Did SM made a mistake of not showing aespa LIVE vocal? They are too good.

  • Wow, after I seen this fancam. I have no doubt they are one of the best kpop GG in term of live singing.

    Some of the previous fancams give me doubt, but this one with less distortion just proved me wrong.

    So, should sm start to let them sing live in year end show now? I don't mind lip sync in music show.

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  • yes it doesn't have to be perfect, but their performances would be more fun to watch if it's live. I liked the coachella performances more than their other performances. sm should make them less reliant of choreo, cause they did seem a little like they were too focused on not making mistakes

  • They honestly sound better than most groups out there,especially if we're only talking 4th gen

    If they started singing live more often they would turn so many things to their favor and I'd imagine they would get rid of a lot of the hate they've accumulated.

  • Personally for me no because I already knew aespa were capable singers as I'm sure everyone did. Some people pretended and created the narrative they weren't capable and believed their own lies. Sm isn't going to try and convince every aespa hater the girls can sing when they've already sang in videos and behind the scenes :huuh: If aespa want to continue singing live then I hope they do otherwise it doesn't bother me unless I am physically there listening :wink:

  • They can easily redeem not singing Live in the past with more killer Live performances in the future :yesr:

    This was their best performance and I can't stop watching it. It's not like they made a special stage modifying the song or adding remixes yet it was so enjoyable for me. I can't wait for more stages and now I am more hyped for their CB.



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