• Stage Name: Hina
    Birth Name: Nagai Hina

    Group: LIGHTSUM
    Position: Sub Vocal

    Birthday: April 7th, 2003

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    II. Hina Facts

    – She was the 7th member to be revealed.
    – She attended MARU Dance Studio.
    – In Japan, Hina attended a dance academy that covered KPOP. She learned “Icy” by ITZY there.
    – When she started studying Korean, she found some of the words very cute.
    – If Hina is talking with the members and there are words she doesn’t understand but can’t ask what they mean, she’ll just give two thumbs up or say “OK! OK!”. However, when she does this, the members will know that she doesn’t actually understand.
    – When she left Japan to go to Korea, her friends and teacher threw her a surprise party.
    – Hina is a big fan of TWICE, she’s been to their concerts several times and also attended a High Touch event.
    – She knows how to do ballet.