I really did. This is not it. BP is just one of a kind. Just stop it YG. STOP IT.

    I played this earlier today, ready to go. My S.O. ran into the room and said, BlackPink is back? Yes!!!

    The look of horror on her face when she realized it wasn’t is something I’ll never forget.


    Wonder why new jeans and illit stans Are here complaining about the similarities to BP as if Those groups Are not twins.


    I don't know about the others, but for me it's the execution of it all. ILL IT has clearly been influenced by NJ, they took that formula, sprinkled in their own sauce and they executed it extremely well. The results are there. That group is killin' it.

    BM ain't doing that so far. If you want to take the baton of a group as iconic as BP, you better come hard.

    It ain't the members either. They are extremely talented and in other people's opinions reading through this thread, even more talented than BP. They have visuals, they can sing, and they can dance.

    We all know why the "pre-debut" wasn't up to par quality wise.

    He really needs to get out of his own way. Seriously.