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    They did really well with a small budget. The art direction and camera work are really nice. There's not a lot of color but you can tell someone tried hard to make everything look decent. Even just the curtain covering the fence in the background or the strings of flowers on the brick wall are small details that make a big difference.

    This is a really nice song. I never get tired of happy cute concepts, even the ones some might consider generic. I'm actually worried we won't see songs like this anymore because it's all about being different now.

    All of their songs are actually really good. Shadow is great. I forgot about it until now but I remember the boots a high-quality visuals. It's a good song aside from all that too. Barbie Girl sounds nothing like I expected but I like how they went with a retro style. Makes me want to go to a diner where the waitresses wear roller skates.

    Rania has been legendary to me since the first time I heard Dr. Feel Good. I'm guessing that's their biggest hit but maybe it's just what I was searching for at the time.

    I kind of forgot about Up but after checking previous entries and watching it again it's actually pretty great. Lots of hype and sort of makes me want to go to a nightclub.

    Demonstrate makes me wonder why I slept on Rania after loving the first song I heard. Probably all the changes but one thing I notice that stays consistent is amazing dancing. They have some of the sexiest moves I've ever seen across multiple videos. Also the outfits in this video are exquisite. They change a lot but they're all good. Of course I love the neon pink shoes but the black with the bling looks so good on them.

    That whole competition is wild and it's even crazier how many groups were in it. I was expecting like 4 or 5. LABOUM?! They're high on my all-time list. I see your BADKIZ are there too. There are a lot I know just from this series. D.Holic and Berry Good are great and SUS4 kind of always stuck with me too.

    This group looks so cute and innocent that I'm not sure I would've bet money on them but sometimes determination is all you need.

    The girls did a great job with what they had to work with. I think the staff dropped the ball. Give them half-decent outfits with better camera work and this could've been a complete package.

    The song itself is super charming. I love the "Everybody lalala" part. It's a shame they didn't have more success but it's cool they'll always be known as the winner of that competition, especially since they were maybe the most nugu of all of them. I will check out Soehee on IG.

    I was actually thinking about how it's nice that you're also discovering songs with the whole Moonlight thing. I assume most other songs you're already familiar with before putting them on here.

    Without even checking I'm guessing Reiley is the one in blue. He looks more like a tiktoker than anyone else who's ever tiktoked lol. But honestly he has a really great voice and I would assume he does really well on the app because of that.

    It's awesome that you got to see that group. I'm still kind of amazed at how many groups make it to the USA. I quickly gave a few other songs a listen and I really like Cherry and Loser. I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see those purple shorts :pepe-peek:

    My favorite part is the unique title. So many songs are called Daylight so it's nice to have something different :p

    The visuals are what stand out to me most here. It might have a modern sound but everything else is super retro. The retro game at the start gave me a big nostalgia hit. I also see Care Bears, the clock from Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbell, several Toy Story characters, and a Barbie telephone. Almost all of those are in this single scene, which also includes one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen in my life.


    This is my favorite title track after listening to most. I actually like her b-sides more than most of her title tracks. Late Night, Reason, and Smile 3,2,1 show off her voice more because the autotune is gone or at least toned down. I also noticed that a lot of her songs are super short.

    I'm genuinely curious how long this could continue with enough determination lol.

    She has such a sweet voice and it's kinda like Henry's MV how it feels sort of like real life. I get the vibe that this could be from the OST of a really popular show or movie.

    It's also creepy and cute at the same time how she's dancing with that headless mannequin and it turns into a person. Mostly cute though.

    Day 784. The moonlight is moonlight for moonlight on moonlight to moonlight. Moonlight moonlight.

    Family Guy Stewie Griffin GIF - Family Guy Stewie Griffin Gone Crazy GIFs

    Her voice is really pretty. After looking deeper I was a little surprised to see how many songs she has. I hope she has more success than it looks like at first glance because she is very talented.

    Her songs Butterfly and Who Am I are also really good but tops for me is I Like U. I like seeing her smile in that one because she doesn't really in the others.

    Now I feel like I'm being Punk'd lol.

    These Moonlight songs are all worthy entries though. I really like the heavy instrumental in the chorus. I feel like it's a trumpet but idk enough about that stuff to be sure. It sounds cool and different though. I can sense a bit of Latin influence but instead of leaning too hard into it they added their own unique sound, which I appreciate. I think the pure Latin sound has been overdone and I like how they did it here.

    Apparently Chemical was one of your first entries. I actually like that a lot. As always I love finding new bright and cheerful songs. Both songs are great in different ways.

    Apparently I've awakened in a dimension where all songs are called Moonlight :p

    It's ok though because they're all good. I love the message of this song and how it's about looking on the bright side. It's kind of refreshing watching a down-to-earth video that kind of feels like it's following someone in real life just trying to be happy.

    I was disappointed when the song ended. I wanted him to tell me to meet him underneath the moonlight one more time :(

    I don't know many male k-pop soloists but he might be my #2 just because of this song. It's cool that he's Canadian too. I want to check out more of his songs. I did listen to 1-4-3 which is really fun. It sounds like peak 1990s/2000s boy bands.

    I actually thought Neon Punch was quite popular. I remember seeing them mentioned a lot. I heard of the whole prank thing but I didn't remember which group it was. What an awful thing to do.

    This song is great. The I Need You part is so fun and catchy and I love the dance that goes along with it. I think saxophones can be hit or miss but the part at 2:08 is amazing and the trippy visuals are really cool. I wouldn't know they had a small budget from watching this. The blonde member with the collar is stunning. They all are really.

    I didn't realize there were so many songs called Moonlight. Their other title track is good too. The video is like a silly Alice in Wonderland vibe. The na na na is so cheerful and the funky leg dance is just *chef's kiss*

    I love these bands that pop up in the series sometimes (shoutout to Rolling Quartz). I probably wouldn't have given them a second look otherwise. I would've missed out on a whole genre of great songs.

    I like how the lead singer presents as soft and delicate but has really powerful vocals. I listened to a few others and this is definitely my favorite. I don't know why guitar riffs sound so much better to me when it's a K-band.

    I see they have a couple of brighter concepts too. I like Puppet a lot and also the video for Wake Me Up is great.

    Oh ffs MLD. These girls are doomed. Hopefully not though. I've heard Who's Next before. I think it's a decent song but not my favorite.

    This one is much better. It reminds me of something from a popular Gen 4 group except with a lot more going on. If you know what I mean.

    Just like Momoland, I'm kind of split on their discography. Gratata and Hit Ya! aren't really my style but Marionette, Burn With Love, and Ulala are all quite good.

    I actually really like that house. I'm trying to remember if I've seen it in any other videos but I don't think so. I also think the roof shot is really cool because it looks like they're on some random building in the middle of the Amazon with trees for miles.

    There have been a few songs lately that take a single simple word and make it catchy. This is another one of those songs.

    I'm sure it's blasphemous to call myself a Gen 2 stan while being only vaguely familiar with Brown Eyed Girls. With that said though, Abracadabra was one of the first K-pop songs I ever heard and it was an instant favorite and it still holds up incredibly well today. Also Gain's Fxxk You is great.

    This song has one of the most interesting videos I've ever seen. There's something unsettling about the whole thing. I like how at 2:38 it cycles through her different looks like she has multiple crazy personalities.

    I think the Bbi-Ri-BBa-BBa part is one of the most addicting things ever. Crack is probably a good way to describe it. If 2:07 is the pre-chorus (I'm bad with the terms) then I agree with you there as well. Amazing vocals and it provides a nice contrast to the chorus.

    BESTie is one of my all-time favorite groups. Solidly in the top 5. A big reason for that is because of Dahye. She is one of the best idols ever in my mind. BESTie had so many good songs and was extremely underrated.

    The timing on this is really funny because I just watched a few DaHye fancams yesterday after not watching any for quite a while. They're some of my favorites because yes she's a great visual but she's also an amazing performer. She always has a huge smile. She never really got a chance to show off her vocals in the group.

    I used to like Poison better but after listening to them both again I slightly prefer Bad Blood. I think it shows her vocal skills better and I really like how the chorus flows. Also I'm pretty sure it's an original song instead of a remake so that's nice for her too. Plus that black outfit is my favorite thing she wears in either video.

    It was nice that we got two releases so close together but I feel bad for her because it must be so hard to organize a comeback without a label. I'm sure she had a good reason for leaving the one she was with though. It would be so great if she was able to release just one more song.

    I actually just watched Choa on IG Live today. It was just her walking down the street but she was being her usual bubbly self. AOA is iconic and it sure wasn't the same without her. She has one of the most instantly recognizable voices ever. It's nice that she got to show a bit of a different side of herself with this song.

    I was trying to think which of her songs I like best. I think Flame is technically better but I slightly prefer Yesterday. Flame makes me want to cry. Yesterday is sad too but not as much if you don't know the lyrics and the video has bright and pretty scenery. I hope she comes back again.

    It doesn't get much better than Secret for me. I always gravitated to Hyosung more but Jieun has a raw talent you just don't see very often. Her song Bloom is probably one of the greatest vocal performances ever.

    Bobby Girl is a genius title because it fits with the accent perfectly it avoids using a trademark all while everyone knows what is really being said.

    Her makeup is amazing when she's at the dining room table and her purple outfit with those black shoes is pure art. That image needs to be in a gallery.

    I love this song and it's my favorite of hers but Twenty-Five is up there too. The entire video for that is so pretty.

    Even though it looks like there's not much going on here there's actually a lot to like. That opening is so strong. 0:45 and 1:16 have awesome vocals. 1:01 is honestly one of the most unique and interesting rappers I've ever heard. And the absolute shift at 1:45 to 2:15 is my favorite part.

    The eye makeup is a really bold choice but I admire their courage to do it. They seem like they had potential.

    It starts with such a creepy vibe with the church bell and the holy-sounding high note. That black outfit she has on is super sexy and it makes me wonder why she covered it up with that candy corn looking jacket. I suppose it makes it feel more like Halloween that way lol.

    I thought for sure this was a song blatantly promoting getting high as hell but after reading the lyrics it's actually the opposite, which is good. Kind of like Alcohol Free in a way. It's so awesome when she goes "mother f- zombie high" and the beat drops. I know you said that already but it's true.

    After exploring her discography I gotta say I was not prepared for I'm Fine. I can't even tell if it's supposed to be serious or not. I don't even care because it's amazing. I'm guessing half and half though.

    She looks so good in the videos for Trick or Treat and Planet. Because of You isn't my type of song but I appreciate that she took the opportunity to show off her beautiful singing voice.