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    I'm just now realizing CinD at 0:13 is wearing a that says "F*ck Sleep" :teeheek:

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    Ha! I missed that too. I get that English curse words are all over Asian clothing, but in an official music video? Sometimes things slip through but this has to be intentional, right? I mean there's literally no reason for her to be standing with her back to the camera in that scene. Either way it's still hilarious ^^

    I heard this song before and I was sitting here wondering how I came across it until I looked at your other Dreamnote thread. It was the day before this comeback and you showed me the teasers. Sometimes I'll say I'm going to check out a comeback and then forget, but I liked Wish and the Ghost teasers so much I made it a point to remember. Then of course I ended up forgetting the group and title anyway.

    As soon as I heard "Everywhere, I look at you" I knew what it was and I was happy to find it again. And yeah the "Woooh" part is epic and I don't understand how this song didn't go viral from just that part alone.

    After listening to their other title tracks they are legit one of my favorite gen 4 groups. Their debut and first comeback are colorful and catchy, as is Wish. Then we have Ghost which is probably their best and Lemonade is also really good.

    Meow! I love the Catwoman look but her face is so pretty I'm glad they only covered it up for a few seconds. I honestly think that a ponytail with long side bangs is pretty much the hottest hairstyle a woman can have. I want more ponytails. I mean just look at this


    When she's singing about becoming a witch I don't think she's talking about the Halloween kind ^^

    This song is amazing. The first time I heard her sing "I hate you, forget you" I knew it was going straight into my playlist. The lead-up to and delivery of the chorus is so perfect.

    Of course I had to check out her other stuff and as soon as I heard Yasisi I immediately recognized it. I'm starting to rethink who I want to name my favorite soloist. And freaking HONEY SUMMER!? Summer just ended for like the third or fourth time since the start of this series and I'm just learning of this now? Obviously I'm rationally placing the blame entirely on you :p But seriously I love it and I Got You is pretty good too.

    I can't believe she's going to be in an American comedy with Kevin Hart. I don't watch many movies these days but I'll be checking that out for sure.

    It's cool that they made a Korean and English version of this song. I feel like it's really rare to choose the English version for the main MV. Kinda surprised you didn't use this one

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    It fits the occasion but so does the original and I think the original is better anyway. I absolutely LOVE those red outfits. You just don't see anything like that unless the outfits are white or black. They also chose the perfect background to really show them off.

    The transition right at the 1-minute mark turned this song from good to great. The member who stands out to me is the one around 1:14 who sings the "focus on you" part. From your description it seems like she's not one of the members who left.

    I did check some other songs and the style of Addicted isn't something I usually like but I think it's a good song and I like the MV. I always like finding active groups to keep an eye on.

    You can tell they didn't have a huge budget but they did a great job with what they had to work with. Most of it definitely went to styling because those boys look SHARP. I prefer the more classic black and white, but the mostly white outfits are fire. The crosses scattered throughout were also a really good idea to help sell the concept.

    The whole thing is energetic but I think my favorite part is when the guy at 2:42 climbs the pyramid and turns it up a notch.

    After checking out their other video I have to give a very slight edge to "Not That Kind of Person." They're both great but I always lean toward bright, catchy, and cheerful, but this song is an excellent choice so close to Halloween.

    Yena is an absolute goddess. Honestly all four of them look amazing in this video. Even top-tier visual groups have trouble making every member look this good for an entire video. Those black outfits with the shiny gems on them are incredible.

    It's so hard to believe this is the same group that gave us Candy, which is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen by the way. Kkili Kkili is much brighter as well but the sexiness shines through there. Plus it's catchy as hell.

    I have to say though that this is one of the rare instances when I prefer the darker concept. It's still really catchy and it actually sounds quite upbeat for being a bit darker. And that one girl is totally wearing a Freddy Krueger shirt in a few scenes, which I'm not sure is intentional but I like it.

    This is legitimately one of the best music videos I've ever seen. It has a perfect balance of horror, comedy, and sexiness. I don't know if I've seen such good production value from a 10-year-old K-pop MV. I've seen the Makeup-on-eyelid gimmick before but never done this well.

    Obviously she looks amazing in everything. I've never had a greater urge to get married than I do watching this video. And holy crap the song is amazing too. The fact that it's so upbeat not only makes it funnier but also scarier in a weird way. I thought Manyo Maash was my clear favorite for a Halloween-themed song but this is making that choice much harder.

    Since I wouldn't know an Amy Winehouse song if it smacked me in the face I would compare her to Puer Kim. You can definitely notice it more in Tat Tat Tat though.

    She really seems to like the look with a plaid skirt and a short tie. I can't really argue with it because it looks great on her. Especially with the environments being so dark she is definitely the focal point with her bright colors.

    I was intrigued as soon as she grabbed the stuffed bunny and started dragging it and thought it was hilarious when the live one started chasing her lol. So random. You're not joking about it being hard to find info on her. I tried and came up empty.

    Her voice alone should've been enough for people to take notice. There aren't many who sound like that in K-Pop or even in general. I find that type of voice very soothing. Her videos are also very creative compared to most.

    I don't think this is the most intense video subject matter wise you've had on here but it's very close. I wish I could remember the one I'm thinking of. Isn't there like a Kill Bill one?

    Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed that the controversy happened because I think there's a lot to like here. I listened to the diss song and she performs it really well but I don't know why she felt the need to do that.

    I really like the rap part from the girl with the pigtails at 0:46. I can tell that's not the main rapper but she makes it a cute rap which I really enjoy. I think Kemy might be the blonde and pink ombre hair? She's really good too and has that bit of squeak I like.

    I just saw that "Always" was number 18 which was before I even knew about your series. I honestly love it. "But Go" is really good but "Always" is top-tier in my book. It sounds so cheerful and the video is so colorful with beautiful outfits. I'm disappointed I missed out on it for so long.

    That name really is quite something. I find it really interesting how English curse words are used in Asian countries as a pop culture sort of thing.

    Their voices are very different but they really do work well together and complement each other. I'm not always a fan of crayon-colored hair but I love the choice here because I think it helps visualize the yin and yang thing they have going on. It also adds a nice splash of color to contrast the drab background.

    The piano is awesome and I like the piano part at the end of the song. After searching for more songs it appears they had other videos that were removed? I can't find them anywhere. Well I did find some audio and I think Look Around and Raw are pretty good. Especially Raw but that's like a collab I think.

    I always loved Dal*Shabet but I never really chose a bias. If I did it would probably be her. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know she went solo (I see you posted her before but it was when I was away for a while). And no I'm not a fan of artsy stuff but this song is frickin amazing. Her voice is so powerful here. It reminds me of Yezi's Home how she had a comeback and just put it all out there without a group to keep her restrained.

    The subject matter is sightly heavy for my taste but she is extremely versatile after checking out her other songs. Some I like better than others but she does a great job on all of them. Tanaka San is one of the most unique songs I've heard but I think my favorite has to be Circle's Dream. It's just so chill.

    It's funny that just yesterday I was talking about how so many K-Pop groups use the same scenes lol. I really like that diner though. It reminds me of one of my favorite songs (Dance On). I love the yellow and black outfit and the red and white outfit. They're all great but those two caught my eye.

    I never listened to Craxy before this but I was curious so I checked out a bunch of other songs. I learned two things. The first is that Real is my favorite. Mostly because it's the most cheerful and catchy. The second is that they know how to make really good videos with great production value. GAIA, Poison Rose, and Requiem are all fantastic.

    I love me a simple, fun, catchy song, and this is precisely that. I wonder what exactly the word "Amomia" is supposed to mean. A Google search pretty much only shows this song. If they made it up I'm actually impressed because it's a perfect word for a song. Especially a catchy song. My favorite part is when they say it three times in a row. I like how they pronounce it differently the third time. I think my neighbor in the next apartment will be hearing that a few times through the wall when I'm in the shower lol.

    I kind of disagree about the video not being visually appealing. The camera work could be better but overall I like it. A lot of nugu groups film in very bland locations or someplace we've seen a hundred times. I really like the look of those buildings and the deck/boardwalk area around them. I don't think I've seen anything like that place in a video. I would totally stay there if it was an Airbnb. Also the members are very pretty and their matching skirts are super cute.

    The intsrumentals in this song remind me of Mamamoo Egotistic, which is my favorite song by them. I really like the blonde rapper's voice. Rap parts aren't usually ever my favorite part of a song but it might be here. The chorus is so good too though. It just feels so silky smooth to the ears.

    I actually like the video but would've liked to see them wear the black and white outfits from the picture, at least a little bit. The red outfits are nice but the best parts are when it cuts to the secondary scenes. Those are some very nice outfits and I like the eye closeups.

    I also think Party Time is a really good song.

    I often feel that vocals get sidelined a bit when songs don't take themselves seriously, but that's definitely not the case here. I'm actually surprised at how talented they are for being such an unknown group. I really like the voice of the blond guy with glasses. My favorite part of the song is probably his part at 0:47. The part where they do the marionette dance is so cool. It really looks like they're being controlled.

    And of course I have to mention the girl. I absolutely love her facial expressions throughout the video. Her acting is excellent and she plays her role perfectly. She's so flippin' adorable in that pink outfit with the bow in her hair. And yes those shoes are amazing.

    This is literally the most nostalgic K-Pop song I've ever heard. I don't know why it sounds so familiar. I feel like I've heard it before but I know I haven't. After listening to it several times I can confidently say it's one of my absolute favorites in the series. Am I crazy? This didn't go viral right? This honestly feels like a Grammy winner or something.

    And oh my god those girls are beautiful. This is one of the prettiest groups I've ever seen, nugu or otherwise. I hope we see more from Irris. They should be a top-tier group under any semi-competent company.

    I think Good Day Rolly is a really great song too. I like how happy and catchy it is.

    There was a period of time when I used to listen to Pink Lady quite a bit. I love her voice, especially when she makes it really squeaky. I know people think voices like that are unnatural but I can't get enough. She really shows it off in this song. I think it elevates the song a lot. Harley Quinn will never not be a good style choice.

    It's a shame how it all went down because a lot of groups have a clear face of the group without ignoring the other members. They all seem talented enough to be there. They put out some pretty good songs. I like Juicy Secret. Miso definitely does stand out though. Hopefully we get a comeback soon.

    She looks amazing in those briefs. It's a very underrated look. All of her outfits are fantastic.

    Her voice is super sexy here. I don't think I've heard anything quite like it. It's kind of soothing.

    The video for Touch really is quite something to behold and very well done. Mastering is my favorite out of the few songs I've heard because it's different and pleasant to listen to.