• I. Introduction

    TWICE, one of the most popular K-pop girl groups is set to captivate fans once again with the formation of their first-ever sub-unit called MISAMO (ミサモ).

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    MISAMO consists of TWICE's J-trinity line: Mina, Sana and Momo. The unit's name is derived from the first letter of each member's name, symbolizing their unity and shared passion for music.

    II. History

    Before Nizi Project, NiziU and TWICE there was The Japan Team. The Japan Team had Momo, Sana, Mina, Sika, Riho, and Mone.

    The Japan Team, eventually, became a 5 member group with Riho departing early but this didn't stop JYP's vision with the team's debut still slated for 2015 (in Japan) and 2016 (in Korea).

    Sana was positioned as the leader, Momo was the main dancer and rapper, Sika was the main vocal, Mina was the visual, and Mone was the maknae.

    To further promote The Japan Team, the girls made an appearance in Junho's music video, "Feel" in 2014.

    However, Cecilia's abrupt leave from 6mix affected the Japan Team's debut plans and JYP made the decision for Sana to become her replacement. She ended up being transferred from The Japan Team to 6mix.

    Fast forward to 2015, Momo, Mina and Sika guest starred in 2PM’s Wooyoung “Rose” Japanese music video version, with another company trainee, Dahyun (TWICE).

    The Japan Team would eventually face even more problems down the line with their debut coming to a close. JYP suspended the plan to debut The Japan Team due to the deterioration of the Korean-Japanese relationship. Not only was The Japan Team affected but Sana's new group, 6mix was scraped due to another member, Lena, leaving the company.

    But MISAMO’s strong bond and wish to all debut together would soon be fulfilled. By 2015, the girls debuted in JYP's new girl group, 'TWICE' after competing on SIXTEEN.

    Mina, Sana, and Momo, all hailing from Kansai, Japan, have showcased their exceptional skills and versatility as part of TWICE. With their unique talents in singing, dancing, and stage presence, the trio is ready to leave a lasting impression on the music scene and is set to debut in Japan on July 26th, 2023, with the mini album 'Masterpiece'.

    III. Members

    Name: Mina
    Japanese Name: ミナ
    Birthday: March 24, 1997

    Name: Sana
    Japanese Name: サナ
    Birthday: December 29, 1996
    Name: Momo
    Japanese Name: モモ
    Birthday: November 9, 1996

    IV. Videography

    V. Discography

    VI. EP Tracklisting

    "Do Not Touch"
    • J. Y. Park "The Asiansoul"
    • Mayu Wakisaka
    • Hyuk Shin (153/Joombas)
    • Ashley Alisha (153/Joombas)
    • MRey (153/Joombas)
    "Behind the Curtain"
    • Yun So-young (153/Joombas)
    • Yuki Kokobo
    • Alyssa Ayaka Ichinose
    • JJean
    • J-Hype
    "Marshmallow"Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Ralz
    • Daniel Michael Victor
    • Julie Aagaard
    • Yu Hyuk
    "Funny Valentine"
    • Momo
    • Yuka Matsumoto
    • Ejae
    • Realmeee
    • Ejae
    • Scott Bruzenak
    "It's Not Easy for You"
    • Mina
    • Risa Horie
    • Nicolas Farmakalidis
    • Rachel West
    • Carly Gibert
    "Rewind You"
    • Sana
    • Ayushy (The Hub)
    • Frankie Day
    • Charlotte Wilson
    • Chanti
    • Ayushy
    • Day
    • Wilson
    • Chanti
    • MarkAlong
    • Brian U
    "Bouquet"Katsuhiko YamamotoYamamoto

    VI. Soundtrack Appearances

    TitleDetails Release
    BouquetLiaison: Children's Heart Clinic OSTJanuary 25, 2023

    VII. Concert Tours

    July 22, 2023OsakaJapanIntex Osaka
    July 23, 2023
    July 25, 2023YokohamaPia Arena MM
    July 26, 2023
    July 27, 2023

    VIII. Magazines

    Name: MISAMO (Bloom In July)
    Magazine: Vol.41 No.8 Special Edition
    Website: Click Here
    Interview: Translation Thread
    Name: MISAMO Vogue Japan
    Magazine: March 2023 Issue
    Website: Click Here

    IX. Achievements

    X. Trivia

    • They are each from different cities in Japan: Sana is from Osaka, Momo is from Kyoto and Mina is from Kobe. These are major cities of the Kansai Region.
    • Companies who sent MISAMO congratulatory messages.
    • MISAMO’s Switch magazine was sold-out in mere minutes.
    • During their "Masterpiece" Showcase Sana and Mina talked about how they are connected by 'fate'. They were scouted by the same scout man from a different entertainment company.
    • MISAMO highly anticipated 5-day showcase tour was sold out.
    • MISAMO only had two weeks to prepare for their showcase and finished their album recording & filming just a day before their US leg tour.
    • Sana and Momo entered JYP Entertainment at the same time. And once they heard another Japanese trainee, Mina, joined the company they actively sought out to look for her to become friends.
    • Sana and Momo took care of Mina during their trainee days.
    • Mina has songwriting credits on their album ‘Masterpiece’ called “It’s Not Easy for You”.
    • Sana has songwriting credits on their album ‘Masterpiece’ called “Rewind You”.
    • Momo has songwriting credits on their album ‘Masterpiece’ called “Funny Valentine”.
    • Since before Mina, Sana and Momo debuted in TWICE they nicknamed themselves MISAMO.
    • MISAMO is also known as the "Bermuda Triangle" of TWICE.
    • Momo mentioned at their showcase that Mina has been able to show more of "sekuchi~" (a cute way of saying "sexy side").
    • To commemorate the three of them forming a unit Sana bought Cartier LOVE rings (couple rings) but she lost them within a month.
    • They all have different charms. Mina, the cold beauty, Sana, the cutie-sexy, and Momo, the sexy dancing queen.
    • MISAMO always wanted to debut together!
    • MISAMO’s influence on K-pop brought in a new wave of Japanese trainees into the Korean industry.

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    • TWICE's reaction to MISAMO's debut.
    • MISAMO speaks a Kansai dialect so they started to learn how to speak standard Japanese together.

    XI. Other Social Media