RE : What is the real reason for SM groups not particularly popular outside Asia?

  • First almost all kpop groups are only popular in Asia. All their streams only come from Asia

    I think we all can agree current SM music is off putting to mostly everyone except their stans. No one is going to stream that.


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  • I honestly wonder what type of music K-pop stans listen outside of K-pop. I can only assume it’s country or jazz or easy listening because if you think SM’s music or any kpop music is off putting (outside of language) to a western audience then you definitely don’t listen to western music.

  • I agree with the first comment that the majority of groups are mostly popular in Asia.

    Kpop is a niche, just like country or Latin pop (depending on the Western country - I'm thinking of the US because that's where I am.) Within its niche of kpop, several SM groups are very successful in the West. Outside of that - just like most of the other groups other than BTS or BP - no.

    As I keep saying, nothing wrong with being a niche act - Taylor Swift first became very rich as a niche act in country, while others like Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton remain very successful.

    I agree with Quarkie that I wonder what everyone is listening to in Western music to find SM music weird.

    in the top 50 of Billboard, there are plenty of "unexpected" melody, instrumental and tempo changes, plus :/ lyrics.

    Year-end top 50 last year:

    In contrast a Naevis calling, beat drop or tone shift isn't that odd. (I don't think any of these songs are odd, I'm just making the point here that I'm not sure what y'all think is happening in Western music for any SM things to be "weird" to the GP.)



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    OMG I agree with this so hard. It’s one of my pet peeves and one of the reason I dislike kpop before I get into kpop. Now I can tolerate them but still. I wish I wrote this lol.

    *this is applicable to just BGs though. I’m fine with GGs doing it.

    Curious - so then do you dislike American R&B? Or singers heavily impacted by R&B in their style like Ariana Grande or Adele?



  • Curious - so then do you dislike American R&B? Or singers heavily impacted by R&B in their style like Ariana Grande or Adele?

    It’s not high notes per se. It’s the sudden switch of beats or beat drop and then the high notes. And I’m just annoyed if it’s guys doing it. I’m fine with girls. But it’s just one of my weird preferences. And like I said, I’m kinda ok with it now, but just sharing what made me avoid kpop when I was gp.

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