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    Just like yesterday's entry, this is another one that hits right in the sweet spot of concepts I enjoy. First of all, who doesn't like the sexy receptionist/businesswoman look? Maybe someone, but all I know is that I absolutely love it. The shirt, skirt, and heels in classic black and white is pretty close to the top of the all-time list. The classiness of it just makes it hotter. Love the blue skirts too. And also just like the entry yesterday, it's really nice to see them showing off their confidence.

    I'm not really a music person, as in I don't know anything about composition, but I can tell a lot of effort and care went into this song. I don't think it sounds like a generic girl group song in the slightest. It's very much its own thing. I can't get enough of the beat. You can hear it really well at 0:42, and I could listen to that part on repeat all day. They all sing really well, and the voice of the member with the shortest hair really stands out with its slight squeakiness.

    I checked out a few other songs, and I guess I can see the point about the concept change. They have some of the most creative and impressive videos I've ever seen. Pray is honestly a masterpiece. The song itself it's so beautiful, but that video is like Oscar type stuff. It's too depressing to be a regular watch/listen for me, but bravo. The Grasshopper Song is also super interesting.

    I wish fans would've supported them more, but I'm excited that there are still songs with this concept out there that I have yet to discover. And it was cool to see such creative concepts I didn't even know existed.

    It took you almost 500 entries to get to this? It's amazing! Everything about this song is exactly what I wanted when I was first getting into K-Pop. Perhaps even more so now since songs like this are rarely released anymore. It pumps you up from the second you press play. The voices on these girls are really impressive. And even though nanana is one of the most used lyrics of all time, they make it sound completely new and fresh.

    I love how they exude confidence. And not like f you confidence, but like let's go be happy and do great things confidence. Even that is becoming rare in all forms of media with everything needing to be relatable. Sometimes I just want to witness perfection. Don't tell me perfection doesn't exist because I'm looking right at it.

    Their other songs are also really good. I get strong Stellar vibes from A Bad Thing, especially the MV. I think there has to be inspiration there. Either way, it's super sexy. Bad Girl is really catchy, and I like how they tried something a bit brighter. Those shirts in the video are pretty cool. All of the songs have a lot to like, but 1,2,3 comes out on top for me. I'm really disappointed this group never gained any traction.

    Another one of my very first group stans <3. They have been popping up a lot recently on the series. And just like most of those examples, this was also a song I ignored for a long time. I kinda love it now that I'm more open to quirky stuff. I only like the Have version though. I don't like the Have Not version nearly as much.

    I'm not sure which video I like more but I think I'm also going with Have on that one. I like the outfits better, although I'm having a tug-of-war in my mind about hating or loving the blue and yellow ones. Probably have to go with love because they made the perfect choice for a certain part of it. Can you guess what it is before clicking the spoiler? I bet you can

    I also noticed I mentioned Joker in a list of songs I like on the Fiestar thread like a doofus, and you let me get away with it :pepefacepalm:. Trust me I know the difference but if I'm going to make a mistake like that I'm not surprised it happened with these two groups. I don't know why my mind feels like they have a strong connection to each other. Even if I made a top group list it would be a close call to decide which goes above the other. I think I have a slightly clearer decision now but for years they were 50/50. And of course after I just typed that I realized I forgot about Mr. BangBang and now it's closer to 50/50 again.

    Ironically, I think I have to choose Joker as my all-time favorite Dal*Shabet song :pepe-peek:

    As a GG stan I'm definitely drawn to brighter concepts, but Psycho is so good!

    Don't turn it off, turn it UP! I'm sure you won't be shocked to hear that I've never heard of this group. I don't think I've ever seen a boy group look so colorful. Those outfits in the GIF are next level.

    Just as I've mentioned several times, here is yet another example of a boy group MV with awesome scenery. So many cool settings. My favorites are the futuristic city (with a payphone? lol) and the grassy hills with the shapes. I like how that one is almost like a real-life cartoon.

    I like these lighter and fun boy group songs. It really does have a retro/90s feel. There was one part that really sounded like one of those epic long openings on classic sitcoms like Full House or something. Or maybe a road trip movie during a scene shot with a helicopter as they drive along the highway. You know what I mean lol. I don't know why it hit me like that.

    I was surprised to see a boy group do The Rockettes kickline dance at 0:45 but I'm here for it. I listened to a few other songs and I think Parallel Universe and Young Boy are really good. I don't like Beauty Inside as much but it has the best dancing. I'd say Turn it Off is my favorite overall.

    No one can do it quite like Crayon Pop. All of their songs are genuinely good. Even with the silliness you can tell they're really talented, and they always put a lot of effort into everything they do.

    I like Bar Bar Bar but Saturday Night might actually be my favorite Crayon Pop song. It's a head-boppin', toe-tappin' good time. I like the theme of the video and it's interesting watching the background characters. You can tell they only had access to one small room to film but they made the most of it.

    You made me curious about Ellin so I had to go look, and she is SMOKING hot. I knew the girls were prettier than they were presented but I didn't know any of them looked like that. My lord. I don't think that makes her worth blowing nearly $1 Million USD though.

    Finally back online after a hurricane ripped through here and took out all of the utilities. I was in the middle of writing this reply when everything shut off lol.

    Aww this is such a cute song. I have no idea what's going on with that video though lol. At least you can tell they tried to put effort into it with their limited budget, so that's nice.

    The chorus is super catchy and the raps are actually really solid. I knew I saw that floppy hand dance move somewhere and after a while I remembered it was from Secret - I Do. I always kinda liked that move, silly as it is.

    I listened to a few of their other songs and I like how they always try new things. They're all so different. My favorite part of Cotton Candy is the faces that the girl in the yellow shirt makes. Highly entertaining stuff. And then you have Al-Tang which is like full-on 90s hip hop. Baechu Bossam and Jal-Tang are definitely the ones to give the biggest Crayon Pop vibes. My favorite song of theirs is actually Reversal, which is probably their least popular because it breaks from their concept. It's just a really nice song.

    OMG I love Youha so much. I think I said it enough times that you know Island is my favorite discovery of this series. Well, Abittipsy was always my unofficial number two even though it was never featured, but I only found out about it because of Island. This is the only pair of songs that if I listen to one, I have to listen to both. I can't just listen to one without an uncontrollable urge to listen to the other.

    The strange part is that even though simple catchy stuff attracts me the most, I don't find this song to be very "catchy" aside from the last 20 seconds. That's not a knock on her or this song because it's one of my favorite songs of all time. I think it's more of a compliment to her versatility. Cherry on Top isn't catchy either but it's SO FREAKING ADORABLE.

    Last Dance is also so close to the others in quality and it's just a mystery how she isn't the next IU or whoever else really. I don't pay much attention to solos but come on people.

    Another one of my all-time favorite groups. And this one actually did make it into my username. I think I stanned them even before Girl's Day, and "I'm Ill" was probably the first song I ever streamed obsessively. I got into K-pop when pretty much all of gen 2 was disbanding, so I didn't see the lineup change as it happened. Seoyoung is my bias so it would've been interesting to see how they turned out if the lineup stayed the same.

    Back then I didn't have a lot of interest in cute concepts so I avoided their early stuff at first. My jams were I'm Ill, Sticky Sticky, and Wiggle Wiggle. After a while I did start listening to the early songs more, and now I love them just as much as the rest. This song should've been a hit. It doesn't sound like anything else I've heard and the hello hello part is so enjoyable to listen to. And the backgrounds and other set pieces are so cool and creative. I'm actually surprised they didn't call this song "Hello" especially since they already had one called "Venus"

    Yooara is so cute. She might've been my bias if the lineup didn't change.

    A bit more to add to the update on Lime. Not only is she getting married, but she's also pregnant! I still follow all the members on IG and she posted some baby bump photos.

    Hopkinz I'm guessing you had a very busy day. The 201-400 list is posted twice, which wouldn't be worth mentioning, but you also forgot the taglist :saint:

    I actually heard of this group but I've never heard any of their songs. This a great one to start with. For this to be one of their more forgotten songs they must have quite an impressive discography.

    The way it flows kind of reminds me of something EXID might do, with the several rap sections between powerful vocal parts. This is one of my favorite boy group choruses ever. Pure hype. I guess I shouldn't limit it to boy groups. It's just really good, period.

    Sometimes it amazes me how much variety there is in bg voices. This song does really well showing off their uniqueness. Like the guy at 2:40. There's probably no one else who sounds quite like that. And the moves at 1:56 are like Michael Jackson type stuff, made even more impressive with how synchronized they are.

    Tren-D is actually a pretty cool name for a K-pop group. I wonder if they chose it before or after everyone's stage name was chosen.

    I think the song is quite good and it's sad they have to resort to busking to promote it. I see the Crayon Pop similarities but it's a little more down to earth so the T-ara comparison makes sense. It's just a really fun, catchy song. It's interesting that Russians are drawn to this. I'm kind of curious as to why.

    Ok, so after writing that I watched the video again and I noticed something. This group is a visual powerhouse. They don't show it off AT ALL for some reason. I mean just look at 1:28. Of course they do a stinky sock joke the only time they show close-ups, but they are all so pretty. I like silly stuff as much as anyone but I wonder if they missed an opportunity here.

    I love Fiestar! I used to listen to them all the time and they're still one of my all-time favorite groups. When I created my username I'm sure I considered cramming them into it somehow. I'll admit I never gave this song much of a chance but I have more of an appreciation for it now. It's definitely unlike anything else. The video seems to hint at this as well, but it really sounds like it could be in a musical with its many distinct sections that all sound good on their own.

    They have SO many good songs. I would say Apple Pie is my favorite, which has maybe the best MV ever. I can't get enough of their facial expressions. Mirror and You're Pitiful are perfect examples of sexy concepts done right. I'm also a huge fan of their controversial songs like One More and I Don't Know. The latter is a little creepy but it sounds so good.

    I hope we keep getting more from Yezi. She's not afraid to try new things and always seems to be experimenting. Home is one of my favorite vocal performances ever.

    Oh my god, they're so cute! They do have that Momoland style, which I do enjoy. Maybe even a bit of Crayon Pop in there as well. Especially Doo Doom Chit. They all like to use the saxophone, which fits those groups well. I'll admit I smiled a bit irl when they started doing Gwiyomi. Who doesn't love Gwiyomi?

    It's bright, cute, catchy, and the outfits are adorable. It's nice that a group like this is still hanging on because they're quite rare. Not that they were ever very plentiful.

    I listened to WiFi which is the one I assume you meant is even more like Momoland? I can definitely see similarities there. I like it though. I has a lot of the same qualities as this song. Hopefully their new company manages them well so we can see more of them in the future.

    I love this! In the top 5 of the series for sure. Seriously if this group had JYP/SM/YG beside their name this song gets 100 million views minimum easily. I get slight deja vu like it reminds me of something but I don't know what. I don't think I've heard this song before. Thinking maybe a popular American song but maybe that's just because this song is so good.

    Showdown is decent but it's not even close to Dance On. I see they also have a summer album so I will have to check that out. I like summer concepts. I like how the video shows the progress of their day, from playing tennis, then getting ready before going to the dance. It's produced very well and they look so pretty in the dance scene. My favorite is the white tennis skirt outfit though.

    Perfect song for my birthday, which was yesterday when you posted this! :giftr: