Nizi Project

  • I. Background

    The Nizi Project (Rainbow Project) is a 2020 Japanese reality competition show. The series is a joint project between JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan with the intention of creating a Japanese version of TWICE.

    Nizi Project is centred on JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-young selecting members aged between 15 and 22 who will eventually debut as NiziU.

    Part 1 focused on the boot camp in 2019 with 26 contestants and was broadcast exclusively on Hulu Japan from January 31, 2020, to March 27, 2020. Part 2, which focused on the finals in 2020 between the top 14 contestants, was broadcast from May 22, 2020, to June 26, 2020. Beginning with Part 2, the series was also broadcast on YouTube. A version of the show hosted by Daimaou Kosaka was broadcast on NTV from April 17, 2020, to June 26, 2020, under the title Nizi no Kake Hashi (虹のかけ橋) and featured interviews with Park and the contestants of Nizi Project. An abridged version was serialized on the variety show Sukkiri with live commentary from the show's panellists.

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    II. Cast

    RegionContestant AgeProfile
    NagoyaErina Hanada (花田 恵理奈)
    Rio Hanabashi (花橋 梨緒)17–18Former EXPG trainee with Bunnies and Kizzy
    Miu Sakurai (櫻井 美羽)17
    SendaiNina Hillman (ヒルマン・ニナ)14–15Child actress and television personality under the name Nina Makino (牧野 仁菜)
    Kako Oguri [ja] (小栗 かこ)Former member of GEM and One Chance
    OsakaAyane Marutani (丸谷 彩音)15
    Ririka Kishida (岸田 莉里花)17
    Riku Oe (大江 梨久)17
    Mayuka Ogou (小合 麻由佳)15–16
    TokyoAkari Inoue (井上 あかり)14–15
    Miihi Suzuno (鈴野 未光)14–15JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 7 months
    Rima Yokoi (横井 里茉)15–16JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 7 months
    Mako Yamaguchi (山口 真子)18–19JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 2 years and 7 months
    Hina Tanigawa (谷川 陽菜)Former member of TPD Dash!
    Maya Katsumura (勝村 摩耶)17–18Former YG Japan trainee
    Yuna (ユナ)15–16JYP Entertainment trainee; trained for 2 years and 8 months
    Ayaka Arai (新井 彩花)16
    Kyoka Taniya (谷屋 杏香)
    Funa Takaya (高谷 楓菜)
    Rei Ito (伊藤玲)
    SapporoSuzu Ozaki (尾崎 すず)18
    FukuokaRiria Ikematsu (池松 里梨愛)16–17Former member of α-X's
    Momoka Hirai (平井 桃伽)15
    OkinawaMoeno Yamashiro (山城 萌野)
    Los AngelesMei Plunkett (プランケット明)
    Ana Sato (佐藤 愛夏)

    III. Final Members

    Mako Yamaguchi1Won
    Rio Hanabashi4Won
    Akari Inoue-Eliminated
    Riria Ikematsu-Eliminated
    Ayaka Arai
    Maya Katsumura5Won
    Mayuka Ogou
    Rima Yokoi3Won
    Riku Oe2Won
    Nina Hillman9Won
    Miihi Suzuno6Won

    IV. Sequel

    On July 12, 2021, Park held a press conference announcing that with the success of the first season and NiziU, Nizi Project will have a second season to create another 9-member Japanese boy band set for debut in March 2023.

    Applications for boys from 14 to 22 years old are open from July 2021 to October 2021. Auditions will take place from November to December 2021 in eight cities in Japan, as well as New York and Los Angeles in the United States, and Seoul in South Korea.

    The contestants will be evaluated in five categories: vocal, dance, rap, modelling, and composing/lyricism. The members of the group will be finalized and announced in December 2022.