• 1. Did AOA bully Mina?
    It wasn't a bullying controversy. Even after she left the group, aside from Jimin, she contacted the other members via Instagram and met with them

    Mina also never said that she got bullied (by the group). The journalists and netizens were the ones who labeled the controversy as "bullying"

    2. Since they didn't refute Mina's claims, it means that everything was acknowledged?
    The AOA members tried to explain their side but the company refrained from taking a position for Mina's health to recover first. There was even a company's statement about it

    3. Did Jimin prevent Mina from being with her dad when he passed away?
    The company excused Mina from her team schedule for a few weeks and the manager even gave her a 5 min ride from the hospital to her house. During that time, Mina was filming her drama.

    About visiting her father at the hospital, Mina said on her Insta live that she didn't go because she didn't want to cry. She even said that Jimin told her not to cry in their waiting room.

    Mina was able to be with her dad when he passed away and even went to his funeral.

    4. Did Jimin receive preferential treatment from the company when mourning her father?
    Jimin's dad passed away from acute heart attack. When Jimin was mourning her dad, the special room had nothing to do with the hospital room but the funeral hall. This is an issue that her family needs to solve.

    5. What was the hairline practice room incident?
    In the beginning of 2019, the 6 of them were done recording Come See Me and started their dance practice at the dance studio. Mina didn't attend because she got her hairline done and that the numbing didn't wear off. She was scared that Jimin would get mad at her so she attempted suicide by eating sleeping pills.

    After that, AOA's promotions got cancelled and their comeback was scrapped.

    6. Mina attempted suicide but because of Jimin, she had to keep on promoting?
    I've never seen Mina mentioning that she attempted suicide during their promotions anywhere. In the beginning of 2019, she attempted suicide by eating sleeping pills and afterwards, the company halted their activities and she started therapy.

    Also, the pictures of Mina's self harm on her wrist didn't appear until after she left the group in February 2020. It may be possible that this happened after she left the group.

    7. Isn't Jimin bringing in other people at her wish considered bullying? (T/N: not too sure about this one but it seems like OP is talking about Jimin brining other men in the dorm)
    For this one, I'm not asking you to understand Jimin. Making other people come is wrong but it's hard to tell that this was done to torment Mina.

    Also, Mina wrote in her post that she wasn't alienated and they even called her to hang out. Also, they didn't use the same room in their dorm.

    After Jimin left the dorm, she was looking for a house near the company and was coming in and out frequently without permission from the company workers and the AOA members. That's just how Jimin's personality was originally

    8. What's the story about the 3 vocal lessons?
    It was revealed that Jimin is bad at singing and was told to take vocal lessons and was having a hard time because of it. So Mina said that she only got 3 vocal lessons in the solitary room.

    9. When did Seolhyun and Chanmi made their comments?
    Seolhyun's "I don't like the situation right now" comment was made during their contract renewal when Jimin and Mina had a clash of minds

    Chanmi's "you don't have any good memories?" comment was made to air out the bad vibe when they went to meet with Mina and Mina only talked about the bad memories.

    10. Why was Seolhyun mentioned in the suicide note?
    There was no proof that Seolhyun was an assailant. Nobody knows why she was mentioned in the suicide note.

    Mina just said that Seolhyun brought in her dog without permission and she was having a hard time because of the feces.

    11. Mina said that her cervical cancer dysplasia diagnosis was due to Jimin though?
    Cervical cancer dysplasia is caused by HPV, and most of the time it's transmitted through intercourse. Stress can affect the manifestation of the symptoms.

    Claiming that this is Jimin's fault is going overboard.

    12. Did Mina illegally steal a picture of self harm during the nurse incident?
    The foreign fans' claims have no ground. We can't confirm whether or not the same picture was used on a Russian gore website or not. Rather, AOA's Gallery said that it wasn't so this should be a closed case

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    1. Seolhyun-ah... Hyejeong-ah... ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    2. Mina needs to be taken off her SNS and get proper treatments

    3. Isn't it the leader's job to say something when they see their team member wander off? Because of her, all the team was harmed... Jimin was simply doing her job (as a leader)

    4. The victim mentality and back and forth here is just too severe. And because netizens consume gossips, it just makes the situation worse

    5. No but... this is too much... Jimin was turned into such an evil b*tch and people were all saying how it was severe that she prevented Mina to be with her dad when he was passing... But all of this was fake? Wow... I kept reading about this situation and I thought that Jimin kept on acting out of self-pity but it seems like she was just trying to protect her team

    6. Even if some facts were exaggerated, I still think that Jimin really tormented her

    7. Seriously, I won't be able to believe any celebrity anymoreㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wasn't a fan of AOA so I didn't know what was true so I didn't know what to think of this case... but I do think that it was a bit oba that Jimin completely lost her career over this. Even if she's in the wrong, seeing what's happening with Mina right now makes me think that she wasn't that bad

    8. Seriously, I felt once again that the celebrity's job is just to play with the public

    9. At this point, I want to listen to the members' side too... There were too many parts that were exaggerated

    10. What a story

    11. Rather than asking why wasn't this all clarified before, you should've seen just how unstable the situation was back then so nobody could say anything.. To be honest, people are only bringing this up again now that her mind has been cleared out a bit. At that time, I wouldn't even be surprised if I saw an article about her death the next day. That was just how unstable she was back then. She could've killed herself at any time so how could we even talk about it?

    12. To be honest, I also felt like things were blown out of proportions back then but looking back now, there were truly a lot of exaggerated eventsㅋㅋ.. I think that just like she said, she's always had a glass-like mentality

    13. Even with the things that happened back then, what wrong did Seolhyun and the other kids do?... The two of them just didn't mesh well together.. but I still think that Jimin telling her not to cry at the waiting room because her dad was sick was so-so...

    14. I didn't really care about this scandal so I don't really know much about this but seeing the facts here, it just seems like Mina's mentality is really fragile.. Jimin just seemed to be acting for the team

    15. Seriously, netizens' standards are so f*cking low. They go crazy with the cancel culture just by listening to the facts from one side. This scandal just proves how uncivilized we are

    16. I hope that the full truth is revealed soon... seeing this scandal unfold makes me realize how paranoid Mina is... Her mind is distorting everything and she spins her own mistakes into someone else's mistakes

    17. Everyone should just stay f*cking still

    18. If all of this is true, then AOA is just too pitiful ㅠㅠ

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