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    This group kinda confuses me, but that's ok. Probably because I didn't see the show. I read that ZN made it into the final lineup, which is really nice. I love her and Haein in Laboum.

    I'm guessing this song was created just for the competition which is pretty cool. The "give me love give me love give me love" part sounds SO pretty, and the "You’re so sweetie baby saekomdalkom" sounds like a sexy nursery rhyme, if that makes sense.

    Those outfits are fantastic. They look like an A-tier group at the peak of their careers. I love how the red stands out in the black and white scene. I never see you mention shoes but they really are great. Pink heels always grab my attention but the other colors are really pretty too.

    Allow me to explain. This might not make any sense. In some songs, each time a member has their line, it has a lot of personality. The lines don't really flow together melodically, it almost sounds like each member is having a conversation with each other. It's this back and forth kinda thing. These are two songs I can think of that are like that. It's really cool and I don't see it too often in Kpop lately, but do you are there other songs like this?

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    Does this fit? This is the first song I thought of but I might've misunderstood what you mean exactly.

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    We see silly girl groups all the time so it's nice to see a silly boy group. I really like the group name because it's short and memorable. Too bad they didn't have more time to use it.

    The girl does sound really good but I was pleasantly surprised how great the guys sounded once they actually started singing at 1:21, just because it was basically 100% rap until that point. I wish they got to show their voices off a bit more.

    The video is super fun to watch and genuinely funny at times. Even silly groups have a hard time pulling that off. I also really like their dance moves in the cave part.

    Baikal's Hiccup is a really decent song. I wasn't sure about the literal hiccup sound at first but it kinda grew on me.

    That went in a completely different direction than I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a typical run-of-the-mill K-Pop song but that sure changed in a hurry. The beat drop at 1:04 is intense and rivals most full-fledged club songs.

    I've only listened to three of their songs - all recommended by you - and each one is completely different. They really do know how to work with a variety of sounds. It's hard to pick a favorite because they're all good in their own way. This one might get the top spot just because of that crazy arm dance at 1:11. It's so absurd which is why I love it so much lol.

    That red hair is brighter than the sun. Even in such a colorful video her hair is definitely the focal point. I'm kind of curious to see what they will come out with next.

    This is yet another group I've seen mentioned a lot but never actually listened to. I'm sure you can tell I don't wander very far outside of my bubble on my own. That's why I follow the series.

    I've seen lots of colorful videos before but man are they ever vibrant in this one. They absolutely pop off the screen. The girls really stand out as well. I never realized how pretty they are. Their smiles are just as bright as the colors and they look like they're having as much fun as I've seen any group have in a video.

    This is a perfect song for turning any frown upside down. I didn't know how the word Tiki-Taka would sound in a song but they pull it off perfectly. I don't care how many fun, cheerful songs they make, I will always want Tiki-Taka little more.

    I remember hearing about this group. I'm surprised to learn they disbanded because I felt they were decently popular. The only time I listened to them was when they were on Hidden Gems before. I guess I assumed I wouldn't like their other songs because of their concept. I was wrong about that. This song reminds me of a very popular group but I like this more. I even notice a very similar voice in there.

    All of the sections are very distinct but the transitions are super smooth. The "No-no-no-nothing but" part is insanely catchy. I also think the world needs more leather tank tops. I did check out some other songs (with help from users in this thread <3) and my favorites are Icons and Hot Candy.

    I love the aesthetics in this so much. The way everything is made from LEGO is actually really pleasing to look at. I don't think I've seen an entirely blonde group before. Most groups only have one blonde member at any given time. It makes them stand out and also adds to the super bright look.

    I like this song a bit more than Oh My. It's the chorus that puts it over the top for me. It's so catchy and I love watching them perform the choreo that goes along with it. It fits the song so well and they are perfectly in sync. It looks fun to do and it's so satisfying. Probably one of my favorite dances to watch.

    Yes we absolutely do need more K-pop club bangers. This is a good one. I love the energy. So much hype. They have really nice voices too. I'm glad they showed at least a little restraint with autotune, especially being from early 2010s. I wasn't expecting that high note at 3:08 but it's quite impressive.

    Their debut is also really good but this song is definitely more my style. I thought it was a little funny to see Allkpop mentioned on their Wikipedia page. I also thought to myself "I wonder if Hopkinz wrote these articles" ^^ but I think it was too early to be you.

    I love simple and bubbly love songs. It's one of my favorite types of concept. When I listen to a song I'm pretty much always just looking for something to put me in a good mood. This song does exactly that. The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented, it's perfect the way it is.

    It's amazing how catchy a single letter can be when sung twice in a row. Everything is so bright and cheerful, and the off-center ponytail is probably the cutest hairstyle ever. And of course I'm always a fan of thigh-high socks.

    My Way is also REALLY good. I see it was on the series but that was before I started following. I just listened to it for the first time.

    I actually never heard this song before. Honestly I haven't heard many of their later songs. I always really liked Bad Girl, Hate You, Pretty Pretty, and So Wonderful. That's as far as my experience goes. I think I just didn't want to think of things.

    I did just go through and listen to most of the other songs though, and this one is my favorite out of those. It gives off a very calming energy. I like how the instrumentals take sort of a backseat and really let their vocals shine through.

    I also kind of love Ashley's Here We Are.

    Aww they are so sweet. It's nice to see a duo. It seems to be the rarest form of musical act. It lets both members shine without being drowned out by a bunch of other members.

    The parts where they sing "pyeosseoyo" like at 1:04 are so pleasant to listen to. Honestly the entire song is just a treat from start to finish. This is my favorite song out of the two, but it's close. Hair Short is also really good.

    I didn't know Sony managed idols. I'm sure they could've done more with these two. They're cute as heck and super talented. What more could they want?

    Pongdang Pongdang is amazing, btw.

    Her voice is so sultry and perfect for this style. It adds a whole other layer that just can't be taught. The video is so cool how the robotic movements of the workers match the song. The colors are so vibrant for a bank setting, which was a great choice. Love the purple and yellow.

    I thought it was interesting that her song Pearls is entirely in English. It's a good song too. I can see her doing soundtracks for horror movies or something because her voice can be downright terrifying (in a good way). Unpretty Tattoo and of course Manyo Maash show this off well.

    I had a bit of a laugh to myself because I went to check her other songs before I checked to see if she was ever on the series. The first one I clicked was Manyo Maash, and the second they showed her shoes I immediately recognized them even though I only watched the video one time two years ago lol. I even screenshotted them in my comment back then. I actually forgot about that song even though it's one of the best in the series. I won't forget it again.

    This song is epic! I didn't know she could sing like that. I've heard a little bit of Jessi's stuff, but I don't remember her sounding like this. I don't think I even knew she was part of a group. Nunu Nana is pretty cool, but I think this song is my favorite thing she's done out of everything I've heard. So powerful. I would listen to more of her if she had more stuff like this.

    They have so many interesting outfits in the video. My favorite is her black and white dress when she's sitting on the piano. I also love the suit the guy is wearing at 1:21. And there's something oddly satisfying about watching those ball bearings roll around.

    Over the past couple of years I've found so many songs I would've missed if it weren't for this series. Some are among my all-time favorites. Even the ones that aren't are still fun to discover.

    Congratulations on 500! :pepe-toast:

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    It's crazy that a company this disorganized managed to get lucky enough to assemble a group this vocally talented and then proceeded to screw it up. I mean I assume it was the company's fault.

    I mentioned recently that I avoid sad songs, but this song is actually a great example of one of the many reasons I love K-Pop. Before I checked the lyrics I couldn't tell if this was a happy or sad song. I didn't need to know what was being said. All I knew was that I was enjoying an impressive vocal performance. They are seriously top-level visuals too. I adore Fiestar One More, but Sunny Days does zebra stripes better.

    Blah Blah is also vocally impressive and I really like that MV. So many of these recent groups on here deserve much more recognition than they've received. I know that's the whole point of the series, but it's insane to see who gets left behind.

    Also that girl with the short hair and kinda squeaky voice, that's Kota. She is the member in WSG-Wannabe and she's the main vocal. She's my bias and I think she's a super charismatic performer.

    Pray is amazing isn't it? The video was based on The Elephant Man by David Lynch. The song and video for Here I am is based on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Grasshopper Song is based on the fairytale of the ant and the grasshopper. Just a super super unique group and a very talented one too, one of my favorites in all of Kpop.

    Yes! She is a great performer with an amazing voice. As a Momo stan I noticed the squeak immediately at 0:55, but I also recognize that her vocal range is capable of so much more. 1:25 shows it off well. And then squeaky again shortly after <3 I'm kinda loving her more and more as I'm looking at this again.

    I never heard of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but it seems interesting. I might watch it. But Pray is the one that is going to leave a lasting impression on me. I never expected to see a video like that from a K-Pop group.